Top 10 Popular Coffee Brands in India (2021)

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Top Coffee Brands in India

One big battle that seems to keep on raging in between tea lovers and coffee fanatics. Of course, there are many who enjoy the best of both worlds. Habitually, India has been a tea-drinking nation. But over the years, the coffee culture has grown here in leaps and bounds.

Top Coffee Brands in India

Coffee has become one of the trendiest beverages globally. Be it in the simple “black coffee” format or the multiple combinations and mixtures, coffee’s popularity is ever-growing. Global coffee chains like Starbucks, Costa Coffee, etc have further popularized the coffee culture.

Health Benefits of Coffee

It’s the possibility, the most consumed psychoactive substance globally – source. Research continues on how beneficial coffee is for human beings, and what are the constituents of coffee that bring these benefits. While such research will go on, let’s have a look at some of the proven health benefits of coffee:

  • Coffee assists in weight loss

Magnesium and potassium, the main ingredients of coffee, help the human body to use insulin. This regulates the blood sugar levels, thus bringing down the body’s desire to go for sugary and sweet snacks.

  • Coffee enhances your physical performance levels

You enjoy that workout session at the gym, don’t you? Well, if you have a cup of black coffee about an hour prior to your session, your performance would go up by more than 10%! Your adrenaline levels shoot up as a result of the caffeine intake. And the adrenaline hormone is the weapon that fights fatigue and prepares your body for physical endeavors.

  • Coffee reduces the risk of death

Several studies have shown that the risk of premature death among coffee drinkers is close to 25% lower than their non-coffee drinking counterparts.

  • Coffee brings down the risk of cancer

The risk of prostate cancer in men and endometrial cancer in women can go down by 20% & 25%, respectively, with controlled consumption of coffee. Caffeine can also act as a protective agent against basal cell carcinoma. This is the most frequently occurring skin cancer.

  • Coffee can bring down the risk of Parkinson’s Disease

The risk of Parkinson’s disease can go down by 25% with regular coffee consumption. Coffee incites some activity in those parts of the brain that Parkinson’s affects.

  • Coffee Protects the Brain

With high caffeine levels in the blood, the threat of Alzheimer’s disease goes down substantially. Coffee also reduces the risks of dementia.

  • Coffee is a mood-brightener

The central nervous system of our body receives stimulation from the intake of coffee. Coffee helps to increase the production of hormones like dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline. These hormones work wonders in improving our mood and making us feel more positive. The risk of suicide also goes down by almost 50% with an intake of 2 cups of coffee every day.

Be it with friends in a café, or with a book at your study table – drinking coffee has a host of benefits. And with the increased awareness about such benefits, coffee drinking is on the rise in India. Keeping this point in mind, there are many brands of coffee in India that are very popular with drinkers. These brands can be huge organizations to local companies.

Lets have a look to the 10 best coffee brands in India that is counted among the top sellers:

1. Nescafe


Arguably the most popular and famous coffee brand in India, Nescafe is owned by the world’s largest food & drink company Nestle. It has held the dominant position in the Indian market for so long that many casual coffee drinkers use “coffee” and “Nescafe” as synonyms! Quality and affordability have been the driving force behind the company’s success. From big cities to small towns to highway tea shops – Nescafe is available everywhere.

2. Bru


The Hindustan Unilever-owned Bru is also a fairly popular coffee brand in India. At one point, Bru was the only competitor to Nescafe in the Indian coffee market. India’s first coffee-chicory mix of instant coffee came from Bru. The company was also instrumental in bringing the country’s first packaged filter coffee brand Bru Green Label.

3. Tata Coffee

Tata Coffee 

Tata Global Beverages, a part of the world-renowned Indian business house, the Tata Group, owns Tata Coffee. It is a very well-known coffee brand in India and proudly made in the nation only. Their coffee is of high standards, available from their plantations in Tamil Nadu & Telangana. The company owns close to 20 coffee plantations all over South India. Tata Coffee has brought various coffee mixes to the Indian market and is engaged in continuous innovation and development of its product range.

4. Café Coffee Day

Café Coffee Day 

The brand is more popularly known as CCD. It is among the most-visited café chains in India. CCD is Asia’s largest producer of prime Arabica coffee beans and exports them to several countries. The company sources the beans from over 20,000 acres of coffee estates that it owns. Along with coffee, it also sells its own merchandise, like coffee mugs, T-shirts, key chains, etc. 

5. Lavazza


This Italian coffee giant imports top-class coffee beans from Brazil, Uganda, Colombia, and some other countries.  It sells high-quality coffee all over the world. Their coffee is a blend of Arabica & robusta beans. They have more than 6 manufacturing plants globally and a retail presence in every major country in the world.

6. Starbucks


Starbucks is among the largest coffee chains in the world. In India, they operate through a 50:50 joint venture with Tata Global Beverages. The company owns roasting & packaging operations in Coorg, Karnataka. The coffee that they manufacture here is sold through its retail outlets countrywide and also exported.

7. Seven Beans Coffee Company

Seven Beans Coffee Company

The company began its Indian journey in 2015. In a short time, it has created a stir in the Indian market. It is also an active exporter of various countries in the European Union. The company uses highly innovative and updated technology to brew the best quality coffee.

8. Blue Tokai

Blue Tokai

What began as just a hobby transformed into a startup. Blue Tokai is a premium coffee brand in India, available online. Their brand of Arabica-based coffee is of a raw taste that is a deviation from the standard lighter filter coffee.

9. Davidoff


Davidoff is among the premium luxury items manufacturer in the world – be it fragrances, watches, leather goods, and more. Their coffee is absolute top-class, made out of premium quality Arabica beans. Their wide range of flavors has endeared them to the premium coffee-drinking people in India.

10. The Flying Squirrel

The Flying Squirrel 

The company is a new entrant in the Indian coffee segment. They grow their coffee beans in Coorg with the latest cultivation technologies and do the roasting & packaging at Bengaluru. The company does a lot of experimentation with their coffee products to create exotic flavors for Indian coffee connoisseurs.

To conclude, India has habitually been a tea-drinking nation. Coffee had been consumed in certain pockets of the country by a small number of people.

But over the last couple of decades, coffee consumption has grown steadily in India. Fuelled by the opening up of coffee chains everywhere, coffee has entered the dining room of the middle-class Indian. So, time to enjoy your brew!

List of Top 10 Coffee Companies in India

Sl. No. Brand Name Establishment Head office Website
1 Nescafe 1866 Vevey, Switzerland
2 Bru 1933 Andheri, India
3 Tata Coffee 1922 Bengaluru
4 Café Coffee Day 1993 Bengaluru
5 Lavazza 1895 Piedmont, Italy
6 Starbucks 1971 Washington, United States
7 Seven Beans Coffee Company 1895 Bengaluru
8 Blue Tokai 2013 Bengaluru
9 Davidoff N/A ‎Basel, Switzerland
10 The Flying Squirrel 2013 Bengaluru

Final Words

There are number of Indian manufacturing Coffee companies that is known for their quality and awesome taste. Hope the above list of coffee brands help you to choose the best one, let us know which one you are using at your home!

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