10 Best Ceiling Fan Brands in India

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Top 10 ceiling fan brands India

When people think about cutting down on electricity bills they often overlook the ceiling fan, and the truth is that it consumes a lot of electricity. However, with the latest technology, you will now be able to save on your bills without having to cut down on the usage of your ceiling fan. This article will share information on the top ten brands of ceiling fans in India. Have a read

How To Buy The Right Ceiling Fan

If you want to save money on your electricity bill then you focus on buying the right brand. The market is filled with numerous brands and not all of them are great so you must evaluate all the options before you rush to make purchases. We have listed some important tips that will you to choose the best one.

Do you want to install a ceiling fan in the living room? Then you can have a look at some decorative fans. They are also given special paint to eliminate scratches caused by dust. Take a look at ceiling fans that come with remote control, they are very easy to operate. Ceiling fans come in various sizes like 1200/1400/900mm.

To get the best quality fan, it is always good idea to stick to reputed brands. So, start by making a list of popular brands in India and research them. Do not hesitate to ask your friends for their recommendations.

Here is the list of India’s best Fan Ceiling Fan Brands that is explained with an infographic.

Top 10 ceiling fan brands India

10 Famous Ceiling Fan Brands In India

Here is a list of some of the popular brands of ceiling fans in India. Take a look.


Fans from this brand are very stylish and you will be treated to a host of different styles. The brand offers certain high-speed models that make sure you are comfortable and cool even during the hottest months. The airflow is like no other brand as the blades are specially designed to provide high-performance. The motor present in these fans is very powerful. There are certain models that have sensors to make adjustments to the speed.


This brand is known to combine stylish design with superior technology making their fans worth buying. The good thing about Usha fans is that they do not make much noise. Also, they have a special technology that helps you save on your electricity bills. The brand has a lot to offer and you will be spoilt for choice. Even if there is a voltage drop these fans can still pack in a powerful performance.


Are you looking for a good ceiling fan without having to spend a fortune? This brand will have just what you need. When it comes to performance and style, this brand is second to none. From metallic, regular, high-speed, and light variants this brand has them all. The blades have a wide tip and so the air circulation is outstanding even when the voltage is low.


Bajaj has been making ceiling fans for quite some time now and their products are long-lasting so you will get good value for your money. The blades on their fans have the perfect width allowing good circulation of air. The fans have a special anti-rust coating, which keeps them in perfect condition for many years.


What is so good about this brand? Well, it makes fans with powerful motors. These fans distribute air throughout the room even during the hot summer months. They do not consume too much electricity, which is a huge plus point. The blades are corrosion and rust resistant and the fans are practically noiseless.

Also find out popular Namkeen Brands in India.


Looking for a silent and powerful fan? Then this brand will give you just what you are looking for. Orient fans are not only good looking but they are very powerful too. These fans are a perfect mix of aesthetics and utility and the best part is you do not have to spend a lot of money on these fans. The brand offers some premium range comes with a remote control so the operation becomes very easy.


These fans can help you bring down your power usage by almost 65% which makes them a popular choice with most households. The design of the fans makes them blend in with the décor of any room. You will also have access to certain advanced models with updated features such as voice control. The fans have very negligible noise.


You can always rely on the fans from this brand to give you superior air circulation, thanks to their powerful motor and well-balanced blades. The fan and its blades are made from very good quality materials, which accounts for their durability. The fans from this brand are available in a host of interesting colors. The operation is super quiet and they help you save on energy consumption.


Are you on the lookout for ceiling fans that not only look nice but perform well? This brand will never disappoint you in any way. Also, you can expect to make massive savings on your electricity bills. Certain models come with remote controls that let you set a timer for the fan.


This brand is known for its high-speed ceiling fans and its blades are designed specially to ensure even distribution of air all over the room. These fans are made from superior grade materials and so you can expect them to run for many years without any technical problems. Also, these fans produce minimal noise, which is a huge plus point.

So if you are looking for ceiling fans for your home or office then these are the brands that you should be looking at without a doubt. These brands have in the industry for years and they constantly try to improve their products. All these brands employ the latest technology in their production process. Now that you have all the required information about the brands you should go ahead and take your pick and reap the benefits.

List of Top 10 Ceiling fan brands in India

Sl. No. Brand Name Establishment Tollfree No. Website
1 Crompton 1878 1800 419 0505 https://www.crompton.co.in/
2 Usha 1954 1800 1033 111 https://www.usha.com/
3 Havells 1958 08045 77 1313 https://www.havells.com/
4 Bajaj 1945 1800-102-5963 https://www.bajajelectricals.com/
5 Luminous 1988 1800 103 3039 https://www.luminousindia.com/
6 Orient 1954 1800 103 7574 https://www.orientelectric.com
7 Gorilla 2012 844 844 9442 https://atomberg.com/
8 Sameer 1990 022–27593121 https://www.sameer.gov.in
9 SuperFan 2012 1800 425 78737 https://superfan.in/
10 Polycab 1996 1800 267 0008 https://polycab.com/

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