Top 10 Toothpaste Brands In India (2021)

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Top toothpaste brands in India infographic

When it comes to practicing oral hygiene the most important tool is the right toothpaste. In today’s market scenario there are countless brands that pushing their products. The truth is not all of them are good so you have to choose very carefully. In this article, we will share some of the best brands of toothpaste in India. Read on to learn more so that you buy the right product so that you can protect your teeth in the long run.

The Different Varieties Of Toothpaste

Before we proceed to learn about the different brands of toothpaste, it is important to learn the different varieties. The most popular toothpaste is that which contains fluoride. Fluoride is known to add strength to your teeth and eliminates chances of decay. It is beneficial to both adults and children.

There is certain toothpaste that can control tartar. When the plaque on the teeth becomes hard it becomes tartar. These kinds of toothpaste can remove plaque. Then there is a toothpaste that is meant for people with very sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth are usually is a sign of fragile enamel. This toothpaste offers a great deal of relief and eliminates pain.

The last type is the toothpaste that whitens the teeth. This toothpaste contains an agent that whitens the teeth. These lighten your teeth’ color by fighting stains. Certain whitening toothpaste also eliminates any form of decay.

Here is an infographic that list the top 10 toothpaste brands in India:

Toothpaste brands in India liste

Do not rush when it comes to buying toothpaste. You could also consider asking your dentists for recommendations on the kind of toothpaste that you should be using.

List of Top 10 Toothpaste Brands in India 2021

Here is a list of the best toothpaste brands in India. Want to know more? Simply read on.

1. Colgate


This brand started in the year 1869 and it is a leading brand in the country. The brand offers a variety of toothpaste depending on your requirement. Colgate total is just perfect if you want to care for your teeth and gums. Active Salt is another variety that eliminates the presence of germs in the mouth. Also, the brand offers an exclusive teeth whitening paste that gets rid of stains and gives your teeth a bright appearance. There is no doubt that Colgate is a brand that this worth trusting.

2. Pepsodent

This is also a popular brand in the country and is managed by the company Unilever. The brand was introduced in the market in 19993 and since then it gained a tremendous amount of popularity. It now holds a large share within the industry. The brand offers a lot of variety so you can choose depending on your requirements. Not only can you own a set of shiny teeth but healthy ones too.

3. Close Up

This brand was also introduced in the market by the company Unilever. This brand was the first to introduce toothpaste in gel form and that too with an advanced germ-fighting formula. Not only does this give you cleaner teeth, but also stronger and healthier gums. The formula is designed to fight bacteria all day long giving the teeth the last protection.

4. Oral-B

oral b toothpaste

The company has been around since the 1950s, and since then the brand has collaborated with experts and scientists constantly improving the formula and quality. The toothpaste is fought gum problems, cavities, and also gives shinier teeth. If you have bad breath then this toothpaste will certainly help you put with your problem. This toothpaste sells very well in the urban and rural areas of India.

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5. Sensodyne

Are you suffering from a bad bout of sensitive teeth? Then, try this toothpaste and it is guaranteed to bring you a good amount of relief. This toothpaste is made by the company Glaxo Smith Kline. Dentists encourage their patients to use this toothpaste regularly. The strong formula forms a protective layer on the enamel reducing pain.

6. Babool

The made in India toothpaste Babool is a well known brand. If you want to use toothpaste with herbal ingredients in it then try this one. This brand was launched by Dabur in the year 1987. The good thing is that the toothpaste uses mostly natural ingredients extracted from nature in its formula. This protects you from bleeding gums and cavities.

7. Aquafresh


This is another brand that is made by the company Glaxo Smith Kline, this has gained a lot of popularity within India. This Toothpaste has an improved formula that keeps your teeth and gums clean and healthy all day long. This can also be used by young children. It has a colorful appearance that appeals to many.

8. Dant Kanti


This brand is owned by the company Patanjali, a very popular name in India, and is known for its natural ingredient. This toothpaste offers natural protection to your gums and teeth by fighting bacteria and germs. The company is run by Ramamdev baba, who is also known as a yoga expert.

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9. Dabur Red

This yet another brand from Dabur and this toothpaste has organic ingredients such as Tomar, Pudina, and Laung. This toothpaste does not contain any chemicals that may harm the health of your gums and teeth. This is the main reason why a sizeable section of the population in India relies on this brand for the best oral hygiene.

10. ViccoVajradanti

This toothpaste is Ayurvedic and it contains a mixture of barks and herbs that have a healing effect on the gums and teeth. Vajradanti, Mafial, Bakul, Amala, Dalchini, Lavang, and Babul are some of the ingredients used in the formula. This toothpaste is very helpful in combating cavities and plaque formation.

List Top 10 Toothpaste Brands In India (2021)

Sl. No. Company Name Establishment Head office Toll-free Number
1 Colgate 1873 New York, United States 1800 22 5599
2 Pepsodent 1993 Mumbai +233 303218233 / 247, 1800-1022-221
3 Close Up 1967 Mumbai 1-800-10220221
4 Oral-B 1950 Cincinnati, Ohio, United States 1-800 566-7252
5 Sensodyne 1907 United Kingdom +91-124-4097237, 1-866-844-2797
6 Babool 1987 New Delhi 1800-103-164
7 Aquafresh 1973 N/A 011-65656567, 8506096744
8 Dant Kanti 2006 Haridwar 1860-1800-180 & 01334-61011
9 Dabur Red 1884 New Delhi 1800-103-1644
10 ViccoVajradanti 1952 Mumbai (0712)-2420890,2420899

Final Words

So, these are the best brands of toothpaste you can find in India. The manufacturers conduct extensive research before they start manufacturing them. They are also put through several quality checks before they are sold in the Indian market. You should select the one you feel will fulfill your requirements. If you have problems with cavities then select the one that is made exclusively to fight the cavity. Just evaluate all your options before you go out and buy a particular brand.

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