7 Best Logistics Companies in Jeddah – 2021 List

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Logistics Companies in Jeddah

List of top Logistics Companies in Jedda (Saudi Arabia):  It is a port city situated in Saudi Arabia and is one of the most developed and rich cities in the Middle East. It lies along the red sea. Its location is the main reason for its development. It is the entrance to the Islamic holy cities Mecca and Medina. For the comfort of the pilgrims, several resorts, hotels had been built in the city. Also, being a port city, overseas import and export take place through this city.

As a result, the city houses numerous logistics companies. Most of them have clients from multiple countries, and they put their trust in these logistic houses. These companies are contributing well to the development of this city and are an indispensable part of economical growth and success. Here, we will discuss the seven best logistics companies in this city.

Logistics Companies in Jeddah

Famous Logistics Companies in Jeddah

Saudi Lana Logistics

Saudi Lana Logistics satisfies the growing need for overseas principles and also helps investments in the infrastructure and service sector. It contributes to the economic reforms adopted by the government of Saudi Arabia, and it often comes up with new and creatives ideas in the logistics field. Saudi Lana’s service includes sea imports and exports, road transport, air import and export, and warehouses. This logistic company provides utmost importance to the safety of the ships and it continuously monitors the shipments once shipped out and tracks it until the ships reach their final destination.

Rating: 4.7/5 out of 34 Google reviews
Phone: +966 12 661 5711
Website: http://www.lanalogistics.com/

Glaube Logistics

It is a leading international logistics solution situated in Saudi Arabia. Its main USP is reliability and users’ trust. To maintain this, it works continuously on the improvement of its services. The services it provides are-  air, sea, and road freight, warehousing, and integrated supply chain systems. It provides its customers first delivery and accurate shipment and also gives time to time information regarding the tracking of ships. It works hard to offer error-free service and solutions to customers.

Rating: 4.7/5 out of 26 Google reviews
Phone: +966 9200 29306
Website: http://glaubelogistics.com/

BAFCO International Shipping and Logistics Co. Ltd.

It is another global organization of Saudi Arabia placed in Jebba that provides transport and logistic solutions. It is situated in almost 20 locations worldwide and a huge workforce of 1300 employees. The company has experience of two decades in the logistics business and transport sector. Their services have won customers’ trust and hearts. They put focus on the safety and security of each and every delivery and maintains the confidentiality of their customers.

Rating: 4.6/5 out of 36 Google reviews
Phone: +966 12 642 0333
Website: http://www.bafcointl.com/

Fast n Accurate Custom Clearance and Logistics دقة سرعة للخدمات الجمركية واللوجستية

This company is very specific to its goals and it provides solutions to client’s requirements in every possible detailed way. It provides services like logistics solutions and warehouses. It tracks shipments until they reach the final destination. It maintains customers’ confidentiality and offers its services at a competitive rate.

Rating: 4.3/5 out of 18 Google reviews
Phone: +966 12 653 0034
Website: http://fastnaccurate.com/

Falcon Freight Company

It is another leading international logistics house in Jeddah. With 40 years of experience, it has now become an expert in each of the services it provides. It offers a wide range of services to its customers, and the list of its services includes international freight forwarding, transportation, customs clearance, warehousing, and distribution. It has highly qualified, technically sound, and industry expert staff who takes care of day-to-day export and cargo import and resolves each and every doubt of clients in an efficient way. Its impeccable services gave its reputation, yet it stays humble and continuously strives for more improvement and a greater level of clients’ reliability.

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Rating: 4.3/5 out of 17 Google reviews
Phone: +966 12 648 2403
Website: http://www.thefalconfreight.com/

Afaq Al Nama Transportation

Afaq Al Nama Transportation is a reputable logistic company in the Middle East. It has experience of many years in this sector and has a large pool of experts who interacts with customers, learns about their requirements, and implements with impeccable knowledge and efficiency. It has a number of loyal customers that put their trust in this organization and that motivates it to continuously improve itself.

Rating: 4.0/5 out of 39 Google reviews
Phone: +966 9200 23031
Website: http://afaqan.com/

Gulf Agency Company

Gulf Agency Company provides integrated shipping, logistics, and marine services. It offers its services in a wide range of industries, for example, the oil and gas industry.

Rating: 3.4/5 out of 20 Google reviews
Phone: +966 12 663 5200
Website: http://www.gac.com/


It was established in the year of 1993, and it provides end-to-end logistics and supply chain solutions to its customers. Initially, it used to provide its services only in the Middle East. But It has expanded its business in Europe, Africa, and Asia too. It provides its services at affordable prices and maintains safety during shipment. It understands its client-specific business requirements and works hard to satisfy them. It is also continuously training its employees to offer more expertise in the logistics sectors.

Rating: 3.4/5 out of 17 Google reviews
Phone: +966 9200 20505
Website: http://naqelexpress.com/

List of 7 Best Logistics Companies in Jeddah

Sl. No. Name Address
1 Saudi Lana Logistics 140610 Palestine Street Hamra Dist,، Jeddah Saudi Arabia
2 Glaube Logistics Falastin, Mishrifah, Jeddah 23331, Saudi Arabia
3 BAFCO International Shipping and Logistics Co. Ltd. Hamza Shata Street, Jeddah Saudi Arabia
4 Fast n Accurate Custom Clearance and Logistics دقة سرعة للخدمات الجمركية واللوجستية Madeena Road, Al Jawhara Building, Al-Baghdadiya, Jeddah, K.S.A 21464, Saudi Arabia
5 Falcon Freight Company Al-Thaalba, Jeddah Saudi Arabia
6 Afaq Al Nama Transportation Al-Qurayat, Jeddah 22324, Saudi Arabia
7 Gulf Agency Companywide range of industries Hail Tower, Hail, Al-Baghdadiyah Al-Gharbiyah, Jeddah 22231, Saudi Arabia
8 NaqelExpress Jeddah-Gizan Road, 2nd, Industrial City, Jeddah Saudi Arabia

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