Top 10 Electric Vehicle Manufacturers Companies in India

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We all know that environmental pollution has assumed horrifying proportions around the world today. And it is a leading cause of global warming. It causes temperatures to rise all around the world, leading to widespread damages. The ozone layer gets depleted, allowing harmful sun rays to enter our atmosphere. Such pollution also damages soil and human health.

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Top 20 Construction Companies in India in 2021

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As a major emerging economy, India is passing through a phase of a massive boom in construction. And we bring here the top 20 construction companies in India that have successfully established themselves as names to reckon with in India’s construction sector. The present government has focused on the rapid development of India’s infrastructure. Smart cities like Dholera in Gujarat are coming up too.

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List of Top Pumps Companies in India 2021

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Listed the top 10 water Pump Companies in India who are listed in stock market (NSE & BSE) and  counted among the leading player in pump manufacturing industry. We’ll also guide you on how to buy the right one that suits your needs perfectly. Any mechanical device that can move fluid or gas by applying pressure or using forces of suction is called a pump. A pump is integral to the construction of any building. Any industrial project can’t do without pumps either.

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Top Defense Companies in India

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This is the updated list of India’s top Defence Companies that is listed in Share Market. This includes Govt. and Private sector arm manufacturers.  India finds itself in a challenging neighborhood. In such a scenario, our armed forces need to be well equipped. It’s vital that they have state-of-the-art defence equipment at their disposal. That’s a must for protecting our sovereignty against hostile foreign powers. Our brave defence forces are laying down their lives to protect our nation from the evil designs of our enemies.

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Top 14 Pharma Companies in India (2021)

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The international pharmaceutical industry is estimated to reach USD 1.5 billion by 2023 and the US and developing economies will continue to be the main drivers of the expansion. India has a crucial role in the global pharmaceutical industry. India is the world’s largest producer of generics, accounting for 20 % of global exports. It provides more than 50 percent of the global market for multiple vaccines and 40 percent of the US market for generic drugs. Here are the top companies in India.

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