List of Demolition Companies in Dubai

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Demolition Companies in Dubai

List of top building Demolition companies and contractors in Dubai: It is now possible to hire an experienced companies or contractors for building demolition. We did the research and found professional and reliable service provider who can finish the job on time.

What do Demolition Companies do?

Demolition is the name given to the job of bringing down structures like residential and commercial buildings. This is not an easy job and many precautions have to be taken.

Demolition Companies in Dubai

Various heavy implements like bulldozers, cranes, wrecking balls, and even explosives are used for this purpose. There are several steps involved in the process.

Preparing the Site

The demolition team has to do a proper recce and study of the building to be demolished. They need to remove all possible hazardous materials, like asbestos. All the existing utilities have to be disconnected. There are also a lot of permits and licenses to be obtained. It’s important to be legally compliant and also ensuring that the demolition process is safely done.

Monitoring the Demolition

Demolition takes down a building in either of the two ways – manually, or through implosion. Manual demolition is usually carried out for smaller buildings. Hydraulic excavators are used that weaken the building’s base and the latter falls in the direction intended. Cranes might also be used.

Implosion involves making the structure collapse on itself. This is used for much larger structures. This takes a lot less time than the manual process.

Final Cleaning-up

There are many environmental guidelines regarding the removal & disposal of the debris after the demolition is done. The companies involved have to do it accordingly. Some demolished material might be recyclable while others need to be disposed of entirely.

Benefits of Hiring Demolition Companies

A professionally managed demolition company has a lot many advantages when it comes to demolishing a structure. Some of these benefits are:

  • Total compliance with related prevailing rules and regulations
  • Ensuring optimum safety for everyone concerned
  • Protecting structures that are to be left intact, thereby avoiding collateral damage
  • Employing more effective methods of demolition
  • Ensuring minimal environmental and health hazards
  • Time taken is much lesser

Some Facts About Dubai

Located by the Persian Gulf, Dubai is a global trading and transportation hub. Besides petroleum, Dubai’s economy is heavily dependent on financial services, real estate, tourism, logistics, and multi-commodity global trading. As a result, there is a huge number of companies present in Dubai – both MNCs and regional/domestic ones. The number of registered companies is more than 100,000. People of more than 100 nationalities stay and work in Dubai. As a result, the number of residential units in Dubai is close to 550,000.

Quite often, the need arises to make way for a larger/more improved office/residential unit. This calls for breaking down the existing structure completely. There are a large number of high-rise buildings in Dubai, so the demolition job needs to be handled in an efficient manner. In keeping with this requirement, there a large number of demolition companies of every size in Dubai. Below, we will take a look at the top 14 among them.

Al Waqar Building Demolition L.L.C

Al Waqar Building Demolition L.L.C

The company has more than 15 years of experience in providing the best quality demolition services to its clients. Its members of staff are highly skilled and ensure that they do a smooth job of the entire demolition and the follow-up process. The equipment is well-maintained and the company recycles almost 80% of the demolished materials.

  • Rating: 5.0/5 out of 26 Google reviews
  • Phone: +971 4 299 5556

Jamal Obaid Building Contracting LLC

Jamal Obaid Building Contracting LLC

The Jamal Obaid Building Contracting LLC is a multi-business entity, with an interest in contracting, interiors, and exhibitions. It is a reputed player in its domain in the UAE. Its team has a wealth of experience that is reflected in the company’s top-notch service standards. The company has seen good growth in only 7 years since its inception. The services provided include wrecking & demolition, building contracting, exhibition structure erection, electromechanical works contracting, etc.

  • Rating: 5.0/5 out of 15 Google reviews
  • Phone: +971 56 661 5196 

Multi Build Renovation & Fit Out Contractor

Multi Build Renovation & Fit Out Contractor

MultiBuild is a premium level residential and commercial property renovation service provider of Dubai. Working in tandem with the clients’ requirements, the company involves the clients at every step of the process, thereby becoming a partner in the clients’ cause. The company swears by professionalism, transparency, and top-quality service – all of which builds the clients’ trust in them. It provides extensive renovation, refurbishment, and demolition services to both residential and commercial units.

  • Rating: 5.0/5 out of 13 Google reviews
  • Phone: +971 4 329 0676

Corecut Engineering LLC

Corecut Engineering LLC

Established in 1995, Corecut Engineering enjoys a leadership role when it comes to works like drilling, sawing, cutting, and others. The competent team of professionals with the company does a seamless job of even the most intricate assignment. And at every step of its work, the company maintains the needed local aesthetics and cultural elements in the properties. Besides drilling, sawing, and cutting, the company’s services include demolition done through advanced robots, water jetting, and decommissioning.

  • Rating: 5.0/5 out of 12 Google reviews
  • Phone: +971 4 347 0178

Friends Building Demolition – Ajman

Friends Building Demolition – Ajman

A new entrant in the demolition industry of UAE, Friends Building Demolition was established in 2018. The brains behind the company all carry the immense experience with them in this industry. Well-trained operators operate the latest technology-equipped machinery to ensure a smooth demolition job – one among many reasons that have made the young company quite popular among clients already. The company does a quick and smooth job of the demolition services through advanced machinery. It has done such projects in residential and commercial areas, along with debris removal, deep drilling, concrete cutting, dismantling large structures, and more.

  • Rating: 4.9/5 out of 21 Google reviews
  • Phone: +971 55 399 4992

Dem-Quip Demolition

Dem-Quip Demolition

Dem-Quip Demolition comes with 2 decades of experience. Manned by able technicians, the company provides world-class demolition services at highly competitive rates. What drives the company is the ideals of top-level customer service, acquiring and implementing the latest technology, and implementing the highest safety standards. The company possesses the latest range of robotic demolition equipment, wall saws, floor saws, excavators, and coring rings.

  • Rating: 4.8/5 out of 12 Google reviews
  • Phone: +971 52 357 8863

KBT AL ZELZAL Demolition Works L.L.C

KBT Al Zelzal Demolition Works is another noted organization in the domain of demolition firms in Dubai. Aided with very high-quality equipment, the company provides good quality demolition services of every type of building – without compromising on health and safety. It also ensures a total post-demolition and debris removal job that leaves no scope for complaint.

  • Rating: 4.7/5 out of 17 Google reviews
  • Phone: +971 56 780 0464

Belal Construction & Building Equipment Rental

Belal Construction & Building Equipment Rental

Belal Construction and Building Equipment Rental were established almost 20 years ago. Today, it is among the most dependable building equipment rental service providers in the emirate. Its operations are spread across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. Besides renting out construction and demolition equipment, the company is also into repairing such equipment and also core drilling, slab demolition, concrete scanning, and wall sawing.

  • Rating: 4.7/5 out of 17 Google reviews
  • Phone: +971 55 891 2618

WEM Technical Services – Building Demolition Services

WEM started its journey in 2008. A tie-up next year with another reputed firm, Wael Eid, put the organization in a leading position in the emirate with regards to controlled demolition and assorted services. The company is competent enough to provide the best services in its domain to its ever-increasing customer base. Applying the latest technology and safety standards, the company’s services consist of demolition, decommissioning, concrete scanning, strip out, concrete cutting, and core drilling. It also rents out robotic drilling equipment.

  • Rating: 4.6/5 out of 11 Google reviews
  • Phone: +971 4 266 6990 

Algebra Contracting LLC

Algebra Contracting LLC

Algebra Contracting has been in operation for not more than 5 years. But during this short time, it has proven to be an extremely worthy company when it comes to providing interior design and fit-out services. Providing personalized attention to every customer through its highly knowledgeable team, Algebra Contracting provides turnkey interior solutions for offices and residential units of every hue. High-quality work without compromise on punctuality is what defines the company.

  • Rating: 4.5/5 out of 51 Google reviews
  • Phone: +971 4 883 7300

Arabian Coast Contracting LLC

Arabian Coast Contracting LLC

Incorporated in 2004, Arabian Coast LLC is a multi-service group that provides contracting and land transport services. The company is the proud recipient of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and OHSAS 18001:2007 International Certifications. By making use of the most modern technology, Arabian Coast leaves no scope for complaint on the part of the customer regarding the service standards. The thorough professionals of the company have delivered outstanding end-to-end contracting services for massive and medium-range projects. The company is also into earthmoving & heavy equipment rental.

  • Rating: 4.5/5 out of 21 Google reviews
  • Phone: +971 4 258 2030

Sanraks Building Contracting LLC

Sanraks Building Contracting LLC

Sanraks began as a small outfit with only 10 laborers. Today, it has become a major construction sub-contractor, employing over 300 laborers and executing key projects in the emirate. Accountability, transparency, and discipline guide the company at every step and explains the strong affinity that its customers have for the company’s services. Besides building contracting that involves demolition work, wrecking, piling, and foundation contracting, the company is also into landscaping, building maintenance, roads & dams contracting, mason works, and labor supply.

  • Rating: 4.1/5 out of 11 Google reviews
  • Phone: +971 4 225 7588

Core Cutting Service In UAE

Corecutter uae

Counted among the leading companies of its kind in the UAE, Core Cutting Dubai has a large amount of experience in providing an array of services like core drilling & cutting, wall drilling, door cutting, saw cutting, diamond core drilling, demolition, and concrete scanning, to name a few. Extending its services to both the commercial and residential units, Core Cutting maintains very high standards of safety and service quality. It has completed more than 1200 projects and 550+ demolition activities.

  • Rating: 4.0/5 out of 9 Google reviews
  • Phone: +971 50 631 0371

Al Shafar General Contracting LLC

The 30-year-old Al Shafar General Contracting LLC (ASGC) is a major construction conglomerate of the UAE with its headquarters in Dubai. It has grown consistently since inception, powered by the expertise of its staff and a constant zeal to provide continuously-improving customer service. With global revenues of over $1 billion and an employee strength of 18,000+, ASGC is a force to reckon with. ASGC is primarily involved in mid-sized project contracting, ready-mix concrete, structural steel, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical works, interior fit-out and joinery, and architectural façade and glazing. The group has completed more than 3000 projects till now.

  • Rating: 3.9/5 out of 20 Google reviews
  • Phone: +971 4 425 8000

List of Top 15 Demolition Companies in Dubai

Sl. No. Company name & Detail Website
1 Al Waqar Building Demolition L.L.C

Address: Rahaf Tower – Office No.906 – Al Qusais Industrial AreaAl Qusais Industrial Area 4 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
2 Jamal Obaid Building Contracting LLC

Address: Office #2 1st Floor Al Rouhani Building Behind Emirates Dnata Building Clock Tower – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
3 Multi Build Renovation & Fit Out Contractor

Address: Business Central Towers, Block B, Office# – 704 Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
4 Corecut Engineering LLC

Address: Al QuozAl Quoz Industrial Area 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
5 Technical service Co LLC

Address: Al Nahda Rd – Industrial AreaIndustrial Area 8 – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates
6 Friends Building Demolition – Ajman

Address: Ghamatah St Muzammil Building, Al Mowaihat 3 Office 201, 2nd Floor – Ajman – United Arab Emirates
7 Dem-Quip Demolition

Address: Al Asayel Road Hadi Sultan Eid Saeed Warehouse Number 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
8 KBT AL ZELZAL Demolition Works L.L.C

Address: omar bin khattab building office #M21 – Omar Bin Al Khattab St – Deira – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
9 Belal Construction & Building Equipment Rental

Address: 149 Damascus Street – Al Qusais – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
10 WEM Technical Services – Building Demolition Services

Address: 1609 Opal Tower – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
11 Algebra Contracting LLC

Address: FAB complex – Dubai Investment Park – 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
12 Arabian Coast Contracting LLC

Address: Damascus Rd – Al Qusais Industrial Area 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
13 Sanraks Building Contracting LLC

Address: Sky Business Centre – Dubai Festival City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
14 Core Cutting Service In UAE

Address: Industrial AreaMuwailih Commercial – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates
15 Al Shafar General Contracting LLC

Address: Al QuozAl Quoz Industrial Area 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates



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