Top Scrap Dealers in Dubai

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Scrap dealers of Dubai

Looking for a scrap dealers or buyer who offer better rates of your metal scrap in Dubai? Check this list that consist of such scrap company. The Dubai, an economy with its foundations laid in the oil industry, increasingly turning to tourism, has been doing very well the business of ferrous scrap with a number of companies doing well in the business.  

What makes Dubai do so well in the scrap sector? The major push to the growth of infrastructure and the boom in the construction sector are perhaps the reasons behind Dubai doing so well in the scrap business. In fact, with the scrap recycling industry poised to grow at an annual rate of 5-6% over the coming 5 years, Dubai is set to be a major player in the scrap industry.

Scrap dealers of Dubai

The UAE happens to be the 10th largest producer of scrap today. What has driven this growth? The high per capita income has driven strong growth in the construction sector with Dubai’s residents buying a new landed property at a frenetic pace. Such a high demand for modern living has led to strong demand for luxurious living. Modernization has led to old buildings being demolished generating scrap in heaps. A large amount of scrap is also generated by the oil industry where steel is used in large amounts for fabrication.

Again, the second cars of Africa and Egypt are shipped to the UAE for scrapping. That is a large industry in itself. It can be said with a certain amount of confidence that with sanctions on Iran set to ease, the scrap metal industry in Dubai shall see major growth. Moreover, Dubai’s heat necessitates a high use per capita use of air conditioners and refrigerators. These gadgets, when worn out are rejected by their users. These are yet another source of a high quantity of scrap metal in Dubai.

Here is the list of top 5 scrap dealers in Dubai.

Al Sifah Metal Scrap TR. LLC.

This one is the Dubai’s leading scrap dealers. They deals in both ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap. They possess the necessary licenses issued by the authorities to deal in scrap in Dubai. The professional and experienced team they have helps in optimum realization of the value of the scrap in a safe, efficient, and environment friendly manner. They serve a wide range of customers in Dubai from the construction industry, power sector, and oil and petrochemicals sector. With a network of partners spread globally, they are in a position to help strike deals for the scrap they deal in keeping in line with current market rates. They operate with the latest equipment using state-of-the-art technology.

Toronto Metals Trading LLC.

Toronto Metals Trading LLC.

They are a leading trading company of scrap and recycled ferrous and nonferrous metals with a global presence. They cater to a variety of companies spanning the entire recycling industry including processors, refineries, manufacturers, and smelters. They are engaged in trading mainly within the UAE with India and European countries being other important markets they operate in. They deal in scrap and recycled non-ferrous metal of all major categories including zinc, copper, and lead. While they have their operations spread across the Middle East, India, and Europe, their sales operations are centralized in the headquarters in Dubai. They use environment-friendly methods while treating their scrap. For this reason, they recycle their scrap metal regularly.

Ala Group

The Ala Group is another leading scrap dealers from Dubai, UAE. They have been in the sector for more than 02 decades which has given them a rich experience. They are open 24/7. The Ala Group operates with branches in China, Hong Kong, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and much of Africa. The founder of the company is Haji Amin Haji Abdul Rehman who has had a major contribution to the company’s success.  Employing the latest technology, the Group works with a team of very knowledgeable people. They source only quality material adhering to ISRI standards.

The Lucky Group

The Lucky Group

The Lucky Group is involved in a range of activities from metal recycling to aluminum alloy manufacturing. Things started off in the year 1973 with the company making a foray into the scrap metal sector as a scrap metal processor. The group has shown continuous growth and with the use of cutting-edge technology, the Group has successfully pursued other endeavors within the scrap metals industry. The Group maintains an exceptionally high standard in the quality of the material they deal in. The Group is environment conscious and therefore, actively engaged in scrap metal recycling covering products like scrap copper, ferrous scrap, brass scrap, and aluminum scrap.

Blue Sea Metal Scrap Trading LLC.

Blue Sea Metal Scrap Trading LLC.

Started in 2008, this company has established itself as a trusted dealer of scrap metal in Dubai. The company sources scrap metal from its partner yards spread across the Middle East and East and West Africa. They procure premium-grade metal scrap serving global clients. Assured quality and clear documentation with timely delivery remain their hallmark. They too are actively into scrap recycling to help protect the environment. They also make sure that their suppliers maintain the highest standards in their operations.

List of Top 5 Scrap Dealers in Dubai

Sl. No. Company Name Head office Establishment Website
1 Al Sifah Metal Scrap TR. LLC. Sharjah N/A
2 Toronto Metals Trading LLC. Dubai 2008
3 Ala Group Chicago, Illinois, U.S 2004
4 The Lucky Group Dubai 2010
5 Blue Sea Metal Scrap Trading LLC. Sharjah 2008



While bringing you the top 5 scrap dealers in Dubai, we have also taken a peek into the current scenario in Dubai’s scrap metal sector. The companies we have included on our list are all trusted by their clients and have been in business for some time. We have made our article comprehensive and informative and we hope you’ll find it useful.

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