Top 10 Tea Brands in India – Strong and Premium Quality

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Best Tea Brands in India

Are you looking for best tea brands in India? Here you can find the premium quality, most popular and strong tea  with price detail.l A recent survey has revealed that every single Indian begins the morning with drinking tea. India is known to produce huge quantities of tea. The domestic sales add up to 12000 crores a year. This is the reason why other foreign brands are now marketing their brands within the country.

Top 10 Tea Brands in India

An India starts day with a cup of Tea. So, if you don’t want to compromise with quality and taste, then here here is a list of Top 10 Tea Brands in India which are not only highest selling brands but they very old and reputed.

1. Tata Tea

Tata Tea

In the current market scenario Tata tea is one of the biggest brands. This rand is created and owned by Tata group of companies. In the early days Tata had collaborated with James Finlay but in 1976 Tata bought the whole company and in 1983 The brand Tata Tea hit the market


  • Tata Tea is known for their superior quality
  • The price of the products is very reasonable
  • Tata Tea has five different brands in the country
  • It also has certain subsidiaries in Czech Republic, United Nations, Great Britain, and Australia.

1 kg Price: Rs 365
500 g Price: Rs 171

2. Brooke Bond

 Brooke Bond Tea

This particular brand was created in the year 1869. From 1903 onwards this brand became a very popular brand in India and has experienced high sales from then. Today this brand is the second largest brand within the country.


  • The tea boasts of superb fragrance and outstanding taste
  • This tea is known to have antioxidant properties
  • Brooke Bond is a very popular brand from Unilever
  • Many well-known celebrities endorse this brand.

1 kg Price: Rs 450

3. Society Tea

Society Tea

This particular brand is promoted by a company located in Mumbai under the name Amar Tea. This company was founded in 1990 and it has an ISO 22000:2005 certification. Each year the company earns crores of rupees within the Indian market.


  • The tea manufactured by this brand is known for its rich taste and high quality
  • The aroma of the tea has made it a popular choice with tea lovers
  • This brand has a strong presence in the international market too.
  • Hasmukhrai and company own Society for the last 75 years

1 kg Price: Rs 394
250g kg Price: Rs 125

4. WaghBakri Tea

WaghBakri Tea

This a reputed tea house located in Ahmedabad. The brand’s promotion is done by a company called Gujarat Tea Processors. WaghBakri is one of the most popular brands in India. The brand has become very popular since 1998.


  • The brand is known to produce very high quality products
  • The tasteand aroma are both outstanding and have added to the popularity
  • Green Tea, Darjeeling Tea, and CTC tea are some of the other variants sld by the brand

1 kg Price: Rs 400
500 g Price: Rs 224

5. Lipton Tea

Lipton Tea

Lipton Tea has been around for many years and has earned a prestigious position in the market. The company was founded in 1890 and was known as Thomas. J. Lipton and has its headquarters in New Jersey.


  • The products of this brand have become very high-selling products in the market and has outsold every other rival brand
  • The brand is known to produce some of the finest tea and the aroma is captivating
  • The tea from this brand is known to have antioxidant properties.

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100 Bags Price: Rs 399

6. Tetley Tea


This is owned by Tata group, the products sold under this brand are quite affordable. This is typically sold in the form of tea bags and is readily available in the local and international market too.


  • The taste and aroma of the tea is outstanding
  • The company has introduced the product with improved packaging
  • It is one of the highest selling brands

100 g Price: Rs 110
500 g Price: Rs 360

7. TajMahal Tea

TajMahal Tea

This is another brand that is promoted and marketed by Unilever. This has been promoted by many well-known personalities. The brand continues to enjoy high sales since its inception.


  • The tea from this brand has a very distinct aroma and taste
  • The product is available in many other variants
  • Good value for money

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1 kg Price: Rs 499
350 g Price: Rs 195

8. Pataka Tea

Pataka Tea

This is manufactured by nine other than Pataka Group which was started in 1952. The tea division came into existence in the year 2000. The company has done very well for itself and has secured a large market share.


  • The company sells good quality dust tea
  • The packaging is done very well
  • The taste and aroma is commendable

1 kg Price: Rs 340

9. Marvel Tea

Marvel Tea

This tea was launched in the year and currently has more than 3000 distributors in the country. This brand sells very well in the market and the company offers many different variants of this tea.


  • The tea is sold for a reasonable price
  • The taste is very nice
  • Also available in the dust tea variant

1 kg Price: Rs 340
500 g Price: Rs 207

10. Brooke Bond Taza

Brooke Bond Taza

This is a reputed brand from Unilever. The brand has caught on very well with the people and is now domination the market in terms of sales. The company takes a lot of care in improving the quality every now and then.


  • The tea leaves have a very distinct flavor and aroma that sets them apart from all the other brands in the market
  • This tea is quite strong
  • Sold at a very reasonable price

1 kg Price: Rs 244
1/2 kg Price: Rs 185

So these are the Top 10 Tea Brands in India that people prefer buying from. These brands have various different varieties for people with varied taste.

SL. No. Brand Name Establishment Year Head Quarter Toll-Free number
1 Tata Tea 1964 Kolkata, India 1800 345 1720
2 Brooke Bond 1869 Trafford Park near Manchester, U.K 1800 228 080
3 Society Tea 1933 Mumbai, India N/A
4 WaghBakri Tea 1915 Ahmedabad 1800 123 9912
5 Lipton Tea 1890 New Jersey 1-800-745-9269
6 Tetley Tea 1837 Greenford, United Kingdom 1800-345-1720
7 Pataka Tea 2000 Kolkata, India +91-33-22269421 / 6606/ 8502
8 Marvel Tea 1994 Haryana, India 0124-4580000, 01693-235786
9 Taj Mahal Tea 1966 Mumbai, India 022 2642 0330/ 1800 102 222
10 Brooke Bond Taza N/A Trafford Park near Manchester, U.K 1800 228 080

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