Best Air Fryer Brands Available in USA

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List of best air fryer brands in USA

You find those crispy, juicy chicken fries irresistible, don’t you? But then, the worry of a high fat intake holds you back. But you can’t do without some chicken wings or French fries every now and then, can you? Here are air fryers at your rescue! There are more and more of these available for consumers in the market these days. Yes, no more of those pangs of guilt as you let the juicy flavors of those chicken fries fill your mouth.

List of best air fryer brands in USA

But buying the right one is quite a task. What’s more, these don’t come cheap. You’ll need one that doesn’t disappoint you. So we bring you this guide of the 10 best air fryer brands that is available in the United States and few of them are made in USA with some that can work also as toasters and there’s one that can be used as a pressure cooker too! Our list includes those air fryers that serve you the perfect deep-fried food as well as those that are easy on the pocket. We’ve also thoughtfully included one that can multitask.

So, here are the 10 best air fryer brands that let you indulge yourself in those delectable chicken fries without you having to compromise on your health.

1. Philips Air Fryer XXL

Among the all Philips Air Fryer is counted among the best brands available in USA. Very user-friendly, this makes of air fryer never disappoints giving you the best-fried food. This one never fails to serve fried food that is crunchy, yet tender. The food you fry won’t lose its natural flavor either. It can fry your chicken wings with amazing consistency, no matter the quantity. The food you serve you, guests, be it chicken or hamburger, they taste no less good than deep-fried or grilled food. However, this is a noisy machine with no digital controls making it hard for you to set the temperature and timer. As it comes with more parts, you’ll have a lot of cleaning to do. But it’s still quite easy to use requiring no preheating.

Price: $199.99

2.Cuisinart Compact Air Fryer

This air fryer looks more like a toaster that’s been cut short and is a big stainless-steel cube. It’ll take up considerable space on your countertop but it’ll still neatly fit on it coming as it is in a boxy shape. This happens to be a no-frills air fryer with no functions like dehydrate or “keep warm” that could’ve made the cooking slightly easier for you. It doesn’t come with any preset cooking programs either meant for certain foods. You’ll only find a dial, one to set the temperature and the other, the time. The manual to use it is therefore uncomplicated and you don’t need to preheat.

Price: $109.95

3. Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven

This toaster oven cum air fryer is cheap when you consider that it saves you the cost of buying two large counter-top cooking appliances. An air fryer and toaster rolled into one, it has an air fryer basket that has to be used with the settings of an air fryer. It heats very well, in fact, better than standard air fryers making it really good at coming up with brown and crisp fries. It also works as a really good toaster. It lacks digital control even though other air fryers in its price range have them. As it’s taller than other toaster ovens, it can accommodate quite a lot of food at one go. There’s a downside to this air fryer though. It needs meticulous cleaning by hand. You’ll love this for its versatility.

Price: $151.31

4. Ninja Air Fryer

The Ninja air fryer put up a stiff competition against the Philips air fryer, the one we’ve ranked at the top. Mind you, there are enough reasons why it managed to do so. A taste of the battered and breaded chicken air fried in this air fryer tasted like what is served at eateries after being deep-fried in a large vat of oil. It was so close to the real thing! True, the French fries weren’t as crunchy as we would’ve liked them to be, but the Ninja air fryer comes at a quarter of the price of the one from Philips making it a really good value for your money. What’s more, not only does this come with digital controls, it also has settings for dehydrating, roasting and reheating.

Price: $119.99

5. Ninja Foodi

You might have doubts about this air fryer, after all, it’s an air fryer and pressure cooker rolled into one making you apprehensive of how good it’ll be as both. But trust me, it performs in both the roles pretty well. You may even combine the two functions of a pressure cooker and an air fryer by cooking a chicken and then air frying it for a crispy skin. It’s a really multirole fryer with settings allowing you to sauté, steam, broil, dehydrate and slow cook but makes a little bit of noise. With so many functions on offer, you’ll need time to get used to it.

Price: $229.00

6. Dash Compact Air Fryer

This is the pretty girl among them all. This air fryer looks damn cute while doing a good job at frying too. However, it can take only half a pound of food at one go and it needs no preheating. You can’t make precise settings here as you can only guess a temperature of 350°F in the range between 320° & 400°F while setting the dial. The basket is nonstick and suitable for washing in a dishwasher. You can pick from the colors, black, white, aqua or red. Being easy to operate and handle, if you’re looking for a quick snack, this is your pick.

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Price: $64.99

7. Breville Smart Oven Air

With this air fryer, you’re paying good money for a shiny stainless steel air fryer which also makes for a modern toaster. This one has a bright oven light and user-friendly digital controls and preheats automatically. The food is crispy and tastes as good as fried food. It’s really large being able to accommodate a 14-pound turkey but you wouldn’t need a separate oven with this fryer around. There is a certain bother though. The manual doesn’t say how long you should cook that could make things difficult if you’re new at using air fryers. Besides, you’ll have to hand wash all its parts.

Price: $499.95

8. GoWISE USA 8-in-1 Air Fryer XL

This particular air fryer does a good job at air frying and comes with a few handy advantages. It has eight preprogrammed settings that give it its name and digital controls. There’s also an alarm that reminds you to toss the food every now and then while cooking. There’s no need for any preheating and the fryer basket is dishwasher friendly and nonstick. You’ll love the cookbook this fryer comes with and you can choose from the bright red and purple to the sober black and serene white.

Price: $69.99

9. Krups Fast Fry Deluxe Digital Air Fryer

This air fryer looks classy with its barrel-shaped stainless steel housing. Its cooking is pretty decent and serves crunchy light brown food. However, the chicken we cooked didn’t quite taste like the way it does when it’s deep-fried in oil. Honestly, that was a bit of a turn-off. This fryer, however, has digital controls with automatic programs for some basic cooking like fries and chicken and also slightly rare cooking like grilling and baking leaving us pleasantly surprised. The manual for instructions leaves you confused and the temperatures given in the chart don’t match with those on the display. The basket can be washed in a dishwasher.

Price: $114.98

10.Farberware 3.2-Quart Digital Oil-Less Fryer

The most reasonably priced among all that we tested, this air fryer does a reasonably good job at frying, especially frozen food. But make sure that you preheat and toss and turn your food while cooking for even frying. The manual doesn’t really explain things that well making getting used to it a gradual process. It’s a bit sticky when you pull the basket out and is just right for you if the price is your deciding factor in picking one. The colors on offer are black and white.

Price: $39.99


So folks, no more of those pangs of guilt when you munch on French fries or crispy chicken. Air fryers are the solution. We hope our guide on the 10 best air fryer brands makes it simple for you to pick one that suits your needs. There are those too that work as toasters and pressure cookers making them really useful things to have in your kitchen. Here’s just the right thing to leave your guests and family happy with tasty crunchy food that tastes as good as fried food and yet is healthy. What more could you ask for? We hope to hear from you about which one you picked. Go right ahead and feel confident about picking the right one with our guide. Bon Appetit!

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