How do we Review?

You must have come across listings ranking top products, brands, businesses, and more. Have you ever wondered how do we review them? No, those preparing these listings don’t just pick their choices randomly. There’s a method to it. Certain guidelines are followed that make sure that the review of each and every candidate is done with complete fairness.

We take no payments from the candidates that appear on our lists. These aren’t paid listings. Apart from the reviews given by customers and the Google ratings, we take into account certain major considerations while ranking the businesses.

We share with you a detailed table with comprehensive information on the key factors that decide what rank a business finds on our sites. Here they are:

Business History
1. Experience Do they have the necessary expertise and experience in their field of business and are they considered masters in it?
2. Accomplishments Has the business made any major accomplishments?
3. Growth Has the business shown steady growth in its current position?
4. Ownership What kind of ownership does the business have? Is it a corporation, a partnership, a family-owned business, or does it have any other form of ownership?
5. Special Features We look into the specific services offered by the business
6. Quality Does the business offer quality service or products in comparison to what its competitors do?
7. The Specific Services Offered What are the specific services offered by the business?
8. The Business Images it Displays Are the images displayed authentic helping customers know about the business before they drop by and visit?
9. False Images Are the images shown owned by the business genuine and do not misrepresent facts?
10. Copyright Ownership of the Images We further ensure that all the images and media are indeed owned by the business
11. Engagement How much does the business engage with the visitors to their business website?
Opening Hours
12. Their Opening Hours Are the opening hours convenient for their customers and do they operate on any public holidays?
Social Media
13. Penetration on Social Media Is the business popular on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube?
14. Customer Loyalty Does the business attempt to ensure customer loyalty by replying to posts made by them and do customers share the business’ posts on their own pages?
15. Engagement on Social Media Does the business update its pages on social media regularly and does the business engage with their audience on social media effectively?
Quality of the Website
16. Clarity Is the content on the website clearly understandable? Does it have any grammatical or spelling mistakes?
17. Information How informative is the website? Does it offer all relevant information to the visitors?
18. Writing Quality Is the writing on the website refined and classy?
19. Aesthetic Quality Is the website visually pleasing, user-friendly? Is the visual theme coherent?
20.Emblem/Logo Is the business’ logo prominent on the website?
21.Contact Information Is the contact information available on the website and is it accurate?
Awards and Acknowledgements
22.History Has the business won awards in the past consistently over a certain period?
23.Special Achievements Has the business made any special achievements?
Feedback and Reviews
24.PR Response Does the business effectively handle PR issues and complaints?
25.Lawsuits Have there been any lawsuits against the business or are there any lawsuits related to consumer law pending against it?
26.Current Reviews Have the recent reviews about the business been positive?
27.Key Concerns Did multiple reviews reflect any key area of concern about the business?
28.Review Analysis Do the reviews create a positive impression of the business on the whole?
Other Factors
29. Value Is the value of the service or products offered by the business justified considering its price?
30. SSL Does their website has SSL certificate (https) installed?
31. Location Is the location of the business convenient for its customers?
32. Customer Service Can the customer care representatives be reached smoothly? How responsive are they?
33. Warranty and Returns Does the business offer a reasonable warranty period? Does it return goods with manufacturing defects promptly?
34. Address Confirmation Whether the business has a physical address?
35. Insurance Information The kind of insurance the business has is verified
36. Overall Satisfaction Does the business provide overall satisfaction to its customers?
37. Community Engagement and Fundraisers Is the business actively engaged with the community through fundraisers or charity?
38. Gift Vouchers Does the business offer attractive gift vouchers?
39. Multiple Locations Does the business operate from multiple locations?
40. Website Whether the website is hosted on own server or free hosting sites?


How do we review businesses? The question is now clearly answered. We’re sure that this article has enlightened you. You now know the method we follow when we come up with a business ranking for you.