Dairy Manufacturing Companies in UAE

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Discover the UAE best Dairy Company offering a wide range of products like Milk, Cheese, Curd, Butter etc. These company have their manufacturing hub in the country itself.

An Overview Of The Dairy Business In The UAE

As per the data collected in 2018, the dairy business was worth $1.8 billion and by the time 2024 arrives, it is estimated to grow past the $2.6 billion marks. Since the economy has shown substantial growth in the last couple of decades the sales for dairy products have grown manifolds. This has also caused many new companies to launch their products in the market.

Top 10 Dairy Companies In UAE

Here is a list of the best dairy companies in the UAE. Have a look.

Al-Ain Farms

Al Ain Dairy

This company was started in 1981 by Sheik Bin Sultan. This was the very first company in UA that dealt with dairy products. The company has certainly made its mark in the industry with its high-quality dairy products. The organization has four fully operational farms operating within the country

Al Rawabi

Al Rawabi

This company is the market leader in UAE and it is known for its good quality products. The company started in the year 1989 and introduced fresh juices in the year 1995. Super Milk and Nutree boost are some of the most popular products of this company. The company has also received an award for its excellence from the municipality in 2015. The milk manufactured by this company is said to be rich in Vitamin D.

Orontes Dairy Manufacturing

Orontes Dairy Manufacturing

This company has a diverse portfolio and a strong network for distribution for markets in U.S.A, Europe, Africa, Far East, Middle East, and GCC. The company indulges in Repacking of Milk Powder, Iced Coffee, Evaporated milk, and sterilized cream. The factory uses sophisticated technology for enhanced production.

Unipex Dairy

This company is situated in the beautiful city of Sharjah and it employs a team of 4000 professionals. There are 14 different companies under this corporate family. The dairy products made by this company are of the highest quality

Bateel International

This is a reputed dairy product company in Dubai and it employs 500 employees. The company has certainly made its mark in the industry with its outstanding products one of which are high-quality milk chocolates. The company makes a constant effort in improving its production techniques.

Balade Farms Food

Balade Farms Food

This company is very famous for its cheese and other dairy products. Their products are widely used in schools, hospitals, restaurants, and hotels. The products by this company are available in almost any hypermarket, supermarket, and delis. Yogurt drinks, yogurt, cheese, and labneh are some of the popular products. This organization has an SGS certification.

Italfood FZC

Italfood FZC

This company was started in the year 1955 by Ciro Romano in Italy. Since then the company has experienced tremendous growth in the dairy sector. The company dairy manufacturing unit is located within Ras Al Khaimah. This unit is known for producing high-quality fresh cheese.



This company started its journey in the business in the year 2014 with a plan to capture the market in Africa and the Middle East. So far it has done a great job as its sales have skyrocketed over the years. This company is also are big re-packers, distributors, and importers of sugar.

Here is the top MFCG companies in UAE.

Majan Food Industries

Majan food industries

This company manufactures a high quality of dairy products for the UAE and global market. Organizations like to innovate and employ sophisticated technology to provide the best products to the customers. The professionals only use good quality ingredients to manufacture the products. This company has been received high ratings for its hygiene.

National Food Products Company

National Food Products Company

This is a 48-year-old company with substantial experience in making some of the best dairy products to have hit the market. The company strives to improve its products and the packaging, which is highly appreciated by the customers. The professionals in the company are constantly researching ways to increase the nutritional value of the products. This company has a team of 4500+ employees all over the UAE. The company also exports its products to more than 40 countries throughout Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

List of Top 10 Dairy Companies in UAE

Sl. No. Company Name Head office Establishment Website
1 Al-Ain farms Abu Dhabi 1981 https://www.alainfarms.com/
2 Al Rawabi Dubai 1989 https://www.alrawabidairy.com/
3 Orontes Dairy Manufacturing Dubai 2013 https://www.orontesinvestments.com/
4 Unipex Dairy Al Sharjah 1978 https://iffco.com/
5 Bateel International Dubai 1992 https://bateel.com/
6 Balade Farms Food Dubai 2002 https://baladefarms.com/
7 Italfood FZC Ras al Khaimah 1955 http://italfood.ae/
8 Walq Dubai 1979 http://www.walqdubai.com/
9 Majan Food Industries Dhaka N/A http://www.majanfood.com/
10 National Food Products Company Abu Dhabi 1971 https://www.nfpcgroup.com/


These were the Top 10 Dairy Companies in the UAE, that are doing great business and treating the world to their high-class products. It estimated that these companies will most likely experience further growth in the future.

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