List of 10 Best Seeds Companies in India

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Top seeds companies in India

If you are looking for information on the top seeds company in India, we can help you with that. Not only have we highlighted the 10 famous companies, but we will also share vital information on the different agricultural seeds for your understanding.

Top 10 seeds companies
The Different Types Of Seeds

Agricultural seeds are divided into 4 classes which are

  • Certifies seed,
  • Foundation seed,
  • Breeder seed, and
  • Nucleus seed.

Here is a look at each category.

Certified Seeds

These are another variant of the foundation seeds that are produced by seed growers that have proper certifications. These seeds rank very high on purity. The seeds need to attain a good level of germination to produce a crop.

Registered Seeds

These seeds need to be handled very carefully so that they maintain their purity.  Generally, a purple certificate is given for this kind of seed.

Foundation Seed

These seeds are produced by agencies in the private and public sectors. These are then certified by a certification agency based on their quality. A white certificate is given for these seeds.

Breeder Seeds

These seeds are grown in bigger areas and the process is supervised by the committee comprising of a representative from the agency that certifies seeds. These seeds display total purity at a genetic level.

Top seeds companies in India

List of Top 10 Seeds Companies In India

Here is a complete list of seed companies in India. Have a look and educate yourself on these wonderful companies.

Kaveri Seed

In today’s market, Kaveri Seed is counted among the biggest seeds companies in India.  This company was started by Bhaskar Rao, who came from a family that had a background in agriculture. He basically started this company to provide assistance to the farmers to improve their production of crops.  He started his own farm in Narsingapur, where he started a production unit for corn and rice seeds. Since then his company has experienced a major boom in business and has grown from strength to strength.

Nath Bio-Genes

This is the second largest seeds manufacturing companies. This company has earned itself a prominent spot in the industry for more than forty years. The company has a substantial contribution to developing the agricultural sector by providing high-quality seeds.  The company has a strong customer base in more than 17 states and it supplies 150 different kinds of seeds to approximately 5 million farmers all over India.

JK Agri Genetic

When we talk about producing good-quality seeds, this company cannot be ignored.  Established in the year 1989, this company has its headquarters in Hyderabad.  The company has been developing seeds that will help farmers enhance their crop growth in the long run. The company deals in vegetables,  chilies, okra,  tomato,  fodder beet, sudangrass, wheat, mustard, castor, sunflower, sorghum, pearl millet, paddy,  maize, and cotton seeds.

Shree Ganesh Bio

The managing director of this company is Mr. Shankar Choudhary, who has more than 15 years of experience. The company is currently engaged in producing seeds for potatoes and paddy. These seeds are given special treatment so that the yield is better. The company does its part to increase rural employment. The company also maintains a modern laboratory where the research is constant.

Mangalam Seeds Ltd.

This company was founded by Shri M.J Patel, who belongs to a farming family. The family has more than 35 years of solid experience in the marketing and production of seeds for agriculture. The company is known to use very sophisticated technology to produce seeds and it carries out extensive research on how to produce better seeds. The company has warehouses in Deesa, Junagadh, and Palanpur.

Rasi Seeds

This company is known for their high-quality cotton seeds. When it comes to research in cotton seeds, this company is a well-known name. This company also produced seeds for other crops too. Rasi Seeds employs a team of well-trained workers who have the right knowledge to execute things properly.

Here you can know about the famous pesticides companies in India.

Nuziveedu Seeds Ltd

This company started its journey in the industry in 1973. This a reputed company that produces the best hybrid seeds within the country. The headquarters is located in Hyderabad. The company has gained a lot of popularity for its fabulous products. It deals in seeds for crops such as Forage, Sorghum, Jute, Wheat, Sunflower, Mustard, Millet, Rice, Maize, and Cotton. Research and development programs receive a lot of support from Biotechnology and the Molecular biology system.

Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company Pvt Ltd

This is an agricultural company that is located within India. This company produces most of the seeds for the agricultural sector in India. It deals with seeds for vegetable crops, maize, pearl millet, sorghum, rice, wheat, and cotton.

Gentex Seeds

This company deals with seeds spanning 140 varieties. The company is known to produce, develop, and breed good-quality seeds. Gentex uses sophisticated technology and updated methods to produce good-quality seeds. The company operates through a wide network and employs a professional team of workers. It is observed that the quality of the products from this company is getting better every year. Experts have suggested that the company is very likely to experience further growth in its business.

Krishidhan Seeds Pvt Ltd

This company was started in the year 1996. Today, it is a very reputed name in the industry. The company has combined extensive research with sophisticated technology and has changed the way seeds are being produced. The company has offices in Pune and Indore. The company employs a team of skilled workers who have years of experience in this industry.

Famous Seeds Companies in India

Sl. No. Company Name Established Head office Website
1 Kaveri Seed 1976 Secunderabad
2 Nath Bio-Genes 1979 Aurangabad
3 JK Agri Genetic 1989 Kolkata
4 Shree Ganesh Bio 1982 Kolkata
5 Mangalam Seeds Ltd. 2011 Ahmedabad
6 Rasi Seeds 1973 Coimbatore
7 Nuziveedu Seeds Ltd 1973 Hyderabad
8 Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company Pvt Ltd (Mahyco) 1964 Dawalwadi
9 Gentex Seeds 2000 Ahmedabad
10 Krishidhan Seeds Pvt Ltd 1983 Pune


So these were the top ten companies in India that produce the best seeds for the agricultural sector. All of them have dedicated themselves to helping the farmers grow better crops. These companies have years of experience in this sector. They have gone through ups and downs in the career but they have never compromised on the quality of their products. There is no doubt that these companies will be around for a very long time to come.

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