Top 10 Best Toothbrush Brands available in India 2021

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Top toothbrush brands in India

Looking for the best Toothbrush in India that is known for its brand and quality? Check out these top manufacturers with complete list.  In today’s era the toothbrushes are an absolute necessity in our daily lives. It not only helps to keep the teeth clean but also maintain dental hygiene. And dental hygiene is important for our overall health. Some toothbrushes are specifically prescribed by dentists because of their proven benefits.

Top toothbrush brands in India

There are various types of toothbrushes available in India. They come in various price ranges, from Rs 20 to a couple of hundred. There are separate toothbrushes for children up to a certain age. There are several other categorizations as well. But before buying a toothbrush, we need to keep certain points in mind to ensure that we buy the correct product.

Choosing the correct toothbrush is important. There’s no “one size fits all” theory in the matter of toothbrushes. You need to choose it according to the shape and pattern of your teeth and other similar considerations. E.g. the toothbrush should reach the back of your teeth as well, not just the front. And it should clean the gaps between your teeth.

If you choose the improper toothbrush, your oral hygiene will get compromised, leading to more complicated health issues. So, the following points should guide your toothbrush purchase:

  • Check the quality of the bristles – It’s better to go for soft or medium bristle types unless your dentist has specifically recommended a hard-bristled toothbrush. Hard bristles remove more plaque than the other types – but they do cause some damage to the enamel of the teeth, as well as the gums and root surface.
  • Check the type of the bristles – The bristles will be block type or wavy type. In a block type, the bristles are arranged like blocks. If you have even-patterned teeth without many gaps in between, then this type will work for you. But if your teeth are arranged in an uneven manner, then go for the wavy type. This toothbrush will clear the areas around your teeth and the gaps in between in a more effective manner. 
  • Go for thinner-bristled toothbrushes – Quite often, plaque forms in the gaps around the teeth. These can become causes for concern later on, as it leads to gum diseases and tooth decay. Toothbrushes with thinner bristles clean these areas much better than those with thick bristles. This can prevent periodontal diseases from occurring. 
  • Check for the toothbrush head size – A toothbrush with a smaller head will easily reach every corner of the mouth, so that effective dental hygiene is maintained. This holds true especially for those whose teeth pattern is uneven. 

List of 10 Best Toothbrushes Available in India

Listed below the top 10 toothbrush brands available in India that is used in every household:

1. Colgate

Colgate is the “big daddy” of oral care in India for generations and is one of the best toothbrush brands. In all probability, there is not a single person in India who hasn’t heard of Colgate. It is among India’s highest-selling dental care brands. There are different types of Colgate toothbrushes, depending on the users’ dental patterns. Some types also come with tongue cleaners and flexible neck.

2. Pepsodent

This brand comes just after Colgate. Over the years, Pepsodent has also built up a loyal user base in India. They help in effective cleaning of the teeth & gums, while not compromising on teeth sensitivity.

3. Close-Up

Another very popular toothbrush brand in India, Close-Up toothbrushes come with a plastic cushion grip that helps the user to handle & use the brush more effectively.

4. Oral B

Arguably, Oral B produces the best toothbrushes in India at this point. Many dentists also prescribe this brand for the most appropriate dental cleaning. Their extra-soft toothbrush is the best for those who have a teeth condition that prevents them from using any other brush. Their brushes contain active stimulators and also come with an indicator that informs the user as to when it is time for changing the brush.

5. Johnson’s Baby Toothbrush

While we are busy looking for the best toothbrush for ourselves, we can’t forget the little one of the house! The infant needs a great amount of care for his/her teeth since it’s his/her growing phase. Johnson has been among the best providers of baby care products for a long time. Their baby toothbrush comes with top quality extra-soft nylon bristles that effectively clean the baby’s delicate teeth with complete safety.

6. Kent Refresh Toothbrush

This is among the premium quality toothbrushes in India. It often comes in multi-colored packs with storage cases. It ensures a highly comfortable brushing experience with its soft bristles and excellent grip.

7. Trisa Vita Toothbrush

This toothbrush comes with ultra-fine bristles and a flexible neck. It helps to heal bleeding gums and also keeps a check on germs. Its superior quality helps to eliminate plaque and maintain teeth sensitivity.

8. Crest Extra Cleaning Toothbrush

Crest provides gum protector toothbrushes with additional cleaning of the teeth. Its extra soft bristles and flexible neck ensures that it does a great job of teeth protection, covering even those parts where normal brushes don’t reach.

9. Sensodyne

Another favorite brand of dentists, Sensodyne is among the most popular name in dental care. It’s one of the best choices for those who suffer from teeth sensitivity and are averse to using toothbrushes.

10. Aquafresh

Aquafresh is also a fairly well-known toothbrush brand in India. Its soft polishing wipers do a wonderful job of removing even the toughest stains from the teeth, making them clean and sparkling.

Apart from above list Patanjali is another made in India toothbrush companies that is growing with a rapid speed.

List of Top 10 Toothbrush Brands in India

Sl. No. Brand Name Establishment Head office Website
1 Colgate 1806 New York, United States
2 Pepsodent 1915 Chicago
3 Close-Up 1967 Mumbai
4 Oral B 1950 Leicester, United Kingdom.
5 Johnson’s 1886 New Jersey, United States
6 Kent N/A London, UK
7 Trisa Vita N/A N/A
8 Crest N/A N/A
9 Sensodyne 1961 Middlesex, United Kingdom
10 Aquafresh 1973 N/A

Thus, a range of toothbrushes awaits you, each with its own advantages and parameters. Choose the one that suits the type of your teeth – without making you go over budget. If you have any doubts, you can always consult a dentist for guidance.

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