The 5 Best Horseback Riding in Cleveland, OH

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Horseback riding in Cleveland OH

As a rider, you won’t need to look too far when you look for stables offering horseback riding in Cleveland. After all, horses have long been a part of Cleveland’s culture and are a passion for the people here. We bring you 5 of the best horseback riding training schools in Cleveland.

If it’s something exciting and off-beat you’re looking to do this year, horseback riding could be the ideal pick. While saddling up and riding into the horizon on horseback might well have been forgotten in today’s world, horse riding sure is a great way to unwind, either with someone for a company or even alone.

Before you get going, it’s very important that you find yourself a good stable with capable trainers. What should you look for in a good trainer? Here are a few qualities that we feel every good horse trainer should possess. These should make for a good guide in helping you choose a good training center with the right trainer.

Qualities that every good horse trainer should possess

  • Knowledge: It’s vital that your trainer has thorough knowledge about not just riding horses but also about their health. He should also know the nitty-gritty of horse care. Your trainer should be capable of sharing the reliable and correct information with you. That’s why your trainer should know everything about horses and horse riding. Your trainer is the bond between you and the horse. So go for a trainer only if he has sound knowledge.
  • Firmness: A firm person makes a good trainer. Why’s that? That’s because your trainer has to egg you on apart from keeping you safe. We do understand that you would want a trainer with an easy-going approach who makes the lessons a fun-filled experience for you. However, if your trainer isn’t firm enough to drive you to go at it harder, you wouldn’t really do your training sessions any good. Find a person with the right balance between being firm and being reasonable.
  • Experience: Apart from being knowledgeable, it’s desirable that your trainer has years of experience behind him. Those who make good trainers must have participated in competitions at different levels, gone riding on horses of a wide variety, and also been trained by experienced trainers themselves. So, when you choose your trainer, do enquire about their experience level, their various riding disciplines and their history of the competition.

We believe our tips should help you greatly in choosing a good trainer.

Horseback riding in Cleveland OH

List of Top Horseback Riding in Cleveland, OH

Read on as we share brief information about the 5 best horseback training schools in Cleveland.

The Stables at Chappel Creek Arm

They have a huge area that is spread in about 60 acres.  The Stables at Chappel Creek Farm is a third-generation stable offering excellent riding lessons. You would love to go riding around this property taking in the beauty of the woods, streams, and clean trails on the back of one of the wonderful horses available here. The farm offers a large variety of horses and is equipped with everything that a rider, professional or recreational would want. Here it’s not just about being a good rider. The emphasis is on you having a good time with your horse. 

Rating: 5.0/5 out of 5 Google reviews
Address: 12911 Florence Wakeman Rd, Berlin Heights, OH 44814, United States
Phone: +1 440-949-9016

Rocky River Stables

Rocky River Stables takes your breath away with its mesmerizing beauty. What makes the experience unique is how you get the experience nature up close and personal. Set amidst serene beauty in Heaven’s Glory, Rocky River Stables welcomes you into the world of horses. What makes this establishment stand out is it offering therapeutic riding lessons for those into rehabilitation or for those who are differently abled. The Rocky River Festival organized here is an event you would look forward to for a great deal of enjoyment. The place offers affordable boarding as well as horse shows and more.

Rating: 4.8/5 out of 22 Google reviews
Address: 19901 Puritas Ave, Cleveland, OH 44135, United States
Phone: +1 216-267-2525

Cessna Stables

Horse riding is just about riding through pristinely beautiful places. At Cessna Stables, they take care to see that you bond with your horse well. To be a good rider, it’s imperative that you know your horse well. It’s like learning the tricks of the trade-in in any other sport. Just as learning to conserve energy is a basic technique that you need to learn in running marathons, knowing your horse to is basic learning in horse riding. Cessna takes every care to see that you bond with your horse and with its experienced trainers is a great place to learn how to build a relationship with your horse.

Rating: 4.7/5 out of 13 Google reviews
Address: 7651 Friendsville Rd, Lodi, OH 44254, United States
Phone: +1 330-461-2318

Sutton Stables

Sutton Stables is a family-owned setup that just adores its horses. Apart from being a beautiful location for horse riding, the facility has on offer some truly excellent stables. Sutton Stables makes for a lovely home for the horses with a lot of an ambiance of warmth and affection.  It’s an ideal place to visit with your family and friends who are sure to appreciate the charming beauty of this magnificent property. There are arenas, both indoor and outdoor where you can have an enjoyable time. The property covers more than 20 acres and there are woods full of lush greenery riding through which is blissful.

Address: 19567 Gore Orphanage Rd, Wakeman, OH, US
Phone: +1 440-213-2854

Maypine Flagship

Maypine Flagship raises the bar by a few notches when it comes to horseback riding. They take the art of riding horses with utmost seriousness and the quality of training and the ambiance they offer to make them Cleveland’s most coveted facility. They mold the trainees with a lot of care making excellent riders out of them. The training they offer is one of the finest in Cleveland. They organize summer camps where you get to spend quality time with your pals in the company of friendly horses for a week. It’s a walk back to your childhood waking up early in the morning and then hanging up the reigns in the night after sundown. This is the place to relive your childhood memories and making friends for a lifetime.


Our article guides you on how to find yourself a good trainer before listing Cleveland’s 5 best horseback riding training schools. Each of the properties included here is a reputed one offering quality service. The stables not only train you well, they also make sure you enjoy your time there. All of them offer beautiful scenery. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed with any of the properties on our list.

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