Best Talcum Powder Brands in India

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We have listed the top 10 best talcum powders in India. You can find out their features and benefits and then decided which one will be best for you. Talcum powder is a must-have for all the people of India mainly because of the weather as well as to feel good and refreshing. Sweet fragrances of Talcum Powders help you to feel fresh and energized for work. You can apply them after a shower and also before going outside.

Why use talcum powder?

  • Talcum powder helps to keep your body fresh and act as a moisturizer.
  • It helps to keep your skin dry.
  • It absorbs extra oil from the face.
  • If you sprinkle inside your wardrobe to remove moisture.

Best Talcum Powder Brands in India

Here is the popular and best 10 talcum powders in India:



What can be better than smelling like sandalwood all year-round? This dream has come true as Mysore Sandal talcum powder comes with natural, organic sandalwood fragrance while keeps you fresh and active all day long. With a maximum shelf life of 36 months, this product comes in a bottle and is suitable for both men as well as women. Sandalwood powder is quite popular in India not recently but from ancient times as it has several qualities as well. It is one of the best talcum powder in India.


  • You can smell of sandalwood all day long
  • This product is natural and organic
  • Mysore Sandal Talc does not have a strong smell, it is mild and soothing
  • The product is finely powdered
  • The bottle of the talc uses a hologram as a seal which proves its authenticity
  • The press-fit top of the bottle helps to keep the fragrance intact
  • This product is relatively cheaper in price but great in quality

Quantity: 300 gm
MRP Price: Rs 110


Ponds Dreameflower fraggrant talcum Powder

Second, our list presents you with a product which is extremely popular among people in the country. With the smell of pink lily, Pond’s Dreamflower Fragrant talcum powder produces the smell of fresh lily throughout the day which is hard to resist. The bottle of the talc is vibrant and comes in various shapes and sizes. There are varieties of other types of ingredients like sandal, acacia honey, orchid, and jasmine which are produced by Pond’s. It is produced by Hindustan Unilever India Private Limited.


  • The fragrance is long lasting
  • It makes you feel refreshed
  • Mainly women can use this product
  • If applied to face, it helps to produce even tone for the skin by fighting excess oil secretion
  • It will make you face look brighter and glowing
  • This product also helps in covering up sweat smells and fights bacteria.
  • Pond’s Dreamflower is affordable
  • This talcum powder can be used both during the day and night

Quantity: 300 gm
MRP Price: Rs 240


Nivea Musk Talc

If strong and musky fragrance is what you die for, this product is ideal for you. Although it is mostly recommended for men, but women can use it likewise. This product has long lasting fragrance and makes you feel refreshed from the moment you apply it on yourself. The best thing about this product is that it can absorb moisture as well as sweat from your body and this will help your skin to stay odorless and sweat less for long hours.


  • You will get fresh floral fragrance from this product
  • The shape of the bottle is easy to hold and unique
  • The talcum powder is fine and refreshing
  • This helps you to stay sweat free and odor free for a long time
  • This helps in keeping you dry for longer hours
  • This talcum powder has a strong smell that lasts throughout the day.

Quantity: 400 gm
MRP Price: Rs 180


Dermi Cool Prickly Heat Powder

In a tropical country like India where humidity is present for most times of the year, this product is Godsend. It provides you safeguard from itching and harmful skin bacteria which causes irritation and provides coolness. This powder will also relieve you from burning sensations due to heat rashes. This product has improved bacteriostatic property which makes it unique. It is available in various fragrances like menthol, aloe, lavender, and sandal.


  • This product gives you immediate relief from heat rashes
  • You will feel coolness once you apply it on your body
  • This telcom powder has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties
  • Your skin will remain dry and bacteria free if you use this product
  • It has menthol to provide instant cooling effect
  • This product comes with ayurvedic formulas
  • You will find this product well within your budget

Quantity: 150 gm
MRP Price: Rs 105


Spinz Talc Powder

If you look for a talcum powder that makes you feel fresh all day long, then we present to you Spinz Talcum powder which will refresh your mood with its floral fragrance. It is available in two variants: Spinz Enchante and Spinz Exotic. Both of these talcum powders have fresh aromatic smells and it is well within the budget as well. This product is quite popular among women but men can apply it as well.


  • Spinz is aromatic with floral fragrance
  • The bottle is stylish and comes in pink and violet
  • This product helps you to stay odor-free throughout the day
  • Sweat and bacteria of the body are kept under control using this product
  • It helps you feel calm and fresh all-day
  • This product is budget-friendly

Quantity: 100gm
MRP Price: Rs 598

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Eva Perfumed Talcum Powder

If you are on the lookout for a fresh skin then this is the product for you. Not only does this perfumed talc smells good but it looks good in a bottled container as well which comes in various colours. This talcum powder has four main varieties of fragrances and each one of them gives out excellent aromatic floral smells. This product not only protects your body but also your face from sweating and odor.


  • This product has wide range of fragrances that will make you feel fresh
  • You will feel fresh and confident after applying this powder
  • Eva has no fillers which means that it is authentic talc
  • Triclosan is used which manufacturing this product which helps to stop foul body odor
  • This product can be used by both men and women
  • It is cheaper in price but great in quality

Quantity: 400 gm
MRP Price: Rs 299


Yardley London Perfumed Talc

Although an international brand, Yardley has gained much popularity among Indians since the time of its launch. This talcum powder is mainly made for women and it has excellent fragrance. This talc come in variants and has an excellent quality of soaking excess oil from the skin. This product not only brightens and lightens your skin tone but also helps in blurring problems on your skin. This powder also helps in setting makeup and blends easily with the skin tone.

Features of Yardley London Perfumed Talc are as follows:

  • Yardley has floral aromas that help you to feel fresh all day long
  • This product excels in absorbing excess oil from the skin
  • This can be used both on the body as well as the face of the person
  • Your skin will look glossy once you apply this talcum powder
  • Yardley is a bit expensive compared to other talcum powders
  • The quality of this product is never compromised and it is well known for keeping up its quality
  • The powder is fine and has a smooth texture to it

Quantity: 250 gm
MRP Price: Rs 699


Cinthol lime Talc Powder

If you sweat excessively then Cinthol Lime talcum powder is the answer to all your problems. With lemon extracts and fragrance this product has gained lots of popularity among the Indian population. It not only helps you to feel fresh but also saves you from unnecessary sweating and odor. You will feel energized as well. The container is user friendly and comes with a vibrant yellow colour to indicate the theme of lime in the bottle. It also helps in reducing oil from your skin

Features of Cinthol Lime Talc are as follows:

  • There is excellent lemon fragrance in this talc
  • You will feel fresh for long hours once you use this powder
  • It is quite affordable and refreshing
  • You are given protection from sweat and odor of your body
  • It is recommended for both men as well as women
  • The lime fragrance of the talc will make you feel energized
  • This product reduces oil from your skin
  • The talc is light and smooth on application over the skin

Quantity: 10 0gm
MRP Price: Rs 55

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Park Avenue Deo Talc

Highly recommended and popular among men of this country is this product which not only helps to keep away the strong body odor of men but also helps in avoiding rashes and itchiness from the skin. There are a number of variants like lavender, aromatic, green, wood, musky fragrances of this product. This product has Triclosan which helps is keeping the bad body odor away. Park Avenue is a well known brand and their talcum powder is extremely energizing and smells fantastic.


  • Your body odor is taken care of with the help of this product
  • This talcum powder contains Triclosan
  • You will feel refreshed once you apply it on your skin
  • This has natural cooling properties
  • The price range is moderate
  • The quality of the product is excellent
  • Park Avenue’s fragrance stays all day long

Quantity: 100 gm
MRP Price: Rs 49


Shower Prickly Heat Powder

Out of all the prickly heat powder that is popular in this country, Shower to Shower is one of them. With the effect of smoothness on the skin, this powder is helpful to fight the bacteria on your skin. This powder will help you find relief from all the summer rashes and the itching that affects your skin. This powder has a mild smell but the quality of the product is excellent.


  • This product is safe to use for all ages
  • Shower to Shower helps in producing cooling effect on your skin because of the cologne
  • This product has sweet and mild fragrance
  • It is extremely effective to fight rashes and itchiness
  • The price is quite affordable
  • Sweat and body odor is kept away by using this product.

Therefore whenever you face difficulty in choosing what to choose and for which purpose, I hope this list will help you find all the solutions. With excellent quality and budget-friendly approach these are our top ten talcum powders which are quite popular and used on a regular basis among the common people of the country.

Quantity: 150 gm
MRP Price: Rs. 115

List of Best Talcum Powder Brands in India

SL. NO. Company Name Website Establishment Year Toll-free Number Head Quarter
1 MYSORE SANDAL TALC 1916 1800-1039-073 Bengaluru, Karnataka
3 NIVEA MUSK TALC 1882 1800 103 023 Mumbai, India
5 SPINZ TALC 1996 N/A Chennai, India
7 YARDLEY LONDON PERFUMED TALC 1770 022 4017 4637 London, UK
8 CINTHOL LIME TALC 1952 1-800-266-0007 Mumbai, India
9 PARK AVENUE DEO TALC 1986 022-40368200 Thane, India
10 SHOWER TO SHOWER PRICKLY HEAT POWDER 1947 1800 425 444 444 India

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