List of Top Dewatering Services Companies in Qatar

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Top dewatering services companies in qatar

List of famous Dewatering services Companies in Qatar: Mainly Qatar is very famous to the world for its largest reserves of petroleum and natural gas. Qatar is so famous for its oil wealth that foreigners come here in search of jobs every year. For these natural gas and oil reserves, Qatar has a high-income economy and very much developed in every way. The standard of living is very high in Qatar, and for that reason, over the past few decades, this country has undergone a huge transformation in terms of urban development. The construction market in Qatar is practically booming right now.

Top dewatering services companies in qatar

Many construction projects are in the making in different sectors in Qatar. Also, a noticeable rise has also been seen in the numbers of dewatering companies in Qatar. To get on with this development in the construction business, many dewatering companies are opening their doors. Some of these companies are very much well knows for their excellent services. These dewatering companies hire expert engineers and use high-quality, modern scientific machines to maintain the quality of their work. Safety is also an issue, which these companies handle very seriously. With high-skilled workers and years of experience, this industry is also growing simultaneously with the construction industry in Qatar.

Famous Dewatering Services Companies in Qatar

Here we will discuss a list of five dewatering companies in Qatar that have received excellent reviews and have earned a good name in the market over the years. The companies are as follows:

Aljabor Trading Qatar

It is almost over sixteen years that Alijabor is counted among the top dewatering services company in Qatar.  With excellent service, you’ll receive a commitment to the quality here in Alijabor trading. The excellent working capability and the high rated business spirit is the key feature of Aljabor. This company will provide you with the best experience of dewatering.

Rating: 4.9/5 out of 53 Google reviews
Phone: +974 4432 8500

Mace Qatar

This company provides all kinds of construction and infrastructure-related services. This company is highly known for its excellence in construction, maintenance and operation field. This company applies innovative and modern engineering methods to operate its process. With high-quality machines and high-quality work, this company is committed to giving excellent quality of work to its customers.

Rating: 4.1/5 out of 59 Google reviews
Phone: +974 4005 2100

Bahrain Foundation Construction Company W.l.l.

This dewatering company was established in 1999, and since then, it is maintaining its name as one of the finest construction companies in Qatar. Over the years, this company has been involved with many high-profile projects in different sectors of Qatar. Their excellent technical knowledge and highly skilled workers are the main foundation of their business. With their high-quality modern machines and engineering skills, they’ve gained customer trust over the years.

Rating: 4.3/5 out of 34 Google reviews
Phone: +973 1782 6430

Ammico Contracting Co

This company had set its foot in the construction market in the year 2000. For its hard work and commitment towards the customer, it is now one of the leading companies in the construction world. This company has a very good record of customer satisfaction. You don’t have to think twice about the standard of this company. With high-quality technical skills and excellent engineering methods, this company will give you what you want.

Rating: 3.9/5 out of 34 Google reviews
Phone: +974 4488 6531

United Equipment Group

This company was established in 1994 and is one of the best dewatering companies you can find in Qatar. This company only believes in modern science and technology. To give you premium quality service, this company has partnered with other advance international companies. With this company, you don’t have to worry about delivery. Every time you’ll get your things done at the committed time with this company. To maintain the quality, they hire certified engineers from all over the world. From this company, you’ll definitely get ultimate customer satisfaction.

Rating: 3.9/5 out of 32 Google reviews
Phone: +974 4460 6413

List of Top 5 dewatering companies in Qatar

Sl. No. Company & Address Website
1 Aljabor Trading Qatar

Address: 305 C Ring Rd, Doha, Qatar
2 MACE Qatar

Address: Villa No 3, Salwa Road, Ain Khalid, Zone 56 Street: Alharith Ibn Omer No.342, Building، Doha, Qatar
3 Bahrain Foundation Construction Company W.l.l.

Address: Building 159 Road 4304 Area 434 Mina Salman، Bahrain
4 Ammico Contracting Co

Address: Doha, Qatar
5 United Equipment Group

Address: Ar-Rayyan, Qatar


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