10 Best Leggings Brands for Women in India (2021)

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In the ever-evolving fashion business, several new designs have flooded the market and apparel stores. People have taken to these new designs and relinquished their earlier clothes. Among the new designs for women are leggings. It’s possible that men who do not take an interest in the fashion items of women don’t know what leggings are. Leggings are skin tight wears that cover the legs. Both the sexes wear them. While there used to be a pair of leggings for both legs now they’re a single garment.

List of Best Popular Leggings Brands in India

Do you want a legging? If yes, the brands given below are the most reliable and the most popular leggings company in India, read on!

Lux Lyra Leggings

Lux Lyra Leggings

In winter, ladies need tactics for keeping warm and flaunting their style. The Lux Lyra Winter Leggings meet both these needs. They’re specifically made with cotton and fleece fabric for working during the colder months.

These leggings are a class apart due to their seamless styles that appear perfect beneath a tunic or dress. They’re full length and make for a slim fit.

The brand also has Capri, Printed leggings, Indian Churidar leggings, and Western Churidar leggings. Being a blend of cotton and Spandex they are all comfortable. The Indian and Western Churidar leggings lend a slimmer look while the Printed leggings feature bold prints. You can get them for discounts at e-commerce stores like Myntra.

Global Desi Women’s Leggings

Global Desi Leggings

Pants can decide one’s look. Global Desi offers bottoms that lend you good looks and comfort. The collection includes palazzos, cropped pants, leggings, dhoti pants, shorts, and wide-leg pants.

The leggings are stylish and make a remarkably slim fit. They are made from various fabrics that include Viscose, knit Lycra, and Polyester and comes in solid colours and prints. Some of them have faux pockets.

They’re comfy, soft and breathable and keep you free of sweat all through the day. They go well with long tops, Kurtis, and sandals.


Globus Dress

The name Globus is synonymous with fashion for the young Indian men and ladies. Since its launch in 1999 Globus has consistently produced reasonably priced garments and accessories. Among the specialities of the company are leggings.

They come in various solid colours and prints and lengths that help you make a fashion statement. Two examples of full length solid coloured leggings are the Gold-toned legging and the regular green legging. Made from Viscose and spandex, the former has a shimmer feature and an elasticated waistband. The latter is fashioned out of a soft fabric for maximum breathability. Both complement casual outings and lend a stylish look.

You can avail discount coupons for the leggings of this brand on an e-commerce store.

Go Colors Women’s Leggings

Go colour Leggings

The company strives to make comfortable wears that are also stylish. Whether they are palazzos, leggings, culottes, or joggers Go Colors is revolutionizing bottom wear.

They sell ankle length, cropped, Shimmer style, and full–length churidar leggings. All of them look fabulous, are very comfy, come in many colours, and have elasticized waistbands.

The shimmer style makes excellent evening wear with Extra shine. Made from a knitted cotton stretch, the cropped style is soft and snug against the skin. It goes well with spaghetti tops, T-shirts and Kurtis.

Only Leggings

Only Leggings Zebra Design

As a connoisseur in leg fashion”Only Leggings” features several categories of premium leggings.

The company’s basic legging collection is for those who need something that they can wear daily. They are economical and will complement any top.

The company’s leggings that have 50% or more cotton are breathable and keep you sweat-free. They are a treat for cotton lovers keen on adding to their leg fashion wardrobe.

There are several styles of faux leather leggings for a discreet fashion look. There are basic and designer styles for the best in refined and polished looks.

The animal print leggings allow for a classic sexy look. The selection is huge with leopard print, sassy cheetah, tiger print, zebra and elephants, parrots, and much more. There is a huge colour blend to choose from.

W for Women Leggings

W for Women Leggings

There couldn’t have been a better name for this brand. All merchandise is a blend of the vision of the brand designers based on Western styles and projections of fashion.

The leggings of this brand come in solid colours and bold patterns and prints. A blend of cotton and lycra, they make comfy bottoms during hot summer days. They are perfect for boosting a formal dress. Stylish and sleek, they complement straight fitted Kurtis and other tops and sandals and heels. For a casual look, wear them with a king-size T-shirt and a pair of sports shoes.

Forever 21 Women’s Leggings

Forever 21 Leggings

This company has some great accomplishments to its credit over the last 30 years. Despite its remarkable growth Forever 21 continues to be a family run business.

Name a sort of legging and this brand has it. The glen plaid pattern of a blend of rayon, spandex, and polyester stand out among the printed leggings. You will get high-rise cuts with an elasticized banded waist in solid colours and patterns.

There are several stretch-knit leggings. Two catchy ones have mesh contrast trim down the sides and front mesh panels and a hidden key pocket respectively.

Those who want an athletic look have several choices. One of them is a stretch-knit legging that has a colour block design and a striped trim that feature insets. There is also the stretch-knit nylon legging that has sheeny fabric and is made from wicking fabric for sweat-free comfort.

If you want more shine a good choice would be the metallic knit legging made from nylon, polyester, metallic yarn, and spandex. The company website offers sales.

N-Gal Women’s Leggings

N Gal Leggings

The creations of N-Gal are a hallmark of femininity and sensuality and cater to the several facets of ladies. The designs are characterized by lavish fabrics, delicate detailing and avant-garde prints and comfort.

The Cotton Lycra Leggings feature over 45 colours and numerous styles and you are certain to get one that matches your Kurti. You can opt for churidar, ankle-length, and embroidered patch leggings of the premium quality and fit.

The ankle-length winter leggings are warm from the inside, stretchable for a tight fit and very comfy to have on. There are also colours with an added shine for the contemporary women made from nylon and spandex.

De Moza

De Moza Chudidar Jumbo Size

De Moza is the Spanish word for “Attractive Girl.” Now, the company has over 12 stores spread across Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Jaipur, and Pune.

The brand has an assortment of leggings in several bold colours. The blend of 180 GSM Vortex Viscose and Spandex lend the Churidhar leggings never-ending comfort. The blend of Fluid Viscose stretch and Superfine Bio Wash Cotton make the Ankle Length and 3/4th Leggings super comfortable.

The brand also specializes in Fashion Leggings made from Viscose and cotton. You will find several varieties that include lace, Printed, cut & sew, and stud. The prices are very reasonable.


Prisma Women Leggings

They serve for Sportswear, Essential wear clothing and Leisurewear for both the sexes. The company embodies modern-day fit and style and strives for style and quality. The brand has a vast collection of leggings that include full length, ankle-length, and capris. They come in several colours that include ones with added shine. They are made from Viscose and Elastane for super comfort.

A Lime Green full-length legging will make the ideal match for designer tops for attending various occasions.

A Royal blue Capri legging will bring out your cuteness while a French wine colour would make you fashion-forward.

An ankle legging of Magenta would complement long embellished Kurtis and give you the ideal perfect body shape.


List of World Best Leggings Companies in India

SL. No. Brand Name Establishment Year Head Quarter Toll-Free number/Customer Care 
1 Lux Lyra 2012 Kolkata, India +91-33-4040 2121
2 Global Desi 1995 Navi Mumbai, India +91-7303030343
3 Globus 1998 Mumbai, India 1866-755-8581
4 Go Colors 2011 Chennai, India +91-44-42111777
5 Only Leggings 2000 Los Angeles, USA 1-888-999-8820
6 W for women 1972 Delhi, India +91-8800698168
7 FOREVER 21 1984 Los Angeles, United States of America +91-80-4648-5177
8 N-Gal 2006 Los Angeles, United States of America 1800-3000-425
9 De Moza 1995 Coimbatore, India +91-88-8028-8188
10 Prisma 2006 Erode, India +91-42-4 227-0702

Difference between Legging and Jeggings

People tend to confuse leggings with jeggings. However, they are different. There are two sorts of jeggings. One has the same material as that of a legging and bears a resemblance to denim. They feature fake pockets and some also feature belt loops. The second sort that is known as ‘denim jeggings’ is fashioned with denim fabric but are elastic like leggings. Jeggings took centre stage during the days of skinny jeans with people wanting tighter pants. A blend of denim and spandex were used to make them and people would wear them beneath a skirt or a dress.

Going back to leggings, they’re thicker tights and mostly black or white. They’re made to be worn like skin-tight pants. They are available in several colours and materials. The materials include Lycra, nylon, polyester, cotton, and more. Acrylic and woollen leggings are good for the winter season. The most popular colours are jeans colours that include blue, black, faded, and torn. They’re comfy and accentuate your curves.


With such a great variety at hand, it is time to experiment. Try and match leggings with several Kurtis and Tops. With Leggings, you do not need any alterations. Opt for a legging that you look smart in.

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