Top 10 Best Helmet Brands in India

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Best Helmet Brands in India

More and more Indians are shifting towards two-wheelers in India today. With increasing traffic on the roads and a lack of suitable parking spaces for four-wheelers, a bike/scooter is much more feasible. It helps to negotiate traffic faster and also takes little space to park. In smaller cities or rural locations, at times it is difficult for cars to negotiate the narrow lanes or gravel roads. A two-wheeler can do it much better.

Best Helmet Brands in India

Keeping this point in mind, bike manufacturers are bringing out newer models frequently that suit the different geographies of India and also the customer demographical patterns. Enthusiasts queue up at the showrooms for test drives and purchases. But amidst all this excitement, one very important thing needs to be kept in mind. And that is – safety measures when driving a two-wheeler. And one of the most critical safety measures is wearing a helmet.

Need for Wearing a Helmet

Road traffic injuries are a major cause of death worldwide – and India is no exception. Conditions of many of our roads are not that good. Broken roads and potholes increase the risk of two-wheeler accidents. Pedestrians crossing roads in a reckless manner, drivers in a tearing hurry disobeying traffic signals, domestic animals coming on to the main thoroughfares – the risks that bikers face in India are many.

Now, you can’t control any of these on your own. But you can surely protect yourself from mishaps that might occur due to such incidents. Also remember, you might want to drive your bike the way people do in MotoGP. But they do so wearing full protective gear like helmet, riding jacket, gloves, knee pads, back protectors, and more. While you may not need all of that, a helmet is a must.

Why do you need to wear a helmet? Here’s why:

It Reduces the Risk of Head Injuries

The brain, encased inside our skull, is possibly the most vital part of our body. However, in the event of an accident, your head might strike a hard object. That puts your brain in serious risk of damage. Not wearing a helmet is the major cause of head injuries and consequent fatalities in two-wheeler accidents. Wearing a helmet might not ensure 100% guaranteed protection for your brain – but it reduces the risks of damage by a huge extent.

It Improves the Visibility

If your helmet has a good quality visor, not will your eyes stay protected against dust particles – but the sunlight or light from the headlamps of other cars will bother you much less. You can stay more focused on the road. That is a key way to avert accidents.

It Protects You from Natural Adversities

The dust particles in the air, the chill, or the sun burning down can all cause problems to a biker. You can catch a cold or get sunstroke without a helmet, depending on the weather conditions. So, this is another reason to wear a helmet while riding.

It is a Requirement by Law

In India, it is a legal mandate to wear a helmet while riding a two-wheeler. If you are caught without one, you would need to pay a stiff penalty. But having said that, bikers should wear helmets for their safety and not for fear of penalties.

Types of Helmets

Before you head to the nearest helmet seller, you need to know how many types of helmets are there:

1) Full Face Helmet – This helmet covers your entire head and face. As far as safety is concerned, this is the most appropriate. This type of helmet offers maximum protection to your head and skull from any type of injury.

2) Half Face Helmet – This will only cover your head, but not your face. If you wear this type of helmet, ensure to wear an appropriate face cover as well.

3) Flip-up/Modular Helmet – This helmet comes with a flip-up face cover. So, if you want to wear the helmet as a half-face, pull up the cover. The moment you pull it down, it becomes a full-face version.

4) Half Skull/Half Shell Helmet – This type of helmet is avoidable, as it provides only basic protection – that too if your two-wheeler is at low speeds.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Helmet

Before buying a helmet, check it based on the following parameters:

• Certification
• Visor
• Cushioning
• Ventilation
• Material
• Size and shape of the helmet
• Weight

The Helmet Market in India

India is the world’s biggest two-wheeler market. And consequently, it is also the largest market for helmets in the world. The market is set to grow at 14% annually in the next 5 years.

Before any helmet is launched in the market, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has to approve it. And that approval comes after strict tests. Any branded helmet manufacturer has to comply with the BIS norms.

Sadly though, unorganized manufacturers play a large role in the market –,, especially in smaller locations. They manufacture cheap helmets at much lower costs. Thus, they can sell these products at a fraction of the price of branded ones. These manufacturers don’t care for any tests or approvals. However, the authorities are taking steps to prevent the entry of such helmets into the market.

There are several top-line players in the Indian helmet market. Below, we will take you through the top 10 of them:

1) Vega Helmet


This is among the bestsellers in the Indian helmet market. At slightly above Rs 1,000, it is also the mind-priced range. It comes with a host of features like ISI approval, CAD-based design technology, high capacity intake vents, and more.

2) Steel bird

At approximately Rs 2k, this is one of the most-loved helmets in India. Available in Matt Black & Orange colors, this helmet comes with superior air booster technology and a top-quality air ventilation system. It is a great option for everyday rides.

3) Studds

Priced close to Rs 1,000, this helmet is suitable for usage in tropical countries like India where sweating is a common irritant for bikers. That makes this one of the best open face bike helmets in the country. The anti-allergic velveteen linings add to its attraction quotient.

4) 1Storm

This is another worthwhile option for off-roaders & motocross riders. The high-gloss UV-coated finish adds extra shine to this helmet that remains for a long time. It ensures maximum comfort and cool looks without compromising on safety.

5) Royal Enfield Helmet

This one comes from one of the Big Bosses of biking – Royal Enfield. It is priced at close to Rs 3.5k but is the best option in its range. The build quality is simply top-class.  It comes certified by ISI & DOT. Aerodynamic design, Internal Jaw Protector, and UV-treated Outer Shell, among others, make this among the safest helmets around. It comes with 7 vents and is also scratch-resistant.

6) SMK Helmets

This is among the best options for sports bike enthusiasts. The outer covering is made of EIRT (Energy Impact Resistant Thermoplastic) material. This absorbs almost the entire shock of an impact, thus protecting the skull. It comes with three adjustable ventilation for better airflow.

7) Ls2 Ranger

The anti-odor and anti-bacterial foam is among its most advantageous features. You can remove and wash it, thus keeping it clean and germ-free. It is also of a very tough build and comes in a range of cool & snazzy looks.

8) JMD Helmets

Aimed at the lady drivers of two-wheelers, this brand is among the most successful in its category. It comes with multi-positioning locks, a wide visor, and soft cushioning. Priced within Rs 1,000, it is also fairly affordable.

9) Wrangler

Wrangler is a name that most of us associate with clothing. But the company is quite popular among bike aficionados as a manufacturer of quality helmets. They have to offer different variants – open-face, full-face, half-face, and more. In keeping with their brand image, their design is stylish – and they don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

10) Monarch Junior

Last but not least – a helmet for the junior member of the family is also essential. Your kid might already be a cycling enthusiast – but his/her head also needs full protection. Monarch Junior is among the highest selling kids’ helmets in India. The foam inside is of high quality and is also anti-allergic, keeping in mind the delicate skin structure of the kid. The outer shell is tough & scratch resistant. And it has drawings of the kids’ favorite cartoon characters outside, to make it more attractive for them.

Thus, as you can see, you have lots of options when buying a helmet. Choose the one that best fits you and also suits your budget. Buy only branded helmet as the unbranded ones come cheap – but they don’t guarantee any protection for your head.

List of Top Helmet Brands in India

Sl. No. Brand Name Establishment Headquarter Website
1 Vega 2001 Burnaby, British Columbia
2 Steel bird 1964 New Delhi, India
3 Studds 1973 Faridabad, India
4 1Storm N/A Gundersen, USA
5 Royal Enfield 1955 Chennai, India
6 SMK MA271 Twister 2004 Faridabad, India
7 Ls2 Ranger Full Face Helmet N/A N/A N/A
8 JMD Helmets Grand 1993 New Delhi, India
9 Wrangler 1999 New Delhi, India
10 Monarch Junior N/A N/A

These are well-known helmet brands available in India and the majority of them are made in India.

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