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Britannia product list

List of Britannia Products: This company started in the year 1892 by British businessmen and the initial investment was Rs. 295. The only products it manufactured back then were biscuits. In the year 1918 Britannia Biscuits was officially launched as a company. A factory in Mumbai was started in 1924. The company experienced a surge in demand during World War 2 and this boosted the company’s sales to a great extent. The company was officially named Britannia Industries in the year 1979.

An Overview Of Britannia Products

As the years passed by Britannia slowly started shifting its focus to other products other than biscuits. The company has the experience that goes well beyond 120 years and it has evolved a lot over the years. The company has always offer the best products to its customer. The design, price, quality, and features of the products helped the brand achieve a strong foothold in the market. The brand offers a wide variety of products in the categories of Dairy products, Snacks, and Biscuits.

The Growth Of Britannia Industries

The company has already made its presence felt in over 60 countries all over the world. In countries like Oman and UAE, the brands have secured a rank of number two in the industry. The company has also found a substantial amount of success in Nepal and is also about to start a factory there.

The company exports its products to East Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. The company is also investing in building a modern factory in Gujarat to cater to the export markets. The company believes in capturing one market every year. The company plans to expand its operations to other untapped markets too. This article will focus on the different products that are made by the company and sold in the market. Want to know more? Then simply keep reading on what this brand has to offer.

Awards Received By The Company

The company received an award for the best employer in the year 2020. The company always tries to offer its employees a healthy working atmosphere so that they can be productive. Britannia is a company that is known for treating its employees with a lot of care.

Britannia Products List

Here is a list of the different products that Britannia has to offer to the customers.

Below infographic listed major products of Britannia, feel free to share it:

Britannia product list

Biscuits Sectors

Britannia is mostly known for its good quality biscuits. These are appreciated by adults and kids alike. In terms of biscuits, the brand offers a wide variety. So, as a consumer, you will be spoilt for choice without a doubt. Britannia has observed that the biscuit sector is currently undergoing tremendous growth. The number of competitors has increased quite a bit over the years, but Britannia has always resorted to innovation and research to stay ahead in the industry thereby offering its customers products that are loved by millions.

  • Good Day
  • Crackers
  • Nutri choice
  • Marie Gold
  • Tiger
  • Milk Bikis
  • Jim Jam + Treat
  • Bourbon
  • Little Hearts
  • Pure Magic
  • Nice Time

Bread, Cakes, and Rusk Sectors


Britannia has always been a company that has embraced changes, and it realized that consumers are looking for premium and healthy products. So, it introduced a whole range of healthy bread. The company spent a lot of time studying and researching the tastes and preferences of the customers before introducing its products in the market. Today, the company offers the biggest range of bread that no other company offers. Most importantly, the bread is packed with nutrition.

  • Whole Wheat Bread
  • White Sandwich Bread
  • Bread Assortment
  • Daily Bread


The cake sector has been growing a lot over the years and so Britannia took the opportunity to step into the market with its wonderful products. Over a period it introduced a host of products under this category. The company came into the scene with tasty products and colorful packaging at affordable prices. This struck a positive note with the customers. Very soon Britannia was able to take the lead from all its competitors and become the market leader. Britannia has always been good at reinventing its products to cater to the changing tastes of the customers.

  • Gobbles
  • Tiffin Fun
  • Nut & Raisin
  • Muffills
  • Layerz
  • Rollyo
  • Fudgeit

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The rusk sector was relatively unorganized and fragmented and Britannia took that opportunity to enter this sector with its product and experience tremendous growth. Toastea has been well accepted by the public without a doubt.

  • Toastea

Gift Sectors

The ShubhKaamnayein products were introduced by the brand for the festivals such as New Year, Banesha Festival, Christmas, and Diwali. The classic hamper contains the best collection of biscuits from Britannia. This product has gone down very well with people, who enjoy giving gifts at festivals.

  • Premium Assorted Cookies
  • Cookie Delight
  • Meetha Namkeen 2
  • Healthy Gifts
  • Royale Special
  • Choco Delight 2
  • Veggie Delight
  • MeethaNamkeen 1
  • Choco Delight 1
  • Assorted Biscuits

Dairy Products

Britannia generates 10% of its revenue from the dairy sector itself. The company jut does not trade to the customers but also supplies dairy commodities to other businesses as well. The company’s dairy sector grew to about 47$ in the year 2001. It does not have too many brands as its competitors. The company has a stake in the organization Dynamix Dairy. In 2001 Britannia formed a combined venture with the company Fonterra Group from New Zealand. Britannia has plans to promote products by Fonterra within the Indian market. This venture will allow Britannia access to updated technology.

  • Dairy
  • Cheese
  • Milk Based Beverages
  • Fresh Dairy
  • Everyday Goodness

Creme Wafers

Crème wafers were initially developed for children but then it caught on well with the adults too and since then it has been doing very well in the market. The company has only released a single product under this market.

  • Treat Creme Wafer


Since Britannia has always been about innovation and introducing changes, it introduced the Treat Croissant in the Indian market. This sector is still under development and Britannia is trying to persuade people to try this product and explore something different.

  • Treat Croissant

Over the years Britannia has always stayed true to its ethics by offering customers superior products. The company has also gone to the lengths of making their products healthier by removing TransFat of about 8500 tons from their food products. The products have micro-nutrients present in them that nourish the body from within. The company has also made a substantial contribution to the society by setting up Nutrition Foundation in the year 2009. This foundation highlights the problem of malnutrition in underprivileged women and children. Experts have suggested that over the next decade or so the company is likely to experience further growth and will put them ahead of their competitors by a large margin.

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