Top 10 Green Tea Brands Available in USA for 2021

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Top Tea Brands in United States

With summer being around the corner, a refreshing and healthy drink is what you’re looking for. On a hectic day, you might drink as many as five to six cups to keep yourself going. This is when finding a healthy replacement to cut down on your caffeine and toxin intake is a must. Don’t worry, we have just the right solution for you. Green tea is the answer to all your concerns. What’s more, green tea also helps melt body fat easily.

Top Tea Brands in United States

You are eager to hit the beach in the months of summer. Green tea is that’ll help you get that perfect beach look with a well-toned body. We know, tea makes you feel that it’ll be something boring and bland. But let me tell you, green tea comes in a range of amazing flavors that make it an exciting beverage. All you need is the correct information and you are at the right place to get it from.

List of Top 10 Tea Brands in USA

We share with you a round-up of the 10 best green tea brands available in the United States, just the perfect brew packed with essential nutrients and powerful antioxidants.

1. Buddha Teas Organic Sencha Green Tea

Offerings from Buddha Teas give you ample reasons to fall in love with them. Each pack contains tea collected carefully following sustainable sourcing practices packed in tea bags that are bleach-free. You’re sure to love the really smooth taste of this green tea. The tea has a lovely fresh aroma and while being medium-bodied, it has grassy notes. It’s very refreshing to sip on this tea, the first thing you could do in the morning or take it as an afternoon pick- me- up.

Price: $9.71 ($0.54/count)

2. Yogi Pure Green Tea

Loved by both who are new to drinking green tea as well as experts, this is a no-frill flavored green tea. This is just the perfect replacement for your afternoon cup of coffee. Go ahead, you’re free from feeling bad about your daily caffeine intake. Here’s something you can get addicted to with no pangs of guilt. The Yogi Pure Green Tea contains a blend of the finest leaves from India, Sri Lanka and China. This tea is certified USDA organic and also happens to be non-GMO-project verified

Price: From $39.00

3. Teabloom Flowering Tea (12-Pack)

Packed in gorgeous containers, the green tea from Teabloom is no less than a decoration piece. It’s sure to leave your guests impressed. Dip the tea bag into a clear gas teapot with hot water and enjoy a visual treat watching the tea blossom into an exquisite flower arrangement. But it’s more than tea that’s just pleasing to the eye. Care has been taken to see to it that your health needs are met with each tea bag having the right amounts of antioxidants and polyphenols.

Price: $19.95 ($0.55/count)

4. Lipton Green Tea

These green tea bags from Lipton wrapped individually are very refreshing whether they are served hot or with ice. That makes this tea the right choice for both the chilly winters when a sip warms you up, as well as the long summer afternoons when a sip of the tea poured over ice is so very rejuvenating. This tea is made from the best of leaves sourced from the best tea gardens in the world. Lipton Tea is also purely natural and contains no added flavors or preservatives. Neither does it contain any colors. Offering a sip to delight, this tea is just the right one for all tea lovers.

Price: $9.15 ($0.09/count)

5. Bigelow Classic Green

This top-rated green tea comes with a flavor that is earthy and very subtle. A sip in the morning of this mellow green tea is a terrific healthy boost of antioxidants. It’s neither too grassy nor too harsh making it very delicate. It’s a must-have in a healthy lifestyle being gluten and calorie-free. This tea comes with a variety of flavors making it just right for just about any time of the day, be it the morning breakfast, the afternoon sip of chai or a late evening boost of antioxidants. Bigelow has been a green tea leader in the market and has never compromised on quality. It can be had both as a hot drink and cool refreshment.

Price: $20.52 ($0.09/count)

6. The People’s Green Tea from the Republic of Tea

Packaged in natural satchels that have been kept unbleached, this brand of green tea contains leaves verified by the Non-GMO Project. This is a delicious option for all tea lovers. Mild in taste, this one is perfect for beginners looking to get a hang of green tea and for those who would like a dash of lemon in their tea. This brand of green tea has a beautiful hue and has a smooth flavor. It’s also refreshing and comes packed with health benefits like antioxidants. A sip of this tea is sure to leave you energized. This green tea too can be enjoyed hot or with ice.

Price: $14.95

7. Numi Organic Tea Gunpowder Green Full Leaf Green Tea

This green tea is the one for you if it’s a slightly fuller-bodied and earthy option you have been looking for. What makes this tea even more special is its use of eco-friendly biodegradable tea bags that are non-GMO. This tea has also been certified organic by the USDA. The granules resemble gunpowder giving it its English name but it is however not English in taste. After you’ve dipped the tea into the water, you see a release of a full-bodied flavor and aroma that is sure to remind you of your walks in the lush green mossy forests.

Price: From $32.92

8. Harney & Sons Citron Green Tea

Those looking for a clean and less intense green tea to start their day with, this light tea which is very citrusy is just right. It’s also the perfect pick for those looking for their very first sip of green tea. Harney & Sons offers a tea that turns your everyday cup into something you eagerly look forward to every day. Apart from green tea, it also contains natural orange oil and marigold petals. You can have this green tea while taking your brunch. It’s also perfect for your guests whom you’ll leave very impressed with this tea. With a lovely citrus aroma, this tea is clear with a green tint.

Price: From $10.99

9. Smith Teamaker No. 96 Jasmine Silver Tip Green Tea

Another great option for those looking to step into the world of green tea, this tea is flavored with Jasmine. This tea has just the right blend of flavor and fragrance. Grown in China in its Fujian province, it has a very long production process as it has to be synchronized with the season when Jasmine flowers bloom. This blend of refreshing, clean tea with an intoxicating aroma this green tea is sure to lift your spirits on a dull afternoon.

Price: $13.66 ($0.91/count)

10. Rishi Jade Cloud Organic Green Tea

The name itself leaves you charmed, doesn’t it? This lush green sweet tea leaves you addicted to it after the very first sip. Getting its name from the ancient Chinese tea ‘wulu’, or ‘jade cloud’, this tea combines a rich body with a deep aroma and a full grassy flavor. This green tea, however, is meant for those tea lovers who are used to taking green tea and have already got a hang of potent earthy brews.

Price: From $19.99

List of Top 10 Green Tea Brands Available in the USA for 2021

SL. NO. Brand name Official Website
1 Buddha Teas Organic Sencha Green Tea
2 Yogi Pure Green Tea
3 Teabloom Flowering Tea
4 Lipton Green Tea
5 Bigelow Classic Green
6 The People’s Green Tea from the Republic of Tea
7 Numi Organic Tea Gunpowder Green Full Leaf Green Tea
8 Harney & sons citron green tea
9 Smith Teamaker No. 96 Jasmine Silver Tip Green Tea
10 Rishi Jade cloud organic green tea


Green tea is just the right choice for those looking for a tea that is no less than a health drink. Easy to prepare, it’s easy to fit drinking green tea into your daily schedule. These teas help you cut down on your caffeine intake offering an alternative that’s an aromatic treat full of exotic flavor. We hope our guide on the 10 best green tea brands help you pick the right one. We’re sure you’ll feel the change once you start taking one from the ones we have suggested.

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