5 Best Horse Boarding in Bozeman, MT

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horse boarding Bozeman

Before we tell you the 5 best horse boarding properties in Bozeman, let’s take a look into what horse boarding is all about. To put things in a nutshell, it is a accommodation for your horse on rent. The horses are usually accommodated in a barn with other horses for company.

You may visit your horse to ride on it or even have it groomed well. Training sessions too are arranged here.

Now that you know what horse boarding is, we give you some other important information about it.

What are the different types of horse boarding?

There are boarding facilities available that suit the varying needs of horse owners. Here’s a brief overview-

  • Full Board: Full board horse boarding takes care of everything necessary to maintain a horse. It also offers a stall as well as access to pasture. If you opt for full board, you won’t need to visit your horse every single day. It’s the barn staff that’ll take care of cleaning the stall, feeding your horse and take it out to the pasture, and also brings it in.
  • Part-Board: Part board needs you to share space for your horse with another one which translates into cheaper costs for boarding. Suppose the fee for a full board is $600. In that case, the fee for part-board would be $300. But then you would have to share your horse with another person who would get to ride it as well.
  • Pasture Board: Pasture board is a more economical option. If you pick this option, your horse will be outdoors all year with food and water being provided to it along with a run-in shelter. You may have to pay extra if your horse needs a blanket when it’s cold. While your horse may be denied individual attention daily, it will still be looked after pretty well by the stable staff.
  • Self-Care Board: If you choose this option, while the stable will provide all facilities, it’s you who’ll have to take care of your horse yourself. You’ll have to feed the horse on your own and arrange its bedding too. You’ll have to feed your horse, get it to turn-out, and do the mucking out yourself. You’ll also have to be present when your horse needs veterinary care.

List of  Top Horse Boarding in Bozeman, MT

Here is the Bozeman based top 5 horse boarding where you can keep your horse for few days to weeks:

horse boarding Bozeman

Holloway’s Pretty Good Horse Barn

This facility is located on McReynold’s Road is owned by Jess and Meggan Holloway that is counted among the top horse boarding around Bozeman. They have years of experience in caring for horses. The facility provides full-service boarding, hay of good quality, regular cleaning, feeding, and on-site owners who take responsibility for your horse. There are an outdoor arena and indoor arenas too, all of the wonderful facilities. Both of them experts in horse care, Jess is a specialist in starting horses and working with the horse as well as the rider. On the other hand, Megan takes care of the cross-country courses, dressage, and eventing. Both of them offer to ride lessons together.

Holiday Horse Care

This horse boarding facility in Bozeman gives you complete peace of mind with its quality horse care making your horse healthy and happy. This is a great place to relax and ride your horse in the midst of a happy and active riding community. It’s a peaceful place spread over an 18-acre facility that offers extra-large paddocks and shelters. There’s a 150’x300’ outdoor arena too and a round pen. It’s an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life as you go riding on the half-mile long riding track. Through a netted feed program, the facility provides quality grass or alfalfa hay.

Bridger Canyon Stallion Station

With two indoor arenas along with a large outdoor arena, Bridger Canyon Stallion Station is wonderful to ride your horse at all year round. The place also offers pasture options, all of them excellent. It also offers paddocks with shelters. The facility also offers on-site care all through the day. It’s a calming place with its low-key environment which however doesn’t cut down on the fun factor one bit. Offering boarding facilities and quality training, the place offers excellent riding lessons. There’s a clinic too and the staff here are specialists in breeding sport horses and ponies for dressage and jumping.

Empire Livestock

If it’s a place you’re looking for that’s good for your mare or gelding, Empire Livestock is the place. This facility is equipped with several openings ideal for indoor stall boarding. They clean the stalls twice everyday and feed good quality grass or alfalfa hay to horses they board. Your horse will also be supplied with clean water day in and day out. There are on-site owners and the facility also offers training and riding lessons to anyone who might be interested. Empire Livestock also has an indoor arena suitable for boarding use all day. For use in summer, a large outdoor arena is available too.

Electric Equine LLC

Situated at a distance of 14 miles from Bozeman, Electric Equine is a good place for horse boarding. Your horse shall be fed with good quality grass/alfalfa hay twice daily. While each pen comes with a shelter, your horse finds constant access to heated automatic waterers. The pens are surrounded by steel pipe fencing for security. Blanketing, graining, and trailer parking services are provided too. There’s an outdoor arena of 35,000sq.ft. and a round pen of 60ft. Equipment for training like jumps, barrels, poles is also provided as are roping equipment.

Sl. No. Name & Detail Website
1 Holloway’s Pretty Good Horse Barn

Address: 770 McReynolds Rd, Bozeman, MT 59718, United States

2 Holiday Horse Care

Address: 2287 Airport Rd, Belgrade, MT 59714, United States

3 Bridger Canyon Stallion Station


4 Empire Livestock

5530 Stucky Rd (11,936.65 km) 59715 Bozeman, MT, US

5 Electric Equine LLC

Address: 2585 Weaver Ln, Belgrade, MT 59714, United States



Final Word

Whichever horse boarding you are going to choose in Bozeman, make sure that they have good reviews and feedback. The list of above horse boarding properties in Bozeman includes facilities that have earned a reputation as being good boarding places for horses. Each one of them offers excellent facilities. Apart from listing out Bozeman’s best 5 horse boarding properties, we also share with you some very important information about horse boarding. We hope you find the article informative and useful.

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