Top 15 Tractor Brands in India

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Top Tractor Brands in India

India is an agricultural nation. Vast amounts of land in this huge country are under cultivation. Millions of farmers are engaged in producing various kinds of food and cash crops round the year. Earlier, cultivation was entirely a manual process. It was time-consuming and the farmers had to put in a lot of backbreaking effort. But with time, different machines and tools were introduced in agriculture to make the farmers’ jobs easier, and also to increase production. One important innovation was the tractor. Of course, there are other types of tractors as well.

Top Tractor Brands in India

What are the different types of tractors?

Many of us associate tractors with only farming. While it true that farming activities form a major part of a tractor’s function, there are other uses of it, too. Let’s take a look at the different types of tractors:

Industrial tractors – As the name suggests, these tractors find usage for industrial activities. They pull heavy loads and are often fitted with cranes that facilitate lifting of weights. The technical machine designing of these tractors are different from the other types, keeping in mind their specific usage.

Earthmoving tractors – These tractors are needed when there is a requirement to move large quantities of the earth – like in the quarries, construction of dams, bridges, etc. These are heavy vehicles and also quite strong, keeping in mind the work that they do.

Garden tractors – These are small-sized tractors, with the wheels not being larger than a scooter’s. They are used in gardens for making flower beds, cutting the grass, etc. They have small engines, ranging from 1HP to 10HP.

Orchard type tractors – These are specialized tractors, meant for use in fruit orchards, vineyards, and nut orchards. They facilitate farmers to pick the high-hanging fruits in orchards. For this, their height is much more than other tractors.

Row crop tractors – In farms, where the farmers plant crops in a row, these tractors find usage. These are multipurpose tractors that can plow, harvest, harrow, and more. These tractors have some extra advantages over others, like – higher ground clearance, comfortable steering ability, fast use of implements, etc. As a result of all these additional features, these tractors are priced on the higher side.

What are the benefits of tractors?

The benefits of having a tractor and using it are best understood by the farmers, especially in an agriculture-based country like India. A tractor plays a very critical role in a farmer’s life in more ways than one. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits:

  • Tractors provide a variety of uses in farming – Technology has undergone lots of changes. In keeping with it, farming equipment has also evolved to a considerable extent. Tractors process the soil for planting, harvesting, and plantation. Farmers also use tractors to apply fertilizers to large tracts of land.
  • Tractors help to save resources and time – Farmers need to economize time and resources to reduce the expenses of farming. Tractors help them to hasten the harvesting and planting jobs over larger tracts of land with lesser human involvement.
  • Tractors double up as transport carriers – Tractors are multitasking vehicles. They are sturdy vehicles that can withstand long hours of usage and challenging terrains. Farmers often attach a trailer to a tractor and use it as a goods carriage. They carry seeds, fertilizers, etc. to the field and after cultivation, carry their products in the same vehicle to the local markets and godowns.
  • Tractors can be used as family vehicles – in many parts of the country, farmers use their tractors to cover short distances with their family members. The efficient engines of tractors consume less fuel, so it is economical for the farmers.

Thus, a tractor is not just farming equipment for farmers in India. It is a part of their lives beyond the fields as well. Hence, in a large agro-based country like India, there are many tractor manufacturers – big and small.

Best Tractor Companies in India

When planning to bring a brands new Tractor to your farm in 2020, then make sure to check out this list before you make any decision:

1) Mahindra Tractors

Mahindra Tractors is India’s largest manufacturer of tractors and also the highest selling, by volume. It is also among the largest tractor manufacturers globally, with operations in more than 10 countries. They manufacture a range of tractors for different purposes, with the capacities ranging from 20hp to 50hp.

2) Tractors And Farm Equipment (TAFE) Ltd.

Operating in India since 1960, TAFE is the world’s 3rd largest and India’s 2nd largest tractor manufacturer. With superior products and their low operating costs, TAFE has won the hearts of thousands of farmers in the country. TAFE brings to the market their four iconic brands – Massey Ferguson, Eicher, TAFE, and IMT. The last one is a Serbian tractor company that TAFE acquired a few years ago.

3) John Deere India Pvt. Ltd.

The name of the mother company is Deere & Company. It was established in 1837 in the USA and is a Fortune 500 company. Their India operations started in 1998. Over the years, the company has made big strides in the Indian tractor market with a large operations network. They manufacture a wide range of highly durable tractors for every farming requirement.

4) Sonalika Tractors

This company is the leading tractor exporters from India. Their products go to over 100 countries globally. For domestic customers too, they have a lot of products that are high on quality and low on maintenance expenses. From <30 HP to >56 HP, their products leave no area uncovered.

5) Swaraj Tractors

Swaraj Tractors’ guiding principle is “engineers thinking like farmers.” Ever since its inception in 1974, the company has focused on developing products that can meet the requirements of farmers in a diversified country like India. They manufacture tractors from 15HP to 65HP, including 4WD tractors for wetlands.

6) Escorts Agri Machinery

Founded in 1948, Escorts is among the largest business groups in India. They have interests in a variety of businesses. An important one among them is agribusiness, including tractors. They manufacture a wide range of premium technology tractors from 12HP to 80HP. Their huge client base of more than a million swears by their products only.

7) New Holland Tractors

New Holland Agriculture began its Indian journey in 1998. Ever since then, they have sold hundreds of thousands of tractors to farmers all over the country. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility produces tractors equipped with the latest technology to provide the best service to customers in India and over 70 export destinations. They produce tractors from 35HP to 90HP.

8) Force Motors Tractors

For more than 60 years, Force Motors has been a frontrunner in producing commercial and agricultural vehicles. The company produces six types of tractors for farmlands and orchards. The products are of high technical standards and promise long-term service.

9) HMT Tractors

HMT Tractors began operations in 1971. It produces tractors ranging from 25HP to 75HP. The company is ISO certified and is also the proud recipient of a number of productivity awards at the national level.

10) Kubota Tractors

Kubota Corporation (Japan) started operating in India in 2008. But in this short time, it has made a name for itself as a premier tractor-producing company in India. The reputed Japanese technology that their tractors are built with ensures that only the best product reaches the customers.

11) Preet Tractors

The company began a humble journey in 1980 as a producer of various types of agricultural equipment. After some years, it ventured into tractor manufacturing. Today, their huge manufacturing plant produces a large number of tractors, ranging from 35HP to 90HP. Their tractors are highly efficient while being easy to maintain.

12) Standard Tractors

This company has been in production since 1975. It offers 7 models of tractors, starting from 35HP to 90HP. The tractors are affordable and reliable – the reason for their popularity among India’s farmers.

13) Indo Farm Tractors

Indo Farm started manufacturing tractors in 2000. Constant innovation over the years has ensured that their tractors are among the best in class – providing top-end service to their customers. Their wide range of tractors starts from 22Hp and goes up to 110HP.

14) Captain Tractors

Captain Tractors is the pioneer of the mini tractor in India. Their specific focus on this particular segment has ensured that they have created a dedicated customer base for themselves. Their tractors range from 16.5HP to 27HP.

15) VST Tractors

This Bengaluru-based company has been a premier tractor manufacturer for more than 50 years. They produce a varied range of tractors, suitable for all types of agricultural lands and other uses. They also export tractors to a large number of countries.

List of Top 15 Tractor Brands in India

Sl. No. Brand Name Establishment Head office Website
1 Mahindra Tractors 1945 Mumbai
2 Tractors And Farm Equipment (TAFE) Ltd. 1960 Chennai
3 John Deere India Pvt. Ltd. 1837 Moline, Illinois, United States
4 Sonalika Tractors 1969 Hoshiarpur
5 Swaraj Tractors 1984 Punjab, India
6 Escorts Agri Machinery 1948 Faridabad
7 New Holland Tractors 1895 Turin, Italy
8 Force Motors Tractors 1958 Pune
9 HMT Tractors 1953 Bangalore
10 Kubota Tractors 1890 Osaka, Japan
11 Preet Tractors 2002 Punjab, India
12 Standard Tractors 1975 Chandigarh, India
13 Indo Farm Tractors 2010 Majholi, India
14 Captain Tractors 1994 Rajkot, India
15 VST Tractors 1967 ‎Bangalore, India

Final Word

So these are the top 15 tractor companies in India. There are other smaller players, too – but these companies manufacture the most reliable and efficient tractors. Before you decide to buy one such vehicle, get in touch with the company representatives to know more.

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