Top 12 Chocolate Brands in India (2021)

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Top Chocolate Brands in India

There are number of Chocolates brands available in India but we listed only the top 12 companies  that is either made in India or foreign one. Chocolate- the very word makes you drool, doesn’t it? Isn’t it a heavenly feeling when you bite into a chocolate and it melts into your mouth filling it with rich flavor? So put a leash on your temptation as we walk you through some lip-smacking chocolate brands available in India you would just love to have a bite of.

Top Chocolate Brands in India

Before that, let’s give you some of the benefits of having chocolates. Yes, chocolates do have some benefits for your health. They are more than just a craving for your sweet tooth. Read on as we list the top benefits of having chocolates.

Top Benefits of Having Chocolate

  • It’s Good for Your Heart – It has been proved by many studies that the flavonoid content in chocolates can keep your arteries and veins supple reducing the possibility of having a heart attack.
  • It’s Good for Your Memory – Elderly people when served specially prepared cocoa extracts with high flavonol content showed much improvement in their cognitive abilities during researches.
  • Protects your Skin from Sunburn – Studies carried out in London have proved that women who consumed chocolates with a high content of flavonol had double the capacity to resist UV rays.
  • It May Just Improve your Math – A study conducted at Northumbria University (UK) has revealed the startling conclusion that flavonol in chocolates improves your math.
  • It’s a Great Mood Elevator – A study at the University of Swinburne, Australia found that cocoa polyphenols had an effect on lifting the spirits in humans.
  • Dark Chocolate Helps Lower your Cholesterol Levels – The Journal of Nutrition shares that dark chocolate which contains plant sterols and flavanols can significantly lower your cholesterol level score.
  • Chocolates Significantly Help People with Alzheimer’s Disease – A certain cocoa extract, lavado, can reduce the damage done to the vital pathways thereby protecting the functioning of the brain.
  • It has Good Nutritional Value – Chocolates with a high content of cocoa of almost 75%-85% make for a very nutritious snack.
  • Helps Control Blood Pressure – Dark chocolate flavanols are known to produce Nitric Oxide, absolutely vital to help soothe your arteries giving you a lower blood pressure count.
  • Helps Deal with Diabetes – A study carried out at an Italian University, the University of L’Aquila finds that a controlled intake of the flavonoids present in chocolates raises insulin functioning.

Study shows that organic food are the best food for human.

Top Chocolate Brands in India

Always consider buying chocolate that is well known brand and IFFI certified. Lets look to the best 12 chocolate companies in India:


Cadbury is among the best chocolate brands name in India. Founded in the UK in 1824, Cadbury made its entry into India in the 1950s. Such is the love for Cadbury chocolates that the brand has become synonymous with chocolates in India. Cadbury’s bestselling chocolates ar:

  • Bourneville,
  • Silk,
  • 5 Star,
  • Gems,
  • Perk,
  • Dairy Milk,

and the much-desired gift pack, Celebrations. The most successful of all the offerings is the Dairy Milk line of products with ‘Silk’, the latest variant coming with a stronger flavor.


Yes, the makers of India’s favorite snack Maggi noodles have an amazing array of chocolates on offer. A Swiss company, they are Cadbury’s most serious competitors in the Indian market. Nestle made its entry into the Indian market as early as in 1912. Today, they have a market share of 18% which they have captured with their competitively priced products. Being from the beautiful land of Switzerland, famous for its dairy products and chocolates, Nestle’s products are of excellent quality. Kit-Kat is the most popular offering from Nestle.


The homegrown brand Amul comes in at number three on our list. The company was set up by the visionary Dr. Varghese Kurien, the man behind India’s White Revolution. The company was founded in 1946 their milk and milk products are a favorite in India. The chocolates on offer from Amul are just as popular and they sell pretty well in India. Amul is very particular about quality and taste. Their chocolates are now sold in many countries across the world. Milk Chocolate and Fruit ‘n’ Nut are their most popular offerings.


Parle, one of India’s largest manufacturers of biscuits and confectioneries joined hands with Friberg from Belgium to offer exquisite chocolates in India. Their chocolates are made with fine ingredients and dark cocoa of sublime taste. Their Dark chocolate and Creamy Milk chocolate bars are very popular in India. Being a premium brand of chocolates, Parle-Friberg’s products are a tad expensive. Their Belgian wafer thins are rich in chocolate that melts in your mouth.


The Italian brand Michele Ferrero happens to be the third-largest chocolate brand in the world. It’s an Italian MNC. The Ferrero brand has a presence in as many as 55 countries while its products are distributed in 170 countries through a network of certified retailers. Kinder Joy with its unique packaging that comes with a small toy in every pack is very popular among children. While they offer many brands, Ferrero Rocher is their most popular offering, some sort of an icon in the world.


With rich caramel, milk, and a generous helping of peanuts, the Snickers chocolate bars are very popular all across India. These chocolates are sold in the UK under the brand Marathon. These chocolates have earned even more popularity in India with the product being publicized through quirky ads featuring cricketers and Bollywood celebrities.

The Hershey’s Company

The Hershey’s Company walks in at number 7 on our list of the top 12 chocolate companies in India. A US-based company, Hershey’s apart from being one of the largest chocolate makers in India is also one of the largest in the entire world. With a cocoa content as high as 65%, Hershey’s chocolates are very smooth indeed and are a perfect blend of sweetness and bitterness. Some of its iconic brands are Hershey’s Kisses and Jolly Rancher.


An Ecuadorian company, Pacari has earned itself a good reputation as makers of fine chocolate. They are famous for their trademark cacao chocolates. They take pride in having recognized as the best dark chocolate makers in the world. While their chocolates aren’t as widely available as those of Cadbury’s, Amul’s, and Nestle’s are, their brands like:

  • Lemongrass,
  • Passion Fruit and
  • Golden Berry

are worth a bite.

Ghiradelli Chocolate Company

Ghiradelli is makers of excellent premium chocolates. Having set off on its journey of offering the best chocolates more than 160 years back, the company has won the hearts of chocolate lovers. They are very particular about the quality of their chocolate and are therefore involved in the whole process of its making, right from bean selection to making the final product. Intense Dark and Prestige Chocolate bars are their most popular offerings.


Campco is an Indian company set up in 1973 as a joint venture between the states of Karnataka and Kerala. The intention was to stand by farmers who were hit hard by the fall of areca nut prices. Their chocolate manufacturing unit is located near Puttur in the Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka. Their Eclairs and white chocolates are very popular among lovers of chocolates.

Godiva Chocolatier

The making of Godiva Chocolatier was started by the Daps family in Belgium in the 1940s. There has been no looking back and the modest family business is today a very popular international brand of chocolates. They are makers of exclusive chocolates that are considered to be uber and classy. Being a posh brand, Godiva chocolates aren’t available everywhere. You’ll find them only at top-tier outlets. Their range of dark chocolates is absolutely superb.


Toblerone is a Swiss chocolate maker that has earned itself an iconic status, the brand being synonymous with smooth rich chocolate. In India, the brand sells largely online on shopping platforms like Amazon or Flipkart. They are known to offer heavy discounts of as much as 90% on special occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving. The discount’s available on Valentine’s Day which makes it just the perfect gift for your special one.

List of Top 12 Chocolate Brands in India

Sl. No. Company Establishment Head office Website
1 Cadbury 1824 Uxbridge, United Kingdom
2 Nestle 1866 Vevey, Switzerland
3 Amul 1946 Anand, India
4 Parle-Friberg 1929 ‎Vile Parle‎ (East), India
5 Ferrero 1946 Alba, Italy
6 Mars-Snickers 1930 McLean, Virginia, United States
7 The Hershey’s Company 1894 Pennsylvania, United States
8 Pacari 2002 Miravalle , Ecuador
9 Ghiradelli Chocolate Company 1852 California, United States
10 Campco 1986 Mangalore
11 Godiva Chocolatier 1926 New York, United States
12 Toblerone 1908 Bern, Switzerland


So these are the India’s beset chocolate that  children and adult can consume. From premium luxury chocolates to the easily available ones, the above list consist of popular chocolate brands available in the nation. If you know any other local or national brands then do let me know.

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