Top 12 Retail Companies in India (2021)

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Retail Companies in India

We have prepared a list of top Retailing Companies in India that is spread across the nation and has a huge turnover. Retail businesses are familiar with the sale to buyers of products or services. Items offered by retailers include clothes, joys, kitchen items, small appliances, electrical appliances, foodstuffs and drugs, and a wide range of services, including the leasing of machinery and equipment. Retail revenue volume for Indian economic operation is part of the household purchases.

Retail Companies in India

Traditionally retail companies sell their goods and services in department stores, warehouses, convenience stores, supermarkets, or any kind of outlets thru brick-and-mortar stores. But many distributors sell products online increasingly through blogs, internet pages, and smartphone apps.

There are 12 major retailing companies in the India based on their market cap: 

1) Avenue Supermarts Ltd.

Knownm as a DMart, Avenue Supermarts Limited is the biggest Retail Companies based in India-based. It was started in in 2002 with its first division in Powai’s Hiranandani Gardens, by RadhakishanDamani. It had 196 stores in 72 cities in 11 countries in India as of 31 December 2019. Avenue Supermarts Ltd. (ASL) is a marketing DMart. The business is headquartered in Mumbai. DMart has a record of 7.713 permanent workers and 33,597 contractually employed jobs as of 31 March 2019. The National Stock Exchange has made a huge opening on the market.

Company in numbers:

  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 134,468.31
  • Book Value (Rs): 171.90
  • Face Value (RS): 10.00

Profit and loss (in Rs. Cr.):

  • March 2020: 1,300.98
  • March 2019: 902.46
  • March 2018:787.80
  • March 2017: 491.720 

2) Trent Ltd.

The Retail Management of the Tata group is Trent Limited (a portmanteau of Tata Retail Enterprise). Started in 1998, Trent manages Westside, one of India’s multiple increasing distributors of brick and mortar shops located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and Landmark. The business has 143 department stores ranging between 8,000 and 34,000 square meters. Ft. under the Westside brand in 82 major Indian cities. Zudio, a lifestyle brand accessible. Twenty Zudio stores have been set up in 12 cities.

Company in numbers:

  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 22,847.18
  • Book Value (Rs): 70.30
  • Face Value (RS): 1.00

Profit and loss (in Rs. Cr.):

  • March 2020: 136.41
  • March 2019: 106.49
  • March 2018: 109.68
  • March 2017: 93.92 

3) V-Mart Retail Ltd.

The company is involved in ‘Value Retailing’ through a network of stores based in different cities in India. V-Mart Retail GmbH retains prepared apparel, etc. V-Mart is one of the leaders in setting up shops in different small Indian towns, including Sultanpur Ujjain Motihari. The company runs its retail stores under its name. The business operates mainly in Tier-II and Tier-III towns with a departmental supply chain selling clothes and Kirana catering to the whole family. Tier-I and Tier-III cities of Metro have developed stores mainly as standalone stores in the high-way areas and shopping centers of those cities.

Company in numbers:

  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 3,753.30
  • Book Value (Rs): 252.54
  • Face Value (RS): 10.00

Profit and loss (in Rs. Cr.):

  • March 2020: 49.35
  • March 2019: 61.63
  • March 2018: 77.70
  • March 2017: 43.90

4) Future Retail Ltd.

Kishore Biyani, the Indian group founded in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Future Group is an Indian multinational corporation It is renowned for being a leading Indian grocer and fashion business, which includes prominent supermarkets such as Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar, and lifestyle shops such as Brand Factory, Central, and others. Reliance Retail now owns it. The Company also has a major presence in the industrial industries of advanced food and FMCG.

Company in numbers:

  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 4,804.64
  • Book Value (Rs): 78.96
  • Face Value (RS): 2.00

Profit and loss (in Rs. Cr.):

  • March 2020: 15.05
  • March 2019: 727.43

5) JK Agri Genetics Ltd.

The leading seed company was founded in 1989 by JK Agri Genetics Ltd. (JKAL), with offices in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. JKAL is one of the leaders to represent farming communities in the Indian seed industry. JKAL is interested in cotton, maize, paddy, pearl millet, sorghum, sunflower, castor, mouth-watering, wheat, sorghum Sudan grass, food-beet, tomatoes, chilies, and other vegetables seed research and development.

Company in numbers:

  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 115.95
  • Book Value (Rs): 29.21
  • Face Value (RS): 10.00

Profit and loss (in Rs. Cr.):

  • March 2020: 29.16
  • March 2019:8.12
  • March 2018: 1.81
  • March 2017: -28.09

6) V2 Retail Ltd.

V2 Retail presents the customers with an unmatched combination of value and diversity. This style route provides an outstanding environment with a broad product range. V2 retail claims that its vast variety of Clever, innovative and fashionable clothes across categories under one roof give shoppers great value for money. With their presence in 17 Indian states with 77 trendy shops, they are among the leaders in establishing exclusive premises with a global retail chain.

Company in numbers:

  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 172.06
  • Book Value (Rs): 82.26
  • Face Value (RS): 10.00

Profit and loss (in Rs. Cr.):

  • March 2020: 10.15
  • March 2019: 20.49
  • March 2018: 31.08
  • March 2017: 39.03 

7) Arvind Fashions Ltd.

Arvind is a clothing company and is a flagship of the Lalbhai Group (formerly Arvind Mills). In 2011, it has joined the Advanced Materials Segment in technological textiles recently. It is the main producer of denim in India. Via its countrywide distribution network, it maintains its own brands, such as Flying Machine, Newport, and Excalibur, and international licensed brands such as Arrow and Calvin Klein. The Arvind Shop, Unlimited, and Megamart, which owns company labels, also runs three clothes and accessories retail chain.

Company in numbers:

  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 1,271.22
  • Book Value (Rs): 176.51
  • Face Value (RS): 4.00

Profit and loss (in Rs. Cr.):

  • March 2020: -399.36
  • March 2019: 21.48
  • March 2018: 12.92
  • March 2017: 18.18 

8) The Mandhana Retail Ventures Ltd.

On 22 December 2016, Manhana Retail Ventures Ltd. (MIL) has entered into the Company’s Global Exclusive Brand Licensing Arrangement with “Being Human – The Salman Khan Base” on 23 December 2010 effective 1 January. The company is a corporation with the name of the company, which was renamed to Mandahana Retail Ventures ltd on 26 September 2016. Their exclusive brand outlet focuses on providing consumers with a traditional high-level retail experience and is built based on the venue, demographic profile, and scale of the store.

Company in numbers:

  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 18.31
  • Book Value (Rs): 16.31
  • Face Value (RS): 10.00

Profit and loss (in Rs. Cr.):

  • March 2020: -31.05
  • March 2019: -0.59
  • March 2018:9.03
  • March 2017: 13.98

9) Spencer Retail Ltd.

It is a retail Indian chain based in Kolkata, with a presence in more than 35 Indian cities. Spencer arrives in the format of ‘Food First’ (it sells new and prepared food in particular). Many sporting outlets sell different formats for specialty goods, garments, apparel, electronics, items for life and music, and books. It belongs to the Goenka Group of R P-Sanjiv. In May 2019, Spencer was awarded the Godrej Group’s premium Nature’s Basket Set. At the beginning of June 30, 2019, there were 160 independent shops.

Company in numbers:

  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 713.45
  • Book Value (Rs): 52.67
  • Face Value (RS): 5.00

Profit and loss (in Rs. Cr.):

  • March 2020: -130.78
  • March 2019: 2.39
  • March 2018: -14.13

10) Shoppers Stop Ltd.

Shoppers Stop is a K Raheja Corp. owned Indian department store chain. There are 86 stores in 40 Indian cities with clothes, accessories, shoes, joys, fragrances, exquisite items, home furnishings, and decoration. There are 42 shops in all over India. Shoppers Stop Ltd got the “Hall of Fame” award, which was won by the World Retail Congress in Barcelona in April 2008, “Emerging Market Retailer of the Year Award.” They have a team of talented staff, who are continually working towards giving their clients the best shopping experience and have embraced a new strategy of “Launch Something Different” to give the retail industry a new dimension.

Company in numbers:

  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 1,464.15
  • Book Value (Rs): 15.44
  • Face Value (RS): 5.00

Profit and loss (in Rs. Cr.):

  • March 2020: -142.02
  • March 2019: 64.97
  • March 2018: 214.47
  • March 2017: -78.37

11) Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Ltd.

ABFRL debuted after restructuring in May 2015 in the Aditya Birla Group of packaged clothing companies consisting of Madura Fashion and ABNL subsidiaries — Pantaloons Fashion and Retail (PFRL) and Madura Fashion & Lifestyle (MFL). As an apparel group, ABFRL has a wide network of 3,031 brand stores around the world. PFRL was rebranded Aditya Birla Apparel and Retail Ltd. In department stores throughout India, it is present in 25,000 multi retail chains and more than 6,000 points of sale. For more than 25 years it has built a repertoire of leading brands including Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, Allen Solly, and Peter England.

Company in numbers:

  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 10,550.08
  • Book Value (Rs): 19.32
  • Face Value (RS): 10.00

Profit and loss (in Rs. Cr.):

  • March 2020: -165.02
  • March 2019: 321.22

12) Future Enterprises Ltd.

In all markets, businesses, and countries, the Future Enterprise has changed life, along with their firms. As the largest retailer in India, the company has provided its consumers with high-quality service, innovative goods, and a multitude of goods. The Group’s emphasis was on the connections between different societies and cultures. Although Future Retail Limited deals with its various formats at the front end, Future Enterprises Limited (FEL) is the backbone and the distribution arm connects with its infrastructure.

Company in numbers:

  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 624.55
  • Book Value (Rs): 79.63
  • Face Value (RS): 2.00

Profit and loss (in Rs. Cr.):

  • March 2020: -383.06
  • March 2019: 154.81
  • March 2018: 30.38
  • March 2017: 43.10

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