The 5 Best Horse Boarding in Ocala, FL

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Ocala horse boarding stables

Looking for a reliable Horse Boarding in Ocala, FL to keep your lovable horse for a few days?  We have picked up 5 best boarding stables based on our review. A horse boarding is like a rental facility for your horse to stay. Quite often, it’s not possible for horse owners to keep the animals where they themselves are staying, due to lack of space and other constraints. That’s why many of them avail of the services of horse boarding facilities.

Ocala horse boarding stables

What are the different types of horse boarding? 

There are various types of horse boarding facilities, depending on the owners’ needs, budgets, other features, etc. Let’s look at the types of horse boarding facilities:

Full Board

A Full board boarding facility includes all that is necessary for the horse. It will also have a pasture for your horse to run around in. You don’t need to visit your horse every day. The staff there is more than competent to feed the horse, clean the quarters, and do everything to keep the animals in good health & spirit.

Some full boards also provide various lessons to your horse and specialized supplementary food, regular veterinarian consultations, etc. as per requirements.


Here, the usage of the horse is shared with another person. In such a situation, the charges will definitely be cheaper than a full board. For a part of the week, another person will ride the horse or take it through the lessons. Additional services might or might not be available.

It’s important to find another person with a similar riding skill as yours if you are going for a part-board facility.

Pasture Board

Here, the horse stays outdoors for most of the time. During extreme weather like snow, heavy rain, etc., a run-in shelter is provided. Additional blankets or medicines come at a cost. The boarding staff keep an eye on the horses but not round-the-clock. For occasional horse riders, this situation works well.

Self-care Board

Here, the responsibility of feeding the horse and its bedding lies with the owner. Of course, the facilities will be there. If the horse needs medical care, then the owner needs to provide that too. For someone who lives a short distance away from the stable, this facility is advantageous. But the owner has to incorporate time to visit every day.

Points to consider before choosing a horse boarding

There are horse boarding farms in different categories. Some are huge with more than 50 horses and high-end facilities while some others are much smaller and localized with only a few customers. Some of them take in any and every horse while some others have their selective preferences. Hence, when you select a horse boarding, keep the following points in mind:

  • The farm shouldn’t be too far away from where you stay as you might need to visit on short notice and long distances would prevent it.
  • Choose a boarding where the owner has had some prior involvement with horses in any capacity. Only then can the farm have the necessary facilities.
  • Check whether neat and clean amenities are available.
  • Before selecting a boarding, check out in what condition the other horses there are in.

Top Horse Boarding in Ocala FL

Equine background of Ocala FL

Ocala is part of Marion County in Florida. In 1943, the first thoroughbred horse farm was set up in the county. Gradually, Ocala became a center of horse-breeding activity and is now known as “the horse capital of the world.” The horse industry generates almost 44,000 jobs and more than $2 billion in revenue. Various types of horse shows are held in Ocala, drawing large crowds and generating revenue for the county.

Red Moon Farm

With a 40-acre farm and self-owned riding trails and racing tracks, Red Moon Farm is among the most popular horse boarding in Ocala. They provide two 20-stall barns, hot walkers, broodmare care, stud services, and 24×7 security, among other services. Qualified staff members ensure the best love and care for your beloved horse here.

Phone Number: +1-712-309-2428

Peninsula Farm Racing Center

Located in the heart of Ocala, Peninsula Farm Racing Center has 200 stalls over a sprawling 316-acre area. It provides excellent services in full care and board, layups, broodmare and foal care, quarantine services, and vet on call. It also provides services for professional riders and trainers.

Phone Number: +1-352-694-5300

Silver Stride Equestrian Center

This is a premium center for training prospective riders and also horse boarding services. With specially-designed dressage arenas and jump fields, it ensures the best care and exercise for your horse. Quality food and water, lots of fresh air, comfortable stalls – Silver Stride provides all this and more.

Phone Number: +1-352-216-9359

Harley Farms

Harley Farms offers a range of boarding facilities at its 20-acre farmland. With 16 stalls, each with lights and fan, your horse will be in safe hands. They also have a fly spray system to keep insects away. Food options are changed regularly and the horses are taken through different exercises to keep them fit.

Phone Number: +1-352-812-3811

Wizard Farms Ocala

Since 2014, this beautiful farmhouse has been engaged in equine care and farm tourism. It has 3 barns and 21 stalls in its property for taking care of the horses. It conducts regular cleaning of the stalls, along with diet control as per the advice of vets. The stalls are airy and spacious, thus ensuring comfort for the animals.

Phone Number: +1-917-613-8686      

List of 5 Best Horse Boarding in Ocala FL

Sl. No. Horse boarding Location Website
1 Red Moon Farm 16th Ave, Ocala
2 Peninsula Farm Racing Center US Hwy 441, Ocala
3 Silver Stride Equestrian Center 80th Ave, Ocala
4 Harley Farms Ne Jacksonville Rd Ocala
5 Wizard Farms Ocala US Highway, Ocala

Whichever Boarding place you choose, make sure that your horse will stay happy during that time.

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