Top 10 Battery Manufacturing Companies in India

Battery Manufacturing companies in india

Life without batteries is unimaginable. It would make so many things non-existent or redundant, like mobiles, laptops, pocket calculators, quartz watches, pacemakers, hearing aids – the list is endless. It would take us several centuries back in time. 

Battery Manufacturing companies in india

How does a battery work?

In plain language ,a battery’s chemical energy gets converted into electrical energy. The chemical electrolyte separates the positive & negative electrodes. As soon as we turn on a device that is battery-powered, chemical reactions start to happen inside the battery.

The reactions initiate positive ions and electrons at the negative electrode. The positive ions move into the electrolyte and the electrons move all around the outside circuit. This turns the device on.

What are the different types of batteries?

Batteries differ heavily from one another in terms of size, shape, capacity, voltage, etc. But in broad terms, we can classify batteries into two categories – primary and secondary.

Primary batteries – They are single-use and hence, disposable. They are also priced on the higher side. But their energy storage capacity is much more than the rechargeable ones. They also last much longer. Take the example of pacemaker batteries, among others.

You need to spend a higher amount of money to buy these batteries. But thereafter, due to its long usage period, you don’t need to replace it soon.

The main variants of primary batteries are – lithium, alkaline, and zinc-carbon. We also call them “dry cells.”

Secondary batteries – They are more commonly known as “rechargeable batteries.” Mobiles, laptops, etc use these kinds of batteries. They are cheaper than the primary batteries, but you need to keep charging them at regular intervals to keep them functional.

What is the importance of batteries?

Batteries provide a very important backup for electricity. In the event of an electrical failure, many devices would simply stop functioning. But a battery, that contains power within, can keep these important operations running – like hospital equipment, telecommunications, etc.

Then again, in the context of automobiles, many companies are engaged in manufacturing battery-operated vehicles. More and more of such types of cars would reduce the dependence on traditional fuels like petrol and diesel – thereby decreasing pollution and the greenhouse effect.

How to effectively maintain batteries?

Proper battery maintenance is essential for batteries to perform for a long time. Unless they are maintained, they might dry out, or acid deposit might occur in the battery. To prevent any sort of malfunctioning, it is important to maintain batteries properly. Some simple steps do the needful, like:

  • Check for corrosions – small whitish grain deposits will occur
  • Watch out for damages – don’t use a battery that is cracked or has thickened
  • For batteries that need refill with water, ensure that you use only approved battery water and not any other type
  • If the battery is overheating, stop usage immediately and replace it

Points to keep in mind before choosing a battery

Many organizations, big and small, are in the business of manufacturing batteries. Quite a few of them are of pretty good quality. But at times, we may not be sure what to look for when we need to buy a battery. Hence, it would be advisable for you to keep the following points in mind when you intend to purchase one:

  • Battery capacity – If you multiply the battery voltage with the amount of current that it can deliver for a particular time, you get a unit called Watt-hour (Wh). More the Wh, the higher is the battery capacity.
  • Durability – How long a battery can last also depends on external factors like humidity, temperature, magnetic fields, etc. So, if you happen to use your battery in an area with high humidity, chances are it may not last long.
  • Charging time – Today, most of us are hard-pressed for time. If our battery takes too long to charge, that might stop a lot of activities and waste precious time in the process. So, do keep this factor in mind when selecting a battery.
  • Warranty – Within the warranty period, if any product becomes defective, then the manufacturer repairs/replace it free of cost (except in a few specified circumstances). Do check for the warranty period that the battery company is offering.
  • Cost – You need to strike a balance between the price of the battery and the benefits that you are looking for. So, know your exact needs and also calculate your budget before going battery-shopping.

Top 10 Battery Manufacturing Companies in India

India has a thriving battery manufacturing industry, not too behind the leader China. The manufacturers range from huge organizations to neighborhood small factories. Keeping in mind the above parameters, we have made a list of the top 10 battery manufacturers of India. Here it is:

1. Exide Industries Ltd

Very few people in India haven’t heard of Exide – even those who may not know how a battery functions. It is among the largest battery manufacturers and exporters in not only India but the entire continent. They manufacture batteries with capacities ranging from 2.5Ah to 20,500Ah. You will find Exide batteries in almost every object that uses a battery.

2. Amara Raja Batteries

They are the second-largest battery manufacturers in the country and are fast catching up with the market leader Exide. Their specialty is lead-acid batteries. They use the brand name Amaron. They also have a large export setup.

3. Luminous

They began operations more than 30 years ago. Today, they are a highly established battery manufacturer in India. They manufacture batteries for both domestic and industrial uses. Their products serve a wide range of industries.

4. Su-Kam

Su-Kam Power Systems is notable for manufacturing batteries for inverters in particular. However, their product range is wide and they manufacture nothing less than 70,000 batteries per month, on average. That gives you an idea of the company’s scale of business.

5. HBL Power Systems Ltd.

This company is not very old in the Indian market but has already made a name for itself as a manufacturer of a wide range of reliable and specialized batteries. Their product range includes batteries for aircraft, Ignite Lead Acid Batteries, Photolite tubular, etc.

6. Base Corporation Ltd

Among India’s top five battery manufacturers, Base Corporation has been providing different types of batteries to a variety of industries for more than 30 years. Headquartered in Bengaluru, the company also has extensive operations in China & Dubai.

7. Okaya Power

This company is among the fastest-growing in India in its segment. It deals in a range of power solution products. They have already installed close to 5 million batteries in India. Their huge dealer network of 50,000+ facilitates their reach into every corner of the country.

8. Southern Batteries

This company’s product portfolio contains almost every type of battery that is used or manufactured. From lead-acid batteries to traction batteries to automotive – Southern Batteries produces all this and more. Their battery’s brand name is Hi-Power. Their major industries are the railways and solar power sectors. This ISO-certified company has been around for almost 40 years now.

9. True Power International Ltd.

This company is steadily climbing the popularity charts among battery users. With the latest technology and a talented R & D setup in place, they continue to produce state-of-the-art batteries for their growing customer base.

10. Evolite Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

They cater to various industries with their extensive range of batteries. But their focus remains on mobile phones, UPS, and inverters.

List of Top Battery Manufacturing Companies  in India

Sl. No. Brand Name Establishment Headquarter Website
1 Exide Industries Ltd 1947 Kolkata
2 Amara Raja Batteries 1985 Tirupati
3 Luminous 1988 New Delhi
4 Su-Kam 1992 Gurgaon
5 HBL Power Systems Ltd. 1977 Hyderabad
6 Base Corporation Ltd 1987 Mumbai
7 Okaya Power 1986 New Delhi
8 Southern Batteries 1980 Bangaluru
9 True Power International Ltd. 1993 Delhi
10 Evolite Solutions Pvt. Ltd. N/A Mumbai


Final Words

So, as you can see, there are a large number of reputed and dependable battery manufacturers in India. All of them have different products at varying prices. When you decide to buy a battery – for whatever purpose – consult the customer service personnel of these companies to get a comprehensive idea of the product and service details.

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