20 Best Hand Sanitizer Brands Available in India

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Hand Sanitizer Brands in India

A hand sanitizer is a kind of liquid, foam, or gel that is used to eliminate germs from the surface of the hands. When we are at home, we normally wash our hands with soap and water. But while we are traveling or we are at someplace where soap and/or water are not available, then using a hand sanitizer is a good idea to clean our hands.

Hand Sanitizer Brands in India

Hospitals and healthcare facilities started using hand sanitizers in the 1960s. Today, it is a common alternative to water for cleaning the hands and is in usage in most countries of the world.

What is the Composition of Hand Sanitizers?

Most hand sanitizers are alcohol-based. Those variants that have alcohol by volume concentration of 60% to 95% are effective in destroying the germs. Most of the commercially available hand sanitizers contain between 60% and 80% alcohol by volume.

Apart from alcohol (ethanol, isopropanol, or n-Propanol), the other ingredients of hand sanitizers are:

  • Antiseptics like chlorhexidine and ammonium derivatives
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Gelling agents that help to reduce skin irritation and dryness
  • Distilled water
  • Permitted fragrances and colorants

Some hand sanitizers are alcohol-free. They use other agents for germ elimination, like povidone-iodine, benzalkonium chloride, or triclosan. However, alcohol-free sanitizers run the risk of themselves getting contaminated as alcohol acts as a preservative and anti-contamination agent.

What are the Benefits of Hand Sanitizers?

You need to remember that prior to using a hand sanitizer you need to remove all visible organic matter from your hands with water. E.g. if your hand is soiled, greasy, or muddy, then using a hand sanitizer won’t serve the purpose. Use plain water to rid your hands of such stuff, and then use the sanitizer.

It is important to sanitize our hands at regular intervals, especially when we are outside. It is a common habit for most of us to frequently touch our face or eyes, and we do this subconsciously. But with unclean hands, we can invite diseases by doing so. So, frequent sanitization of our hands is essential. If you haven’t yet made the hand sanitizer an inseparable part of you, maybe you will do so after taking a look at the benefits of the product.


Hand sanitizer aims to eliminate germs, and they do their job quite well. If you use the sanitizer in an effective manner, it can get rid of up to 99.9% of the germs from your hands. Use it after patting a pet, in an area where there is a lot of garbage, or when you are about to eat on the go.

Easy to Carry

You can’t always carry a sink or a bucket of water with you when you are on the move. But you can always keep a hand sanitizer in your purse, shirt-pocket, or at car’s desk. Yes, that is the space it takes. Use it where there is a shortage or unavailability of soap and water.

Lower Risk from Diseases

In certain seasons, we are more prone to infectious diseases. In public places, or at the house of someone with a case of infection, use the sanitizer frequently to lessen the threat of contracting the disease.

Your Hands Feel Softer

This might surprise you, but it’s true! Some sanitizers, especially the non-alcoholic ones, can improve the skin texture of your hands. They also have a moisturizing effect on the skin, thus making your hands feel more comfortable.

The Top 20 Hand Sanitizer Brands

By now, you have got a fair idea as to what a hand sanitizer is and what are its benefits. More and more people are becoming conscious about healthy practices nowadays, in cities as well as in semi-urban areas. As a result, the use of hand sanitizers is also on the rise.

There are different companies manufacturing hand sanitizers in India. Some of them are reputed and have been around for quite some time, while some others are newer entrants. Most of them follow the instructions laid down by the regulatory authorities, during the manufacturing process. Should you have any doubt regarding the constituents of a particular brand, make a thorough check of the ingredients mentioned before you buy.

Now let’s take a look at the top 20 Hand Sanitizer companies in India:

1) Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer

This brand needs no introduction in India. For several generations, it has been the number one antiseptic as per popular perception. The manufacturer is the British MNC Reckitt Benckiser. This product comes with the years of trust that Indians have in Dettol. The sanitizer is available in 50ml & 200ml variants.

2) Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer

Lifebuoy is 2nd most popular hand sanitizer brand that enjoys immense popularity in India – be it for soaps or their hand sanitizer. The alcohol-based product comes with added features that boost immunity and is also easy on the pockets.

3) Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer

Himalaya is also a fairly well-known brand in the healthcare segment. They manufacture their products based on ayurvedic formulae. Their hand sanitizers are available in various sizes and are highly effective in killing germs.

4) Savlon Hand Sanitizer

Savlon is another reputed brand of antiseptics in the Indian market. They produce various soaps, antiseptic liquids, and hand sanitizers. Their sanitizer is available in different sized packets, including a 9ml Pen Sanitizer spray.

5) Godrej Protekt MasterBlaster

This sanitizer comes from the house of Godrej – the renowned Indian multi-product brand. It contains a lesser amount of chemicals, thus making it safe for usage by kids as well. It comes in a handy 30ml pack.

6) Batra’s Non-alcoholic Hand Sanitizer

Dr. Batra’s is a premier organization, providing homeopathic care products for the Indian population. Their shampoos and face wash are among their most popular products. Their non-alcoholic hand sanitizer, based on a natural formula, makes it safe for usage amongst children as well. It also stops the skin from drying.

7 )3M Hand Sanitizer

This is a US-based organization, producing healthcare products and other consumer goods. It has a rich emollient base and comes with a moisturizing ingredient. 3M is a premium level hand sanitizer.

8) Sterilium Hand Sanitizer

This propanol-based hand sanitizer is rapidly gaining popularity in the Indian market. It comes in 100ml & 500 ml packs, and a 5 liter can as well. Though alcohol-based, it contains skin hydrating components as well.

9) Morepen Protect Hand Sanitizer

If you want to get hold of a hand sanitizer that comes in multiple fragrances, then this one should be your choice. It comes in basil, lemon, and vanilla fragrances. For moisturizing purposes, it has tea tree extracts and Vitamin E. It is available in convenient one-time use sachets of 1ml each.

10) Zuci Hand Sanitizer

Zuci Hand Sanitizers come in a wide variety of flavors – mango, green apple, muskmelon, and more. It also has Aloe Vera gel and Vitamin E for keeping the hands smooth.

11) Wiz Hand Sanitizer

This product is also available in a range of fragrances like strawberry, orange, lemon, etc. It comes in a 2ml pouch that you can easily carry in your pocket for one-time use. Besides this, you can also get this in packs ranging from 30ml to 500ml.

12) Livsure Hand Sanitizer

Livsure comes in small sachets of 1ml to facilitate easy carrying. You can get this in different flavors like citrus lemon, cool water, and green lemon. It also contains glycerin that assists in softening your hands and to keep them moist.

13) Khadi Pure Herbal Hand Sanitizer

Historically, khadi has been close to the hearts of Indians – and the hand sanitizer is no exception. All their herbal products are handmade. It offers various skin and hair-care products. Their hand sanitizer comes in 50ml bottles.

14) Bello Herbal Hand Sanitizer

The primary ingredients of this hand sanitizer are plant extracts and natural oils. That makes the product free from any toxicity or chemical reaction. This non-alcohol based sanitizer comes in 100ml packs.

15) Klenza Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer

What sets this product apart from its peers is – the primary constituent of this sanitizer is ionized silver. It uses pure silver methodology. Along with that, it also uses a number of natural products – thus ensuring complete safety for the user.

16) Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer

This sanitizer is herbal and hand-made one with almost 60% alcohol content. It is of high effectiveness in killing germs and also ensures skin safety.

17) SaniPax Hand Sanitizer

This alcohol-based sanitizer also contains essential moisturizing ingredients to ensure that your hands don’t become dry after using it. Smelling of sweet orange, it comes in 100ml packs of cylindrical shape.

18) Bath & Body Hand Sanitizer

This is another premium brand of hand sanitizers.  This body care product company also produces shower gels, soaps, fragrances, etc. The sanitizer comes in several exotic flavors in unique-shaped bottles.

19) ISOCOL Multipurpose Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer

This brand is renowned in Australia for more than 30 years. Of late, it has entered the Indian market with its antiseptic hand sanitizer. It comes in affordable 50ml packs.

20) Kronokare Hand Sanitizer

This Indian brand is a perfect fusion of vintage Indian and classic French beauty formulae. It contains essential botanical extracts to ensure safe and maximum removal of germs from the hands. This product is devoid of any chemical.

20 Best Hand Sanitizer Brands Available in India

Sl. No. Brand Name Head Quarter Establishment Website
1 Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer Slough, England 1932 https://www.dettol.co.in/en/
2 Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer London, England 1895 https://www.lifebuoy.in/
3 Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer Bengaluru, India 1930  http://www.himalayawellness.com/
4 Savlon Hand Sanitizer Kolkata, India 2013 https://www.savlon.in/
5 Godrej Protekt MasterBlaster Mumbai, India 2015 https://www.godrejprotekt.com/
6 Batra’s Non-alcoholic Hand Sanitizer N/A N/A https://products.drbatras.com/products/non-alcoholic-hand-sanitiser
7 3M Hand Sanitizer Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States 1902 https://www.3mindia.in/
8 Sterilium Hand Sanitizer Hamburg, Germany 1924 https://www.sterillium.info/en/product-range
9 Morepen Protect Hand Sanitizer Solan, India 1964 https://www.drmorepen.com/
10 Zuci Hand Sanitizer N/A N/A https://www.zucinaturals.com/
11 Wiz Hand Sanitizer Mumbai, India N/A http://www.cossmic.com/handsanitizer
12 Livsure Hand Sanitizer Rajkot, India 2002 https://www.livsure.in/
13 Khadi Pure Herbal Hand Sanitizer Faridabad, India 1960 http://www.khadipure.com/
14 Bello Herbal Hand Sanitizer Telangana, India 1929 http://www.bello.net.in/
15 Klenza Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer Bangalore, India 1994 https://www.klenza.in/
16 Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer Akron, Ohio, United States 1988 https://www.purell.eu/
17 SaniPax Hand Sanitizer Dubai, United Arab Emirates 1995 http://paxgroup.com/
18 Bath & Body Hand Sanitizer New Albany, Ohio, United States 1990 https://www.bathandbodyworks.in/
19 ISOCOL Multipurpose Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer Australia 1982 https://www.isocol.com.au/
20 Kronokare Hand Sanitizer New Delhi, India 2008 https://kronokare.com/

Final word

There are number of local and international hand sanitizer brands available in India. Some of the lesser-known brands might not be available in the chemists’ shops yet. But you can always check out sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, etc. But whichever brand you might choose to buy, please make sure that you don’t leave home without a hand sanitizer.

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