Top 30 FMCG Companies in UAE

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List of FMCG companies in UAE

The UAE is among the most important nations in the world in terms of strategic location, diversity, and a multi-focused economy. MNCs and large and small domestic firms in large numbers are engaged in production, marketing, service, and exports from the UAE.

There is a number of FMCG companies in the UAE that are worldwide known. The majority of these multinational food companies are based in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and other parts of the UAE.

List of FMCG companies in UAE

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry is among the largest in the world. FMCG are those products that are sold quickly to customers. These are high-volume and low-margin commodities. Customers buy these products frequently and the consumption also happens fast. Certain examples of such products are beverages, packaged food items, toiletries, dry goods, cosmetics, etc.

UAE is among the top global markets for FMCG products. UAE has a cosmopolitan feature, with people from a large number of countries living and working there. Thus, almost all the global majors of FMCG are present there. This provides a huge number of options for the customer for every product.

The sector is poised to reach $154 billion by 2023, with a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 4.7%. An increase in population, growth in GDP, increased usage of e-commerce, and deeper retail penetration will be some of the growth drivers, as per industry experts.

However, market realities might defy projected trends at times. Certain factors in the recent past have slowed down the expected growth. Organizations have adopted aggressive marketing and promotional measures that have also triggered a price war. The total sales of goods through the “discount offered” channel has reached more than 40% of the total sales.

But this trend is a short-term one, feel the experts. The market size of the UAE & the GCC countries is huge and spending capacities will increase shortly. It is a good time for companies to figure out newer areas for growth and also to reach out to untapped customer segments with differentiated products.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) will also play a large role. Saudi Arabia and the UAE have opened up their markets for 100% FDI in retail and wholesale. International brands are sure to jump at the opportunity. However, they would have to customize their product offerings and promotional methods, keeping the local sensibilities and choices in mind.

But at the end of the day, it is the consumer who will have the last laugh – with customized promotions, a plethora of choices (from both domestic & international companies), and improved product qualities. Every organization will seek to provide customer satisfaction. And a satisfied customer is a regular customer as well as a brand ambassador.

List of Top 30 FMCG companies the UAE

Sl. No. Company Establishment Headoffice Website
1 Nestle Middle East 1997 Dubai
2 Mondelez International 2012 Illinois, United States
3 Unilever 1929 London, United Kingdom
4 Absolute Trading LLC 2001 Dubai
5 Al Islami Foods Co 1981 Dubai
6 Kibsons International 1980 Aweer, Dubai
7 Semisweet 2019 Dubai
8 Talabat 2004
9 AGL Coca Cola 1988 Dubai
10 PRAN Foods Ltd 1981 Dubai
11 Saahtain Foods FZ LLC 2013 Sharjah
12 Gyma Food Industries LLC 1992 Dubai
13 Al Wazzan Foodstuffs Factory 1980 Sharjah
14 Mohamed Hilal Group 2001 Dubai
15 IFFCO 1967 New Delhi
16 Union Coop 1982 Dubai
17 Almarai Company 1977 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
18 DAL Group 1966 N/a
19 Agthia Group 2004 Abu Dhabi
20 Asadullah Mahamood General Trading LLC 1998 Dubai
21 Arla Foods 2000 Viby, Denmark
22 Perfect Foods Factory LLC 1962 Dubai
23 United Foods Company 1976
24 Foodco Holding 1979
25 Dawn Foods 1920
26 Bethel Foodstuff Trading LLC N/A Dubai
27 Delga Foodstuf Store 2012 Sharjah
28 AKM Foodstuffs 2010 Dubai
29 Delta Food Industries FZC 2012 Sharjah
30 Emirates Rawabi Co 2000 Dubai



There is a number of FMCG companies in the UAE where you can start your career or choose the quality food products to use in your home. Do let me know which company’s product do you prefer in daily life.

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