Top 10 Glass Manufacturing Companies in India (2021)

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Indian glass manufacturing companies

Find out the top 10 glass manufacturing companies in India. Glass is a man-made substance, manufactured in factories with a mixture of 75% of Silica, 15% of soda, and 10% of lime. Some metallic oxides may also be added as coloring agents. The global glass industry comprises of mainly four types of glasses- Container glass, Specialty Glass, Flat Glass, and Fibre Glass.

Indian glass manufacturing companies

History of Glass Manufacturing 

Although India is not among the highest glass manufacturers in the world, the Indian glass industry is quite old and has made a global presence. Way back, when the glass industry was beginning to mark its existence, most of the works were done on a small scale. Thus, it was called a cottage industry. The manufacturers used methods like molding, folding, twisting, wire-winding, etc.

The glass industry has witnessed a lot of metamorphosis over the years and manufacturing doesn’t only take place at a small level. There are large factories set up to produce huge amounts of glass and glass products of various kinds. Many modern techniques and advanced gadgets have been deployed to catalyze the speed of glass manufacturing and increase the yield while reducing the dependency on manpower.

So, depending on the manpower and the production scale, the glass industry is classified into two sections:

  • Cottage industry
  • Factory industry.

The cottage industry is responsible for manufacturing light-weight and small glass items which won’t call for complex machinery. It accounts for products like glass bangles, flower vases, Glass décor, lamps, etc. The cottage industry can be found throughout the country but it is primarily found in Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, and Belgaum, Karnataka.

On the other hand, under the factory industry, bulky glass items as well as those that need a high level of processing, are manufactured such as bulbs, reflectors, mirror glasses, chimneys, motor headlights, glass-tubes, beakers, flat glass, etc. The factories of glass are concentrated in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Maharashtra, and Punjab.

The Indian glass industry has boomed and grown exponentially in the global market, primarily due to its float glass and sheet glass. Let’s take a look at the top 10 glass companies of India that have contributed to its growth and success.

1) Asahi India

Asahi India Glass Limited also known as AIS is one of the most famous and successful glass companies in India. It was established in 1984 and since then, has been one of the biggest competitors in the market. The glass it manufactures is classified into three varieties- automotive glass, architectural glass, and consumer glass. Automotive glass comprises of laminated glass windscreen for cars, tempered glass for windscreens and sidelights, defogger glass, acoustic glass, etc. Under architectural glass comes Heat-reflective glass, Heat-absorbing glass, Solar-Control glass, Colored glass, and mirrors. Consumer glass consists of items used for home or office interiors which add an aesthetic dimension to your place.

  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 5,627.53
  • Book Value (Rs): 55.26
  • Face Value (RS): 1.00

Profit & Loss

  • MAR 20: 141.52
  • MAR 19: 180.87
  • MAR 18: 171.71
  • MAR 17: 145.76

2) Hind Nat Glass

Started in 1946, Hind Nat Glass is a veteran glass company that has a dominant place in the market. It’s first fully automated glass plant was built in Rashra, a place near Kolkata. It’s the largest container glass manufacturer and provides glass-packaging solutions to many different sectors like Pharma, Liquor, Beverages, Cosmetics, and Processed food industry.

  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 246.27
  • Book Value (Rs): -13.93
  • Face Value (RS): 2.00

Profit & Loss

  • MAR 20: -103.03
  • MAR 19:  -172.95
  • MAR 18: -294.51
  • MAR 17: -127.11

3) Borosil

Borosil is famous and that’s needless to mention. It is a popular household name and most of us have used Borosil products or at least have heard of it. Other than consumer products like Glass utensils and decors, Borosil has a huge and diverse client base. They have different departments that specialize in manufacturing glass of a specific type- Science and industrial products, Pharmaceuticals Packaging, Consumer glass products, and Solar glass.

  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 865.14
  • Book Value (Rs): 28.62
  • Face Value (RS): 1.00

Profit & Loss

  • MAR 20: 0.45
  • MAR 19:  46.95
  • MAR 18: 46.37
  • MAR 17: 126.69

4) Empire Industries

Empire Industries Limited was founded in 1963, when Mr. S.C Malhotra, the CEO of Killicks Industries Limited had bought Empire Dyeing Co Ltd. The Empire group was only confined to dyeing and bleaching and subsequently became a leading textile-processing industry. Today, it has expanded it’s business into a variety of sectors and has also made its mark in the glass industry by manufacturing world-class glass bottles for pharmaceutical companies.

  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 393.33
  • Book Value (Rs): 389.52
  • Face Value (RS): 10.00

Profit & Loss

  • MAR 20: 34.18
  • MAR 19:  43.84
  • MAR 18: 46.67
  • MAR 17: 34.07

5) La Opala RG Limited

La Opala is also one of the leading glass companies in India that specialize in utensil sets and crockeries. Whoever is passionate about decorative and beautiful glass utensils, crockeries, and dinner sets has definitely known about La Opala, which is an unbeatable brand for decorative glassware and utensils. The company has been quite successful in its vision to be everyone’s choice in the world. With it’s beautifully crafted, exquisitely unique and premium products, it has made its a global presence in the glass industry. With the motto of customer satisfaction, it strives to achieve more success and become the best and most preferred tableware solutions company in the world.

  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 2,496.39
  • Book Value (Rs): 49.11
  • Face Value (RS): 2.00

Profit & Loss

  • MAR 20: 84.27
  • MAR 19:  74.04
  • MAR 18: 73.44
  • MAR 17: 62.19

6) Haldyn Glass Limited

Founded in 1991, Haldyn is a relatively new company in the glass industry. It was earlier known as Hadlyn Glass Gujrat Limited, quite obviously as it is located in Gujrat. Since it’s inception, the company has been manufacturing Soda Lime Flint and Amber glass containers. HGL is a listed Bombay Stock exchange company. With two large glass melting furnaces, Haldyn Glass Limited has a glass melting capacity of 320 tons per day. It is one of the most trusted and renowned suppliers of Glass packaging solutions to Food and Beverages, Cosmetics, Pharma, Liquor, and Beer industries.

  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 161.26
  • Book Value (Rs): 28.88
  • Face Value (RS): 1.00

Profit & Loss

  • MAR 20: 10.52
  • MAR 19: 12.13
  • MAR 18: 6.47
  • MAR 17: 11.25

7) Saint-Gobain

Saint-Gobain is a name that everyone quickly recognizes. It’s a world-famous company that is spread across numerous countries and even continents. Saint-Gobain is in 21 different countries in Northern Europe, 8 countries of Southern Europe, 3 countries of the Americas, and 5 countries from the Asia-Pacific region. Saint-Gobain has become a world-famous not only for its high-quality glass products but also, it’s concern and commitment towards the environment. It delivers innovative and high-performance solutions while ensuring sustainable development. Its major brands are ISOVER, PAM, Weber, Placo, Gyproc, Jewson, etc.

  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 566.68
  • Book Value (Rs): 14.18
  • Face Value (RS): 10.00

Profit & Loss

  • MAR 20: 13.41
  • MAR 19:  16.08
  • MAR 18: 13.77
  • MAR 17: 6.77

8) Triveni Glass

Triveni Glass Ltd. was founded in 1971 by the Late Mr. D.N Agrawal and had started production in 1976. Triveni Glass was one of the pioneers in laminated safety glass for vehicles and also in tempered glass and mirrors. Over the years, the company has expanded and has widened its range of products. It manufactures all types of flat glass such as float glass, clear sheet glass, tinted sheet glass, Clear and tinted figured glass, Reflective glass, mirrors, and tabletops. Figured glass manufactured by Triveni Glass, is exported to many Asian, European, and middle-eastern countries.

  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 11.74
  • Book Value (Rs): 14.88
  • Face Value (RS): 10.00

Profit & Loss

  • MAR 20: 15.57
  • MAR 19: 2.31
  • MAR 18: 5.13
  • MAR 17: 9.92

9) Banaras Beads

Established in 1940, Banaras Beads has made it’s place in the top 10 glass companies of India. It is also a listed company in the Bombay stock exchange and NIFTY stock exchange. It is the largest company in India known for manufacturing glass beads, Fashion jewelry, and other accessories.

  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 35.64
  • Book Value (Rs): 71.85
  • Face Value (RS): 10.00

Profit & Loss

  • MAR 20: 2.34
  • MAR 19: 1.16
  • MAR 18: 1.38
  • MAR 17: 1.67

10) Sejal Glass

Sejal glass started as a very small company in 1991. With a vision to be an ace glass manufacturer and lead the industry of float glass, Sejal Glass Limited continues to strive and deliver the best glass products to its clients. It has a wide range of products comprising of Solid glass, Kool Glass, Tone glass, Fort glass, Armor glass, Décor glass, FireBan glass, and Lunaro. Sejal’s Solid glass has high endurance and tensile strength which comes in two varieties- Highly strengthened and Fully Toughened. This type of glass is used in shower screens, stairways, etc. which need high resistance to heat. Kool glass provides thermal or acoustic insulation and can be used for wall claddings, internal partitions, doors, windows, and skylights. Its tone glass comes with noise reduction capacity and can be used for the same purposes as Kool glass. Its armor glass is a preferred choice in architecture. FireBan Glass is a very unique product that provides safety from fire. Its Lunaro range consists of pyrolytic-coated Solar control glass which is highly durable and can be customized as per the use.

  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 12.58
  • Book Value (Rs): -39.46
  • Face Value (RS): 10.00

Profit & Loss

  • MAR 18: -7.47
  • MAR 17:  -47.28
  • MAR 16: -121.16
  • MAR 15: -61.93

List of Glass Manufacturing Companies In India

Sl. No. Company Establishment Head office Website
1 Asahi India 1984 Mehrauli, Gurgaon
2 Hind Nat Glass 1946 Kolkata
3 Borosil 1962 Ahmedabad
4 Empire Industries 1900 Mumbai
5 La Opala RG Limited 1987 Kolkata
6 Haldyn Glass Limited 1991 Mumbai
7 Saint-Gobain 1665 Courbevoie, France
8 Triveni Glass 1971 Allahabad
9 Banaras Beads 1940 Varanasi
10 Sejal Glass 1998 Mumbai



These top 10 glass companies have all driven India’s economy to a reputed position in the global scenario. The interesting thing about these companies is that despite being in the same industry, they specialize in different kinds of glasses and have a diverse range of glass products.

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