Hindustan Unilever Products Price List – 2021

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HUL product list infographic

Hindustan Unilever Limited better known as HUL is counted among the India’s biggest and most trusted Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company. Owned by Sanjiv Mehta, this is one of the most developed fast-moving consumer goods companies in India. It has its headquarters in Mumbai and is a subsidiary of a British company named Unilever.

They produce a variety of items starting from biscuits, cosmetics, tea, coffee, perfume, shops, shampoos, and much more. It has a very well-developed research and development centre where its employees are constantly focusing on innovation and growth of the products.

Hindustan Unilever  products are available in over 190 countries and about 2.5 billion customers use their products every day. They have over 400 household name brands across various parts of the world. This company has been focusing to improve people’s lifestyles, health, and hygiene over the years. it also follows a sustainable way of producing products without causing much harm to the environment.

Today this company also produces water purifiers, cleaning agents, beverages, cosmetic products, personal healthcare products and other fast-moving consumer goods. These products are trusted and used by people for their high quality and value. These products have gained great recognition and have received valuable customer feedback from their loyal customers.

Full List of HUL Products

Here we will discuss the top items that are manufactured by Hindustan Unilever Limited and are in high demand nowadays. We have illustrated the HUL product list with an inforgraphic below:

HUL product list infographic

Foods & Refreshment

Food is one of the most important parts of Hindustan Unilever’s product list. This includes a variety of items that specializes in taste and quality. This company also focuses on the nutrients part so that these food items turn out to be effective and nutritious for the body.

  1. Boost– This is a chocolate health drink that is consumed by youngsters. It helps to provide energy and keeps you fit.
  2. Cornetto – This is the most demanding ice cream that comes with a superior quality taste and packing.
  3. Hellmann’s– This is a mayonnaise jar that comes with great packaging and can be an ideal topping for many food items.
  4. Horlicks– This is the most common health drink that is consumed by people of different ages. It helps to stay fit and healthy.
  5. Horlicks Cardia+ – This Horlicks item provides advanced care and protection to people suffering from heart diseases.
  6. Horlicks Growth+ – This Horlicks product is exclusively made for young boys and girls who go to school and need the proper constituents for growth.
  7. Horlicks Lite – This Horlicks product is mainly consumed by adults who need to increase their energy levels on a daily basis.
  8. Horlicks Mother’s Plus – This Horlicks product is used by mothers who are working professionals and need extra support along with their daily food.
  9. Horlicks Protein Plus – This product is used as a supplement for protein intake and is eaten by both men and women.
  10. Horlicks Women’s Plus – This is for those women who need to have an alternative source of energy apart from their daily eating habits.
  11. Junior Horlicks – This Horlicks is basically for the small kids who are in their developing stage.
  12. Knorr – This is for soupy noodles that are rich and authentic in taste.
  13. Lipton – This is for the tea that comes with hot and cold flavours.
  14. Magnum – This is a Belgian ice cream that comes in a rich taste and has received great demand all over India.
  15. Bru – This is a richly flavoured coffee that is consumed by most people of different age groups.
  16. Annapurna – This is a nutritious wheat product that is the main component in every Indian kitchen.
  17. Brooke Bond 3 Roses– This is a premium quality tea that is consumed for freshness and energy.
  18. Brooke Bond Red Label– This tea pack comes in great flavour and has an excellent refreshing feeling when it is consumed.
  19. Brooke Bond Taaza– This is another tea category that is produced by Brooke bond and has an authentic taste.
  20. Brooke Bond Taj Mahal– This is a premium category tea that comes with rich flavours and is rich in taste and packaging.
  21. Kissan– It consists of a variety of Jam flavours that are used as toppings on Indian bread.
  22. Kwality Wall’s– This is the ice cream brand that comes with a variety of flavours and has a rich taste.

Here is the list of Adani Group of Companies.

Home Care

Hindustan Unilever focuses on a variety of home care products that is essential for maintaining sanitization and protection. They are as follows:

  1. Cif– This is a dishware washer liquid and has excellent antibacterial
  2. Comfort– This is used as a major source for cleaning and washing clothes, especially woollen
  3. Active Wheel– This is a well-recognized detergent powder that has strong cleaning properties and is an essential component in every Indian household.
  4. Domex – This product is used to clean toilets and bathrooms, providing a neat and clean atmosphere to live in.
  5. Rin– This is a dishware soap that comes with efficient cleaning and germ removing properties.
  6. Surf excel– This is a detergent that is used for washing clothes and removing stains from the surface of the apparel.
  7. Vim – This is a liquid soap that is used for cleaning and washing utensils and for removing food odour from the dishware.
  8. Love & Care – This is a unique product that is used for keeping your clothes soft and colourful.
  9. Nature Protect– It is a multipurpose disinfectant cleaner that is used for killing bacteria and fungi of different kinds.
  10. Sunlight– This is used for washing clothes and is used as a detergent to keep your clothes safe and sound.

Beauty & Personal Care

Hindustan Unilever focuses on personal and beauty products and has a legacy of products that have earned customer satisfaction over recent years. They are as follows:

  1. Axe– This is a popular body spray that keeps you fresh and live for hours.
  2. Dove– This soap is used by most people and helps to keep your skin soft and protected.
  3. Lifebuoy – This soap helps to provide protection against a wide range of germs.
  4. Love Beauty and Planet – This is an advanced shampoo that is beneficial to keep your hair strong and healthy.
  5. Lux– This is a beautiful soap that comes at a great price and packaging.
  6. Pepsodent– This is a toothpaste that is used for increasing tooth power and protection.
  7. Pond’s– This is a talc powder that provides comfort against sweat and has a beautiful fragrance.
  8. Rexona Deodorant– This deodorant is used by both men and women and comes with a roller for use in the underarms.
  9. Sunsilk – This shampoo comes with advanced care protection and is the best in the market nowadays.
  10. TRESemmé– This is a well-recognized shampoo brand that is recommended by most hair experts.
  11. Vaseline– This is a jelly-like product that is used on the lips especially during the winter season.
  12. Aviance– This is a beauty brand under the Unilever group that has helped to improve beauty standards over time.
  13. Breeze (soap)– This soap comes in different fragrances and is safe to use in different skin types.
  14. Citra – This is a skincare brand under Unilever that aims to reduce scars and pigmentation on the skin.
  15. Clear– This is a face wash that is used for reducing pimples and providing glowing skin.
  16. Close Up – This is a toothpaste that comes with a refreshing vibe and cleans germs from your mouth.
  17. Glow & Lovely– This is a fairness cream that helps to reduce dark spots and dullness on your skin.
  18. Lakmé– This is a cosmetics brand under Unilever that has a variety of products for improving beauty both for men and women.
  19. Pears– This is a soap brand that is basically used for babies and has a soothing effect on the skin and eyes.
  20. TIGI– This is a large brand that is used by hair experts and has a variety of products for improving hair quality and condition.
  21. TONI&GUY– This is recommended by most salon experts and has good composition for healthy
  22. Brylcreem– This is a hair gel that is used for various hairstyles without causing damage to the hair.
  23. Clinic Plus– This shampoo is useful to remove dandruff from your scalp and has a cooling effect on your head.
  24. Elle 18 – This lipstick brand comes in different colours and shades and has a long-lasting colour.
  25. Glow & Handsome– This is a fairness cream for men and has pimple reduction properties on men’s skin.
  26. Hamam– This soap has antibacterial properties and is recommended by most doctors and hospitals.
  27. Indulekha– This is a hair oil that is helpful for providing strong roots and helps in the growth of new hair on the head.
  28. Lever Ayush– This consists of products that are made from natural ingredients and have excellent healing properties.
  29. Liril– This is a soap that comes with a great lime fragrance and is available at a reasonable price.
  30. Pure Derm– This is a mint shampoo that is useful for removing scalp problems and itching and comes in a great bottle.
  31. Rexona– This is a roll-on spray that is mainly used in the underarms to get rid of sweat and bad odour.

Life Essentials

Hindustan Unilever produces mineral RO water purifiers that ensure the highest quality of drinking water. These water purifiers are thoroughly tested and are recommended by doctors for their efficient cleaning facilities.

  1. Pureit – It comes with advanced 7 protection stages that help to reduce the impact of germs and bacteria on the drinking water. The water is safe for human consumption and is safe to keep you away from water-borne

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