Top 18 Best Cycle Brands in India

By | September 22, 2019

If you are on the lookout for the Top cycle Brands in India then you have certainly found the right article to read. For years together people have used the cycle as way to commute in India, particularly in the rural regions. A cycle is inexpensive and does not require too much of maintenance. Here is list of the affordable to expensive Cycle Brands in India market. 

Top 17 Most Popular Cycle Brands in India

The following are some of the best cycle brand in India, they have been around for a long time and have received praises for their top class products.

1. Avon

Avon Altair Dual Suspension Bicycle

A major seller in India, the cycles from this brand are exported all over the world. The brand started out small in Punjab but soon became a household name post 1951.In today’s scenario the company enjoys massive sales.


  • The cycles boast of fabulous quality
  • The brand is known for making the best bikes which are assembled by hand
  • Avon continues to achieve high sales in the Indian market

2. Atlas

Atlas Goldline Super Bicycle

This brand has been dominating the market for at least 60 years. This company has a reputation of producing some of the best cycles in the Indian market. The quality of the bikes is very sturdy.


  • The brand manufactures all kinds of bikes such as mountains bikes, roadsters, kids cycle, and city cycles
  • The brand has received a ISO-9001 certification in the year 2008
  • Atlas introduced Power Brake

3. Hero

Hero Next Speed Mountain Bicycle

This brand is famous in India and is perhaps one of the largest manufacturers in India. The company has been around for more than 6 decades. The quality of the cycles is top notch.


  • The brand has various centers for distribution in India
  • The company offers decent warranty on the products
  • The cycles from this brand are very affordable

4. Giant

Giant Bicycle

This Taiwanese brand is extremely popular in India, it was started by king Liu in the year 1972. In the year 2014 the brand had already achieved a sales figure of 63 lakhs. This bike has a strong market in India and is a favorite amongst serious mountain bikers.


  • The construction of the bikes is very solid and they last for years
  • Minimum maintenance
  • The brand also sells hybrid bikes that are suitable of city roads
  • The manufacturer collaborates with athletes while designing the bikes

5. BSA

BSA Cycles Photon ex Bicycle

The company started out in 1949. In the year 1880 the brand has made a unique safety bicycle. The company’s sales have increased manifolds since it first started. BSA is a brand that is well known for their city cycles.


  • Very old and reputed company
  • The quality of the cycles is very good
  • The warranty offered by the company is decent
  • They sell separate cycles for women and men

6. GT Bike

GT Bicycle

This brand was established by Gary Turner in the year 1972 in California but it soon became very popular in the Indian market. In 1998 the company soon joined with Questor Partners. This was later bought by a company called Dorel Industries.


  • The brand is known for making high quality mountain and road bikes
  • The company tries to incorporate newer improvements in the models
  • The brand is known for providing good warranty on its products
  • They are available in different price ranges

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7. Hercules

Hercules Top Gear

This brand may not be Indian but it practically dominates the market with its high sales figure. Hercules is now a part of Murugappa Group that owned BSA. The company has gained tremendous amount of popularity over the years.


  • Hercules introducedRockshox bikes that featured special shock absorbers
  • The build of the cycles from Hercules are very solid and they can withstand a lot of rough usage
  • The company offers decent warranty
  • Very little maintenance required

8. Cannondale

Cannondale Bicycle

This brand is a part of Dorel Industries, and they supply high quality bikes. This too is a very popular brand in India. The American division is located in Wilton, the bikes are manufactured in Taiwan and China.


  • The company produces different bikes such as bicycle trailers and premium quality
  • The brand typically incorporates frames made of aluminium and carbon fibre
  • The bikes from this brand last for a long time

9. Schwinn 

Schwinn Bicyle

This brand was started by a German engineer named Ignaz Schwinn in the year 1895. This brand is not only very popular in India but also in other countries. The bikes have a good performance and are found in various different styles.


  • The bikes from this brand are ideal for city commuters and casual riders
  • The quality is far superior to any other brand in the market
  • The company incorporates improvement in the design of every bike

10. Bianchi 

Bianchi Bicycle

This Italian brand has a huge demand in India and is distribution and marketing is looked bone by a company called TI Cycles. The company has been around for almost 130 years.


  • The brand is known for making high quality bikes that produce powerful performance
  • The frames are made in Italy and their construction is solid
  • Bianchi offers a wide range in price and variety

11. Btwin

Btwin Bicycle Ride

This is brand is owned by a company called Decathlon which is from France. This brand has become very famous in India and is usually bought by sports enthusiasts. The company was started in 1976 and then the name was changed to Btwin.


  • The bikes from this brand are very affordable
  • The quality is top class
  • Btwin offers good warranty on the products

12. Raleigh

Raleigh Bicyle

This company was started by Frank Bowden in 1887. Since its foundation the brand has gained international fame and has become quite big in India. This brand manufacturers a huge variety of cycles for the Indian market.


  •  The company has been around for at least 125 years
  •  It is well known for making bikes for children
  •  The bikes from this brand are super strong

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13. Dahon

Dahon Folding Bicycle

This is another brand that is very famous in India. This brand is mostly known for making affordable bikes that can be folded and stored easily. This company manufacturers various styles of bicycles for cycling enthusiasts.


  • Very high quality bicycles
  • The bikes are foldable
  • Dahon is an award winning brand

14. Cipollini

Cipollini Bicycle Picture

Founded by Mario Cipollini, this brand has become a household name in the market.This brand sells its bicycles in more than 50 countries. The cycles are primarily targeted at sporting enthusiasts.


  • The company manufacturers cycles of different styles
  • The price range is very wide
  • The cycles are of good quality
  • Reliable brand

15. Montra

Montra Bicycle

This brand came into the market in 2011 and has become very popular in India. The good thing about this brand is that it never compromises on the quality of its products. This is owned by Murugappa group.


  • The framework of the bicycles are made from high quality carbon fibre
  • Very durable products
  • Affordable price range

16. Tern

Tern Bicycle

The company came into existence in 2011 and from then it has captured a large market share in India. This company is based in Taiwan but has also gained success in India through its  high quality cycles.


  • Tern manufactures bikes for all users
  • The quality is undisputed
  • The cycles are sold at a very reasonable rate

17. Mongoose

Mongoose Bicycle

This brand was started in California in 1974 but it soon made its way to the Indian market and become very popular. The brand has always put in a lot of innovation when it comes to making bicycles.


  • The company utilises magnesium and alloy to construct a sturdy frame
  • The brand sells bikes of different styles
  • The bicycles from this brand are not very expensive

So these are the Top 17 Cycle Brands in India, they are available in different sizes, shapes and prices.  To get the best out these bikes you should first workout your personal preference as in how you want to utilize these bikes. Not only are these bikes used to commute in India but they are also used to pursue exercise routines. Take your time before you go out and make your purchases, evaluate all your options well.

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