Top Gaming Companies in Montreal – 2022 List

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Gaming Companies in Montreal

The gaming companies in Montreal are making a mark these days by luring the attention of the smart gamer and making it possible to win money and name at the same time. We have manually pick up the leading local video game development service provider on this page.

Gaming Companies in Montreal

Here is the list of some of the most notable gaming companies in Montreal who have reached heights in the genre of gaming and entertainment.

The 3 Minds Gaming Company

It is the most independent gaming company and it was founded by Alexandre Martel in the year 2010. The aim of the company is to present with high quality video games and it presents with the high rated interactive entertainment. The games that you get to play here are valuable for the players and they are inviting the aspiring gamers in the field. The Protagonist is one of the notable projects initiated by the company.

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The Keywords Studios

This is the most aspiring gaming company in Montreal founded by Giorgio Guastalla and Teresa Luppino in the year 1998. Here is the site to help the game developers and the various publishers to stay lean and the developers are taught how to maintain focus in the specific genre. QA is one of the notable projects being initiated by the company. The game developers here make use of their talents and expertise in the processing of the games for the utmost benefits of the clients as part of the global gaming scenario.

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The Behaviour

Here is the most successful gaming company in Montreal and it was discovered by Remi Racine in the year 1992. Behaviour is the largest and the most impressive game development company in Canada and the company is a game developer and publisher at the same time. More than 850 employees work under the name in Montreal and some of the most notable projects being handled by the company include Wipeout, Puffle Launch, and Transformers.

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The Budge

The next gaming company to talk about is the Budge. It is the one of the most famous gaming companies in Montreal and it was discovered by Michael Elman in the year 2010. The Budge has specific missions to make the games thrilling and the games are designed in the manner to educate and entertain the kids in specific. The game developers make use of the technological power to allow the children seek for wondrous adventures and add the right dimension to the game. In all parts of the world more than 600 million kids are trying to play with the gaming apps. Some of the most notable projects handled by the company are Budge World and EverRun.

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The EA Motive

Here is the Montreal gaming company with the name of EA Motive and the company was founded by Jade Raymond in the year 2015. It is the gaming company with the most powerful team working seamlessly on some of the most wonderful projects. It is the aim of the company is to offer great entertainment to the players to all parts of the world. Star Wars is the most notable game presented by EA Motive.

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The Eidos Montreal

The company was founded by Stéphane D’Astous in the year 2007 and the company has been creating impressive gaming experiences from the last ten years. The experts at the Eidos Montreal have been working on various IPs and it includes options like Deus Ex, Thief, Tomb Raider, Marvel’s Avengers and the rest. The presentable games are sure to create the stimulating and vibrant atmosphere.

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The Gameloft Montreal

The gaming company was founded by Michel Guillemot in the year 2000. The experts here have the greatest passion in the making of the online games and they have the right notion in creating the multi-awarded and the innovative games for the personal computer. Asphalt is of the most notable pprojects being initiated by the company.

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The Ludia

Here is the gaming company being invented by Alexandre Thabet in the year 2007. The company specializes in the field of mobile gaming and some of the best projects initiated by the company are Price is Right and Underworld. The company is the future stage in the field of mobile gaming and Ludia is making quite an impression these days.

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The Ubisoft Montreal

The gaming company in Montreal was developed by Yves Guillemot in the year 1997. The company holds more than 19000 employees in all studios and offices attracting gamers from all global destinations. The company operates like a family with the best of technological affiliation. Some of the popular projects as presented by Ubisoft are Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, and Far Cry.

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The Warner Bros. Games Montreal

Here is the most famous gaming company in Montreal and it is discovered by Jace Hall in the year 2010. It is the most interactive and entertaining gaming podium in short known as WBIE. At the hub you can find more than 300 creative team members and they are sure to offer the incomparable gaming experience to all plausible gamers. Some of the most popular projects include Batman Arkham Origins.

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Quick Overview of Top 10 Gaming Companies In Montreal

Company Notable Projects Focus Studio Size Founded Founder Revenue
3Mind Games The Protagonist PC/Consoles 1-10 2010 Alexandre Martel $193.3 M
Keywords Studios QA Game Services 500+ 1998 Giorgio Guastalla, Teresa Luppino $122.8M
Behaviour Wipeout, Puffle Launch, Transformers PC/Consoles 201-500 1992 Remi Racine $124.2M
Budge Budge World, EverRun Mobile 51-200 2010 Michael Elman $30.3M
EA Motive Star Wars PC/Consoles 51-200 2015 Jade Raymond $5.54 B
Eidos Montreal Deus Ex, Thief 4 PC/Consoles 201-500 2007 Stéphane D’Astous $46.14 M
Gameloft Montreal Asphalt Mobile 201-500 2000 Michel Guillemot $23.8M
Ludia Price is Right, Underworld PC/Consoles, Mobile 51-200 2007 Alexandre Thabet $173.82 M
Ubisoft Montreal Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, Far Cry PC/Consoles 500+ 1997 Yves Guillemot €1.59 B
Warner Bros. Games Montreal Batman Arkham Origins PC/Consoles 201-500 2010 Jace Hall $193.3M


The gaming companies in Montreal are all passive and innovative and they are sure to offer with the right experience to make you have the best hands in the game and feel splendid.

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