Top 10 Cable Manufacturing Companies in India

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Find the top Cable Manufacturing Companies: Cables are now one of the most important and integrated components in today’s life. Most of the things we see around us are either connected or powered by cables. A cable basically is a combination of wires running side by side or bundled to produce a higher range of current and electricity.

Most of the cable wires are made of copper or aluminium as they are good conductors of electricity. The cables have significant usage in today’s life. Some of them are as follows:

  • Electricity – The cables are used to transfer electricity over distant places. They are made provided with proper insulation so that there is no short circuit or accidental shocks. They are made of durable material so that they do not get heated in the process of transferring power
  • Telecommunications– Cables are the most important component in the telecommunication industry. They are used to transfer messages and data from the sender and the receiver and vice versa.
  • Media– The cables are also used to transfer the data from the producer and display it in the form of a picture or sound on the output device. This creates the backbone of the media industry, hence cables are very important to it.
  • Aviation industry– Most aircraft require good quality and durable wires to transmit the signals to the airports. This is very beneficial as it helps to stay connected whenever required.
  • Domestic purposes– The cables are used for domestic and household purposes. Most of the electrical appliances starting from bulbs to air conditioners consist of fine quality wires for their working. These cables are specifically made of protected insulation covering so that they do not get overheated and catch fire. This prevents electrical appliances from being damaged and keeps them safe.
  • Security– The cables are used for security CCTV cameras as they can provide high-quality signal without any loss in quality.

Before buying a cable, you must know a few things that will help you to choose the best one at a reasonable price. We will provide you with a list of the top 10 cable manufacturing companies in India that have been trustworthy and reliable over the years.

Here are the top 10 Cable Companies in India that is listed in NSE and BSE:

1) Polycab India

Polycab India

Polycab is counted among the top wire manufacturing companies in India that are listed in the share market (NSE and BSE). Their products are used for pumps and solar equipment. They are made of high-quality aluminium and copper wire that can transfer electricity to the required destinations. They have 25 manufacturing units all over India and export their products to over 40 countries over the world.

  • No. of Employees: 4700
  • Website:

2) Sterlite Technologies Ltd

Sterlite Technologies Ltd

It is a digital technology company in India that has manufacturing units in China, middle-east Asia and Europe. It makes durable high-quality cables that are used for aircraft and naval maintenance and operations. Its headquarters are located in Pune and it is one of the leading IT services company.

  • No. of Employees: 3300
  • Website:

3) Finolex cables Limited

Finolex cables Limited

You must have seen the Finolex ads on TV, they are the 3rd largest manufacturer of electrical and telecommunication cables in India. Finolex is also listed in the stock market.  Its headquarters are located in Pune and has been serving the market for more than fifty years now.

  • No. of Employees: 1830
  • Website:

4) Kei Industries Limited

Kei Industries Limited

The Company was established in 1968 and is manufactures cables and wires to countries like Singapore, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Dubai, and The Gambia. It produces high-quality cables that are required for domestic purposes and are available at a reasonable price.

  • No. of Employees: 2160
  • Website:

5) Universal cable limited

Universal cable limited

It is one of the leading manufacturers of XLPE cables, Polyvinylchloride cables, elastomeric cables and capacitors. Its business sharply focuses on expanding its units and provides quality cables for higher productivity and usage. This belongs to the M P Birla group of companies that have earned the trust of the customers over years with their high-end products.

  • No. of Employees:1225
  • Website:

6) Precision wires private limited

Precision wires private limited

It manufactures enamelled round winding wires and cables. It has 4 manufacturing units and has its presence in over 18 countries. These cables are sturdy and have the capacity to withstand surrounding temperature changes. They are very much in high demand for their great productivity and quality of the wires.

  • No. of Employees: 589
  • Website:

7) Salzer Electronics

Its main aim is to design, manufacture and develop multiple coaxial cables and wires. They claim to use 99.97% pure, electrolytic grade, annealed bare copper that offers 100% conductivity. They use copper wires that reduce electricity consumption and allows space for greater productivity. The wires they manufacture is much fireproof that helps to control the spread of a fire even.

  • No. of Employees: 338
  • Website:

8) Birla Cable

Birla Cable

Birla cable is another popular wire brand that is also known as Birla Ericsson optical limited.  It offers the widest portfolio in the field of copper wires and optic fibre cables. They also use an eco-friendly product that helps to preserve the quality of their products and services.

  • No. of Employees: 285
  • Website:

9) Paramount Communications

It has more than 60 years of building success stories in the field of electronics and wire cables. Its products include high-quality PIJF cables, HT power cables, railway signalling cables and much more. They come with special protection and insulation covering that maintains the durability of the wires for a long time.

  • No. of Employees: 390-450
  • Website:

10) AkshOpti fibre limited

AkshOpti fibre limited

They are recognized for the energy-efficient products that allow the highest network connectivity.

They offer products like:

  • Smart-core duct cable,
  • Smart-core steel armoured cable,
  • Smart-core Glass Armoured Cable,
  • Smart-core Aerial Cable,
  • Smart-core FTTH Cables  etc

They have a very strong Research and development centre for the highest levels of performance and productivity.

  • No. of Employees: 50-100
  • Website:

List of Top 10 cable manufacturing companies in India

Sl. No. Company Establishment Head office
1 Polycab India 1996 Mumbai
2 Sterlite Technologies Ltd 1988 Pune
3 Finolex cables Limited 1958 Pune
4 Kei Industries Limited 1968 New Delhi
5 Universal cable limited 1945 Kolkata
6 Precision wires private limited 1989 Mumbai
7 Salzer Electronics 1985 Coimbatore
8 Birla Cable 1992 Hyderabad
9 Paramount Communications 1955 Mumbai
10 AkshOpti fibre limited 1986 New Delhi

Final Words

The above 10 cable manufacturing companies are among the trustworthy and leading ones in the market. Their cables are available at a reasonable price and are of great quality. Most of their products help to reduce electricity consumption and yields greater productivity. This helps to save your electricity costs. The wires and cables have a thick layer of insulation that prevents any accidental shocks. They have high durability and you can use them for a long period of time.

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