Top 10 Washing Powder (Detergent) Brands in India

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Top Washing Powder Brands in India

By wearing clean clothes, people do not just look better but also feel better. Moreover, wearing clean clothes at the home, workplace, and anywhere for that matter is a discipline that everyone should maintain. India ranks second among the countries that are the most densely populated. Thus, there is a massive demand for consumer goods that include washing powders, and several brands are catering to this demand. But, is the credit of wearing clean clothes that of the laundry boy or the detergent powder used? The natural answer is detergent. However, there is more to it.

Top Washing Powder Brands in India

While the washing machine may seem easy to use numerous people don’t know its proper use. It’s vital to be familiar with the amount of detergent powder to use in the machine. Excess use of powder could be bad for your clothes. The amount of washing powder depends on the number of clothes and how dirty they are. The right washing of clothes also requires proper sequences and settings. Washing machines come with a manual with information about the correct settings and cycles.

Not with standing the importance of the right use of the washing machine, having a good washing powder is very important. It is imperative to use a washing powder of a reputed manufacturer. India has a varied population, and people have their own choices of detergents. In the section below, we are going to discuss some of the finest detergent brands.

List of top 10 best washing powder companies in India

1. Surf Excel Matic Detergent Powder

Surf Excel

Once up a time Surf was the sole detergent available in India. Unilever launched the product in Pakistan in 1948 and brought it to India in 1959. Now, Surf Excel has replaced the original blue powder. However, many people still call the powder Surf.

Surf Excel is a high-end Product from Hindustan Unilever Limited and has been a success in removing the most stubborn stain.It is safe to use in washing machines. Moreover, the Surf Excel Matic washing Powder has made new grounds in the Detergent industry in India. It features X-Tra clean particles for removing the most stubborn stains of mud, food and more.

It also has lemon for bleaching clothes the right way without fading their colors. Multi stain remover would describe the product well. It’s an excellent product in families that have kids who tend to stain their clothes more.

A Top-Loading washing machine needs more lather, and so standard detergents are suitable. There are two Surf Excel Matic detergents for top and front-loading machines. The detergent for top loading machines has more suds, and the one for front-loading is low suds high-efficiency.

Quantity: 1 kg
MRP Price: Rs 225

2. Ariel


Since its arrival in India during the 1990s, Ariel has been among the most popular detergent brands. Though costly after its launch it was of the first order and a competitor of Surf. The rivalry is evident even now. Now, Ariel comes in several names that include Ariel 24 hour’s fresh and Ariel Matic. With more people using washing machines, the demand for Ariel detergent has gone up. The reason is the new innovative products that Ariel is consistently producing that include fragrance detergent and bleach free chemical.

Ariel makes its products in line with the needs of the users. A case in point is the bleach free chemical compound for retaining colors. Another example is the Ariel super soaker that caters to families with moderate income.

Quantity: 1 kg
MRP Price: Rs 219

3. Rin Detergent Powder

Rin detergent

Coming into being in 1969 the Rin Washing Powder was meant for middle-income families in India. It offers premium quality at a reasonable price for people who are on a budget. The powder’s bright clean technology lends clothes a brightness. It has a refreshing scent of rose and lemon that gives clothes a fresh smell. It suits white and colored clothes.

The Washing Powder was made with the belief that nothing must rob you of your shine. Everyone has his qualities and must be able to show them.

Quantity: 1 kg
MRP Price: Rs 120

4. Nirma Washing Powder

People aged over 40 now will remember the television advertisement with a catchy tune and the words “Washing Powder Nirma.”

Nirma Washing Powder was launched in 1969 and created a stir in the market. This brand made detergent powder popular among the masses with its low price. The masses could notafford the high rates of the detergent powders of that time. This brand continues to be very popular in India and deserves a place in the leading five.

Quantity: 1 kg
MRP Price: Rs 102

5. Patanjali Herbal Wash

Patanjali washing powder

Patanjali has become a household name in India in several groups of products. It’s detergent powder has a blend of herbals and doesn’t have any harsh chemical. It doesn’t just do a great job of cleaning clothes but is verygentle on the skin. Lemon lends it that extra bit of freshness that lasts long, and Neem makes it anti-bacterial. It removes the most stubborn stains that include sweat strains, does deep cleaning, protects clothes, and prevents clothes from graying. A bonus is that it can be used in all washing machines.

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Quantity: 1 kg
MRP Price: Rs 55

6. Tide 

Tide Plus Detergent Powder

The Tide Plus Detergent Powder lends a high level of cleanliness. This fine detergent powder dissolves fast in water and generates foam. Its superior formulation does an excellent job of removing stubborn stains and germs from dresses. It removes dirt from hard-to-access areas that include cuffs and collars. It keepsclothes scented for a long time and is gentle on the skin.

This Powder works equally well in cold and hot water. Its color-safe bleach makes white and color clothes brighter. As it’s without chlorine bleach, it’s safe for every fabric and color.  Should you purchase a detergent powder, this brand is an excellent pick.

This detergent powder from Procter and Gamble is sold in 23 nations worldwide.

Quantity: 1 kg
MRP Price: Rs 105

7. Henko

Henko stain champion

Henko stain champion removes the dirt, grime, and germs from clothes in minutes.Its oxygen power dissolves stubborn stains like oil and ink instantly and lends clothes a pleasant fragrance. The color of the fabric stays bright, even following several washes. The fibers that shred during washes are known as lint. Lint traps stains and lend clothes a rough, dull, and faded look. This detergent keeps fabrics lint free.

A variant of the brand is available for Top and Front Load machines and bucket wash.

Quantity: 1 kg
MRP Price: Rs 112

8. Wheel

Wheel washing powder

Nirma was the most popular detergent of the lower middle class and middle class population for a long time. HLL sensed the need for a product that could compete with Nirma and discovered a big untapped market for detergents. Thus, wheel took form, first as a detergent cake and then as a loser-priced detergent powder. It grew to be the prime competitor of Nirma. More and more people took to wheel due to its lesser price. It is available in various flavors that include Orange, lemon, and Jasmine. They boast of a balanced composition, Economical rates, and extended shelf life.

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Quantity: 1 kg
MRP Price: Rs 120

9. Fena Superwash

Fena Washing powder

The Fena Superwash Powder has been made for a top washing experience. Its ingredients remove dirt and all sorts of stains that include grease and coffee. Its optical Brightener lends sparkly whiteness.Itsaroma of Rose and Chandan gives clothes a refined and lasting fragrance.

It’s gentle on the skin, works fine in hard and soft water, and works equally well for Machine and bucket wash. It dissolves and foams fast in both hot and cold water.

Quantity: 1 kg
MRP Price: Rs 52

10. Sunlight


Sunlight is among the earliest products of Unilever and the first brand of the company in India. It started as a laundry cake. With more people preferring detergent powder Sunlight was relegated to the background and discontinued.It resurfaced in 2004 as a detergent powder in West Bengal and Kerala.It remains a good bet with its brightness and color guard technology.

A few honorable mentions here are Mr White, Ghadi and Whoosh. Whoosh is a product of Hindustan Lever of India. It is a mild detergent that keeps the cloth intact and is washing machine friendly. Ghadi is a product of Rohit Surfactants Private Limited and has carved a place for itself in the detergent industry.

Quantity: 1 kg
MRP Price: Rs 86

Quick Overview of Top Detergent Brands in India

SL. No. Brand Name Establishment Year Head Quarter Toll-Free number
1 Surf Excel Matic Detergent powder 1996 Mumbai, India 1800-102-2221
2 Ariel 1967 United Kingdom 1800-543-7270
3 Rin detergent Powder 1994 Mumbai, India 1800-102-2221 / +91-22- 39830000
4 Nirma Washing Powder 1990 Ahmadabad, India +91- 79-2754-6565 /74
5 Patanjali 2006 Haridwar, India 1800-180-4108
6 Tide 1946 Cincinnati, Ohio (800) 879-8433
7 Henko 1983 Mumbai, India 1800-425-4266/+91-22-66892800
8 Wheel 1998 Mumbai, India 1800-102-2221
9 Fena 1976 New Delhi, India /+91-11-2681-1989
10 Sunlight 1884 Mumbai, India 1800-102-2221/ 086 010 6062


Whatever detergent brand you use, the bottom line is to clean the garments. Whether you are looking for hand wash or washing machine detergent, above list are the top brands available in India. Let me know which one do you use in your house.

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