Top 10 Power/Electricity Companies in India 2021

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Indian Power Companies

Discover the Top Power/Electricity Generation Companies in India which are listed in Stock Market. For any infrastructure to flourish power is necessary as it is a vital component of welfare and economic growth.

If the Indian economy has to grow then there has to be a strong infrastructure. The power sector within India is diversified. India generates power from domestic waste, agricultural waste, the solar, wind, nuclear, hydro, natural gas, lignite, and coal. The demand for electricity has increased manifolds within the country and experts have said that this will rise even further.

Current Scenario Of The Power Sector

The sector is going through a major change that has changed the outlook of the industry. Economic growth is what keeps the demand for electricity shooting up. The level of competition is increasing and many new companies have come into the market. By the time we step into 2022, it is estimated that solar energy will account for most of the electricity in India. As per a survey conducted in 2020, the capacity of power generation in India was 373.43GW.

Investment In The Sector

In the last 20 years, the industry has received 15.23 billion US dollars, which is quite impressive. The government offered almost 16,000 crore rupees in 2019. In the year 2020, the government signed a contract to close strategic sales and the sector received Rs.13,500 crores from this contract.

List Of Top 10 Power Companies in India

You may check the infographic that consist of India’s top Power Companies that is listed in stock market or else follow the below list.

Indian Power Companies

Here is a list of the best power companies in India that generate huge electricity and also listed in stock market:

Power Grid Corp

The company began in 1989 and started with a capital of 5,000 crores, which later increased to 10,000 crores. The company is a public limited concern and it is completely run by the Indian Government. The company was originally Names NPTCL, but the name was changed to Power Grid Corp in the year 1992.



This organization started in the year 1975 on 7th November. From 1983, the company started selling electricity and generated a revenue of 4.5 crore INR. In 1985, the company already hit a maximum capacity of 2000MW. The organization operates through a strong network that covers 47,735 kilometers and is present at 688 locations all over India.

Adani Trans

This is a company that transmits electric power and has its headquarters located in Ahmedabad. At present, it is a large private company within India. At present, the company operates through a network that spans 12,200 circuit kilometers and it is constantly expanding.

Tata Power

Tata Power

This is an electric utility concern that is located in Mumbai. This company belongs to Tata Group. The primary activity of the company is to distribute and transmit energy. The company has the capacity to generate 10,577 MW. In India, The company is ranked at number 3. The company started in the year 1910, and it has come a long way since then.



This company was started in 1975 and it generates Hydropower. It started with a capital of nearly 2000 million rupees. The aim of the company was to organize, promote, and plan a systematic development of reliable hydroelectric power. In the current times, the company is a government undertaking and has a capital of 15,000 million rupees. This company is listed on BSE and NSE.

Adani Power

Adani Power

This company is a subsidiary of the Adani Group and has its headquarters in Ahmedabad. This has a production capacity that goes up to 12,450MW. The firm has a solar plant at Naliya, which has a capacity of 40MW. The company is headed by Gautam Adani and it earned a profit of 634.64 crores.

Torrent Power

Torrent Power

This is an Indian company that is responsible for the distribution, transmission, and generation of electricity. The company runs its operations in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Gujarat. In the year 1997, the company acquired Ahmedabad electric company by buying 28.89 of the stake.

JSW Energy

JSW Energy

This is a private company and a very prominent power producer. The company has channeled all its resources into producing electricity by utilizing all the elements well. The company has undergone a substantial amount of growth over the last few years. Today it has extended its operations to Africa.


This company generates hydroelectric power and it boasts of the largest facility within the country. This has a capacity that stretches up to 1912MW. Over the years the company has re-invented itself by treading into other territories and exploring non-conventional and conventional energy.



This is a unique trading platform for delivering electricity physically. This platform provides efficient prices and provides transparent information on the power market within the country. There are about 6600 participants that are registered on this platform. This exchange is listed as a public company with the BSE and NSE. In the year this platform was given three Certifications.

List of Top 10 Power Companies in India

Sl. No Company Establishment Head office Website
1 Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. 1989 Gurgaon
2 NTPC Ltd. 1975 New Delhi
3 Adani Transmission Ltd. 2013 Ahmedabad
4 Tata Power Company Ltd. 1911 Mumbai
5 NHPC Ltd. 1975 Faridabad
6 Adani Power Ltd. 1996 Ahmedabad
7 Torrent Power 1996 Ahmedabad
8 JSW Energy Ltd. 1994 Mumbai
9 SJVN 1988 Himachal Pradesh
10 IEX 2008 New Delhi

So these were the Top 10 power generation companies in India that generate huge volumes of electricity every year. The Indian Government has already put out a roadmap that is set to achieve 227 GW when it comes to renewable energy by the year 2022. The government is also taking several initiatives to promote solar energy, so the road ahead is looking good and these companies will provide us even better services.

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