Top 10 Best Shaving Cream Brands in India

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Top 10 shaving cream brands in India Infographic

There are number of shaving cream available in market but choosing the best one is bit tricky. Here is the list of popular shaving cream brands in India as of 2020.  But first, let’s check out what the qualities of good shaving cream are. That’ll help you know what’s good or bad about your shaving cream.

While we men always want to look well-groomed, shaving can be quite a cumbersome process. Shaving with a razor often causes irritation, cuts or nicks or razor bumps too. These not only make you look ugly after the shave, but they also cause a great deal of soreness too.

While we do get razor bumps often, having a good shaving cream can prevent having them at all. Shaving creams also keep your skin hydrated and smooth making you feel fresh and energetic.

There are several qualities that you should look for in shaving cream. The factors given below shall help you choose a good one and cut down on your post-shave skin irritation. The key points are-

  • The cream quality: You should avoid shaving creams that are too cheap. Such shaving creams use cream of an inferior quality which often lacks smoothness and doesn’t give enough lather. You should pick a brand that comes with a slippery feel. That’ll make sure that the razor you use glides through your skin.
  • With or without a brush: Opt for shaving foam which offers a greater deal of smoothness. Foam doesn’t need a brush to apply than creams do. If you still opt for a shaving cream that needs a brush to be applied with, make sure that the cream has a smooth texture which can be easily spread out with the brush. A smooth and creamy texture ensures even the spreading of the shaving cream when the brush is rubbed on it. That in turn makes sure that there are lesser cuts and nicks.
  • The price: While the intention shouldn’t be to grab the cheapest one available, you should still check the price to judge how good your shaving cream is. The best technique is to go for one that’s not too heavy on the pockets and yet is a brand that offers decent quality. The best thing to do is to go for online deals.
  • Check the ingredients: Do check out the ingredients that your shaving cream contains. For instance, herbal shaving creams offer good protection in the event of cuts and nicks. Those with mint leave you feeling fresh after you’ve finished shaving. There are still some with coconut oil that gives you smooth shave also hydrating your skin.
Top 10 shaving cream brands in India Infographic

Top 10 shaving cream brands in India (explained with Infographic)

The Indian market is flooded with shaving creams some of which offer a shave that’s hardly decent. Such creams are a complete waste of money. Besides, they may be very harmful to your skin. That’s why it’s very important to choose a brand that offers good protection for your skin. We suggest that you choose from the following brands.

Here is the top 10 shaving cream brands in India:

1. Gillette


Gillette is counted among the top shaving cream company in India.  With innovative and unique offerings like the Gillette Fusion Hydragel, Gillette has established itself as a very popular brand of shaving creams in the Indian market. Gillette’s shaving creams have natural ingredients like aloe vera that give your skin good protection and they have antiseptic properties too. The glycerine in the creams moisturizes your skin. Gillette’s shaving creams are great at softening facial hair ensuring a smooth shave and are just right for sensitive skin.

2. Godrej

Godrej’s shaving creams are very popular as they offer quality coupled with an affordable price. The perfect balance between quality and price helps Godrej rule the market. The texture of their shaving creams is pretty smooth which gives you a comfortable shave. Coming in attractive packaging, Godrej shaving cream has some best ingredients like glycerine that make shaving a totally different experience.

3. Denim

A shave with Denim leaves you feeling fresh giving you an irritation-free skin. You won’t feel any itching or any burning sensation either. They also moisturize the skin very well giving you a perfect shave. A rub of the shaving brush also creates a thick and rich lather which helps the razor slide across your cheeks and maneuver the bends well.  They have a range of popular products like Aqua, River, Azure, 1976, and more.

4. Dettol


A trusted brand producing a range of healthcare products, Dettol’s shaving creams too are doing well in the market. Their creams come with medicinal properties that are very effective in killing germs. Dettol’s shaving creams offer effective daily protection giving you an invigorating shave. Their shaving creams are< also recommended by the Indian Medical Association. Dettol’s shaving creams come with a pleasant fragrance that works as a good perfume.

5. Old Spice

Old Spice

An American company, Old Spice offers a wide array of men’s grooming products. Their products have helped establish the Old Spice as a leading brand in India. With ingredients that nourish the skin, Old Spice’s shaving creams are in great demand in the market. They are also reasonably priced. The brand has been acquired by Procter and Gamble and the shaving creams are easily available both online and in local stores.

6. Nivea


Nivea’s shaving creams are good at preventing cuts and redness of the skin. They are perfect for sensitive skin and give you a very smooth shave. Their shaving creams are rich in moisturizers and vitamins. They contain no alcohol and their shaving creams protect your skin from burning sensations. Nivea’s shaving creams come with Chamomile extracts that ensure the irritation-free shave. They also contain Hamamelis Virginiana Bark/Leaf Extract.

7. VI-John


VI-John’s shaving creams are unique as they contain tea tree oil from Australia offering better protection against skin damage. The oil also helps kill skin bacteria providing the skin good nourishment. Their shaving creams also have healing properties that provide relief when you suffer the usual shaving troubles like cuts and nicks. The bacti-guard formula makes your skin supple giving you a natural glow after each shave.

8. Biotique


Biotique’s shaving creams contain herbal ingredients. They also contain coconut oil and mint giving you a smooth skin leaving you feeling fresh and clean. The mint gives you a cool feeling after every shave. The ingredients ensure that there are no rashes or skin irritation. Biotique’s shaving creams give a rich creamy lather which makes every shave very smooth. The sleek black packaging makes the shaving creams very popular among the young.

9. Nutrogena


Nutrogena leaves you feeling refreshed after each shave. It has an oil-free formula with no harmful chemicals. It has a medicated formula that helps fight razor bumps. It also helps minimize ingrown hair. Even a thin layer of a Nutrogena shaving cream gives you rich and thick lather. Their shaving creams to contain glycerine and moisturizers that protect your skin against shaving irritation. Nutrogena shaving creams also contain the very beneficial Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract.

10. Clinique M

Clinique M’s shaving creams are high end and are rather exclusive. These shaving creams contain the richness of aloe vera and give you a smooth shave no matter how hard your beard is. They are suitable for skin types of all kinds. Being an exclusive brand, Clinique’s shaving creams are found only at malls. Their shaving creams contain no parabens or phthalates giving you healthy and happy skin.

List of Top 10 Shaving Cream Brands in India

Sl. No. Brand Name Establishment Headquarter Website
1 Gillette 1901 Massachusetts, United States
2 Godrej 1897 Mumbai
3 Denim N/A Italy
4 Dettol 1956 Slough, England
5 Old Spice 1937 United States
6 Nivea 1882 Hamburg, Germany
7 VI-John 1908 Missouri, U.S.A
8 Biotique 1992 Noida, India
9 Nutrogena 1930 ‎Los Angeles‎, United States
10 Clinique M 1968 New York City

Final Word

That brings us to the end of our article on the top 10 shaving cream brands in India. We have mentioned high-end exclusive brands like Clinique as well as Godrej which is affordable for all. We advise you not to opt for the very cheap ones that don’t have any standing in the market. While it’s not wrong to consider the price while picking a shaving cream, it shouldn’t be the only deciding factor.

Pick the ones that are low on chemicals and have herbal ingredients. We suggest that you pick the ones meant for sensitive skin as they are good for all skin types. The market’s flooded with various brands. We hope our article helps guide you to find a suitable one for yourself. The portion on the qualities that a good shaving cream should have, we hope will make the task easier for you. Do get back to us with your favorite brand.

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